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Companies attract and retain employees with various benefits such as outstation work daily allowance, internet allowance, travel accommodation, airfare and more. However, managing claims is far from simple, with tonnes of receipts, multiple approvers and many claim rules to follow. The process can be exasperating without a systematic tool to manage claims correctly and in time, leaving employees disappointed and disgruntled.

TimeTec Claim is a cloud-based solution designed to simplify and automate expenses claims for your company for a more efficient operation.

Features Available in TimeTec Claim

Automate 8 Claim Types and More

Offer eight claim types: mileage, meal, utility, accommodation, daily allowance, rental car, airfare and advance payment. The claim types are the most common to most businesses and you can customize your claim type if necessary.


Fix Different Rates for Different Claims for Different Employee
The admin can fix different rates and details of all claims for calculation automation in TimeTec Claim. 


Set Claim Rules and Controls
TimeTec Claim provides claim rules and controls for a different group of users. 


Set Multiple & Different Approval Rules
One company can set various approval claim rules in TimeTec Claim.

Applications and Approvals via App
Claim applications and approvals can be easily made using the App on a smartphone.


Convert Claims to Billable Items for Clients
Export employee claims to become billable items to clients. E.g. A service of an engineer to a site can include billable items for a client.

Readily Available Reports
Furnish Claim Application Report, Claim Type Report and Client Billable Report


Professional Claim Analysis
Provides claim analysis of all claims and each employee’s claims trend for monitoring

Head on to https://www.timeteccloud.com/claim/ for more information on TimeTec Claim. Contact us at info@timeteccloud.com for a FREE consultation and demo.

SHAL Engages TimeTec to Improve its Workforce Management

SHAL (Sea Hawk Lines) is a global logistics company providing the services of NVOCC, Freight Forwarding, Airfreight (IATA), Customs Brokering, Warehouse, Projects, Container Trading/Leasing, and Transportation around the world. Having offices in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar and Network partners worldwide, SHAL Group provides integrated logistic solutions for customers across the globe.

Managing employees all over, SHAL grappled with a few blind spots that could be costly to the operation. For example, while the company installed biometrics devices at the headquarters, no such devices were available in their hubs and warehouses. Therefore, when the staff work at the sites, the management cannot track the staff attendance, creating a loophole in the workforce system. They also have to endure tedious overtime (OT) applications and approvals that are inefficient and tiresome for the party involved. In addition, the admins need to manually record all the punch card data from all warehouses every month, risking errors and additional costs to the company.   

The FingerTec biometrics TA700W devices and TimeTec TA present a perfect combination for SHAL to cover the blind spots effectively.

GPS clocking in TimeTec TA eases the attendance data capturing for the sales staff who work out of the office. The GPS clocking in TimeTec TA comes with not only the accurate attendance time, but it also captures the GPS locations in the attendance data, providing the office with the data it needs for better workforce management. In addition, through the concept of BYOD, TimeTec TA App presents total convenience to employees and provides the data to the management in real-time for easy supervision and employee management.

Using TimeTec TA, the cloud-based attendance system, the office can easily sync the attendance data from different warehouses and hubs into a single account for a general overview of the workforce situation. TimeTec TA's linkability also provides better and manageable overtime (OT) applications and approvals, which can be done quickly using the TimeTec TA app on a smartphone, and in turn, provides employees and HR the better tool to manage daily operations.

SHAL understands the need to improve workforce management for better operation, and they choose TimeTec to accomplish that. If your company is having similar problems and looking for a solution, contact our sales at info@timeteccloud.com, for a FREE consultation today!
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Petroclamp Change to TimeTec Workforce During the Pandemic

Petroclamp Sdn Bhd is a company formed in 2008 based on the R&D to venture into the oil and gas industry and specializing in completion technology services and directional drilling services. With over 13 years of experience, its primary business is now divided into in-house design, rapid prototyping, and oil and gas activities.

The pandemic has posed a serious issue in their workforce management, and biometrics alone could not solve it for them. The biometrics system cannot centralize the data from the biometrics devices installed at their branches in Kemaman, Labuan and Hulu Selangor, and with the Work-from-Home in full effect during the lockdown, the management was left with no system to manage its scattered workforce. The company tried to manipulate Google Form for the WFH employees, but in the end, they turned to FingerTec TA700W and TimeTec TA for a more effective, systematic and insightful attendance system as they advanced.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based attendance system designed specifically for time attendance data and monitoring, and FingerTec TA700W is a fingerprint device with PUSH technology that can send the data straight to the server, and therefore, it is the perfect choice for Petroclamp Sdn Bhd.

With TimeTec TA, HR and managers can combine all their branch attendance systems into one account for effective management and supervision; their staff who WFH can report their attendance through the mobile app, and the on-site staff can report their duty effectively from each location. Not only that, but TimeTec TA also gives them more than what they bargain for in terms of data, records and reports. TimeTec TA provides detailed, accurate and insightful data that they can use for decision-making and operation improvement.

Petroclamp Sdn Bhd's management can now ensure that all their workforce is optimized with TimeTec TA during the pandemic and beyond.  

If your company is still using Google Form and searching for a better system, we can assist you. Contact Ms. Yasmin at yasmin@timeteccloud.com for a FREE consultation today.

FingerTec Contactless Face Biometrics is the Way Forward

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to review their safety measures to match the health standards requirements that ensure the protection of everybody. While rapid vaccination drives are in full force everywhere, it still leaves no room for companies to down their guards. One of the ways for companies to amp up safety is to reduce the chance of cross contaminations between employees, which means that they have to revisit all the access devices necessary to ensure a better shield from the get-go. 

Two companies from Jordan, Freudenberg Vileda Jordan Ltd and Siniora Food Industries, the clients of FingerTec sole distributor in the country, Euro Jordan, take the initiative to secure their companies with contactless biometrics devices from FingerTec. Freudenberg Vileda Jordan Ltd, with 50 employees, added more Face ID 4 complete with enclosures to the existing Face ID they have to provide more convenience to the growing staff count. The company has always believed in the practicality of a Face ID machine, and with Covid in the picture, they take it to another level and add an enclosure to make sure that no one can touch the machine. By adding more units to the mix, employees are distributed better, improving the entry flow significantly.

On the other hand, Siniora Food Industries, an operation with 500 employees, choose Face ID 5 FTD that comes complete with a temperature sensor as their attendance and access device for their premises. The system verifies identities and records all body temperature data instantly and does not give access if anybody has a feverish temperature, securing the premises right from the start.

These precautions are crucial to reduce the chance of getting shut down if a positive case is identified inside the premises, which can be very costly if it happens frequently.

The pandemic has introduced the new normal, and FingerTec is ready to assist in that transformation, providing appropriate devices for companies to stay safe going forward.

For companies in Jordan that require contactless biometrics devices, contact Euro Jordan at +962 5520012 or sales@eurojo.com for a great offer. For those from other countries, contact us at info@fingertec.com for agents in your country.

TimeTec Parking 8/12: Cloud Season Parking System

Season parking allows the car owner to park his/her car regularly, near his/her home or workplace, at a fixed and always discounted monthly rate. Even at a discounted rate, season parking income is steadier than casual parking. Season parking as part of the parking management system is always considered less challenging than casual parking.

This is not true.

In fact, in terms of daily operation, yes, season parking would pose a lesser problem because season parkers are "known" customers, easier to manage, and casual parkers are random; anything can happen. But in terms of the system, season parking is far more complicated. Because of the "known" user and a special discount provided, it kind of becomes a member. Hence, the season parking system is also a sort of 'membership' system; it has an application form, issuance of a special pass, deposit collection, monthly payment, overdue payment, 'membership' renewal, and termination. Besides individual 'members', it has group 'members', and their company pays their monthly 'membership' fees. And to add to the complication, it may have different types of 'membership', different parking rates, either with a dedicated or non-dedicated parking lot. Some parking sites even have nested parking areas for season parkers.

None of the above matters for the casual parkers; just set the parking rate; it applies to all.  

As TimeTec Parking Management System is a cloud-based system and App-enabled, it provides more features for season parking such as interactive capability likes payment reminders, online application, online payment, renewal, etc. It supports RFID cards, TNG cards, QR codes, and License Plate Recognition (LPR) for season parking access. When a parking site uses a QR code or LPR as season parking access, it can save the card issuance, and all administrative processes can be done over the internet.   

Teh Hon Seng, Founder and CEO of TimeTec Group
"There is a common problem faced by commercial buildings during peak hours when casual mixed with season parking. If parking lots are dedicated to season parkers, during peak hours, casual parkers would have difficulty finding parking even though there are still quite a lot of empty lots overhung with car plate numbers belonging to season parkers. What a waste! But in contrast, if parking bays are non-dedicated, season parkers would be upset by not finding a place to park their cars during peak hours while paying their monthly fees." Said TimeTec Group CEO, Teh Hon Seng.  

"How to balance the two requires arithmetic skills. TimeTec Smart Parking System caters for both parking types, and it is built-in with an analytic data module. Consolidating the peak hours can help to optimize the bay's allotment for season parking to ease traffic and reduce wait time at the parking site."   

He said, "To further reduce the unutilized season parking lots freed for casual parking during peak hours, it allows season parkers to notify parking operators about the availability. It is even better when integrated with TimeTec Smart Workforce System such as TimeTec TA for time attendance and TimeTec Leave for leave management. The system can auto-release the season parking lots when season parkers applied for leave, work from home or outstation, with the pre-consent agreement signed between season parkers and the parking operator at a certain discount rate for season pass renewal."   

Please contact Kelvin Lim, Sales Manager, at kelvin.lim@timeteccloud.com or 012-6891180 for product presentation and demonstration appointments. You may also call 03-80709933 general line or write to info@timeteccloud.com for more information.  

Stay tuned for the 9/12 series next Wednesday on Malaysiakini for TimeTec Smart Parking announcement. For the previous article, click this link:

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