Data-Driven Success: Empower Your Business with TimeTec Analytics

Are you aware that your company generates a wealth of data daily? From attendance records and absenteeism rates to productivity metrics, activities tracking, and even hiring statistics. There's a lot of valuable information available.
However, despite this abundance of data, many organizations struggle to utilize and analyze it effectively.

TimeTec Analytics:
Enhancing Insight Through Visualization

TimeTec Analytics offers a comprehensive solution to help businesses optimize their performance. Organizations get to operate more efficiently, increase profitability, and make strategic decisions with confidence. TimeTec Analytics includes a variety of analytic solutions such as TimeTec HR Analytics, iNeighbour Analytics, TimeTec Building Analytics, and TimeTec Security Analytics.

How TimeTec Analytics Can Benefit Your Business:

Data Visualization:

Transform complex data into clear, actionable insights through intuitive visualizations.

Informed Decision-Making:
Analyze data to make informed decisions that drive business success.

Trend Prediction:

Forecast future trends and patterns to facilitate proactive planning and strategy development.

Management Accessibility:
Ensure easy access to critical insights for management teams across all levels.

Performance Improvement:
Identify and address problematic areas within your operations to drive continuous improvement.

Unlock the full potential of your data with TimeTec Analytics. Contact us at to schedule a free demo and start thriving today!

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Nims Adeliciousz Sdn Bhd sweetening their HR matters with TimeTec

Nims Adeliciousz Sdn Bhd kickstarted its journey back in 2014 when its founders started to produce homemade cereal with chocolate in jars for their friends and family. With their creation going viral, Nims Adeliciousz Sdn Bhd was officially established in 2019 and has worked its way up by starting a revolution in product packaging and even creating new and interesting flavours.

Today, Nims Adeliciousz are one of the pioneers in the snack food industry.

With the continuous improvement made by Nims, they were also determined to enhance their internal HR matters by implementing TimeTec HR.

Here were the problems faced by Nims Adeliciousz
Nims had problems with their previous HR system. Especially when it comes to the system's simplicity. While being simple is sometimes good, it did not meet Nim’s expectations in the report generation section. The system had limited report options which even further complicated the report-generating process.

With the growth of Nims Adeliciousz, they have three branches in Meru, Petaling Jaya and Sabah. The difficulty arises when the company has problems monitoring and checking attendance data across all the branches within a single system.

Nims was also facing issues with their current leave application system. Nim’s employees are using manual physical forms, which are time-consuming and easily mixed up or thrown away.  On top of that, it is also difficult for their HR department to backtrack the leaves of their staff, making attendance recording a huge hurdle to go through every month.

Nims also had a similar problem when it came to their claims system as they did not have an established system for their claims. Without an established claim system, Nims was vulnerable to fraud or false claims by the employees.
The employees on the other hand also had a hard time doing claims as physical receipts were required to apply for a claim. These receipts over time could also go missing and even have the inks fade away after a long period and exposure to heat. This ultimately makes the claim process a huge hassle for both the company and the employees.

Finally, payroll was also a huge problem faced by Nims. Previously, they were not using any system for their payroll. HR departments were required to manually calculate every employee’s payroll, making it hard and time-consuming as they would need to calculate employees across three branches.

Here’s how TimeTec HR has resolved these issues.
TimeTec Attendance emerges as a comprehensive solution to address the company's attendance-related challenges. This system enables HR and managers to effortlessly track staff attendance across their three branches using convenient mobile applications, providing a consolidated view of data.

With an extensive selection of 41 user-friendly reports, TimeTec Attendance offers enhanced clarity and ease of understanding, facilitating efficient data interpretation. The integration of TC10 further streamlines operations by enabling real-time monitoring, enhancing the overall effectiveness of attendance management within the organization.

TimeTec HR’s Leave module also proved effective in resolving issues that Nims were facing in leave management. With TimeTec’s HR app, employees can seamlessly submit leave applications, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for cumbersome paper applications and the requirement to key in the information into the payroll system.

TimeTec’s HR Leave module is also able to automate company leave policies such as service accruals, prorated leave and even other leaves, ensuring the human error factor is non-existent. Notably, TimeTec’s HR application provides and comprehensive record of leave applications, providing easy access to details of any leave-related issues within the organisation.
TimeTec HR’s Claim module also helped streamline Nims’s challenges in managing claims effectively. The system allows the seamless attachment of all receipts during the claim applications, thus employees will not need to be concerned about missing receipts.

Moreover, TimeTec HR also provides accurate data on mileage claims offering transparency and reliability in the reimbursement process. Its user-friendly interface and accessibility provided through both the mobile and the web app enhance the user experience within the organisation.

TimeTec’s Payroll module also helped resolve issues that Nims were facing. With an established payroll system, payrolls can be done effortlessly with every leave and attendance data linked to TimeTec Payroll. Generating payslips are just a few clicks away.

So, are you also a business dealing with the same problems as Nims? If that’s the case, drop us an email or click on the links below to contact us! We would love to help you solve that issue. 

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UMPSA Advanced enhancing itself with TimeTec HR

Established in 2004, UMPSA Advanced is a subsidiary of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and acts as The Forefront of Livelong Learning in Malaysia. Specializing in multidisciplinary academic programs such as engineering, technology, computing, science, management and human sciences, the institution collaborates extensively with public and private entities on up-skilling and reskilling initiatives to meet industrial demands.

Being a pristine establishment, UMPSA wanted to polish up their internal HR infrastructure to manage its employees much better. Here’s how they did it.

UMPSA Advanced encountered several issues with its HR system previously. One significant problem was the limited accessibility of the biometric devices, which were only available at the office. This led to difficulties when it came to tracking staff attendance when they were working off-site or outstation.

On top of that, UMPSA Advanced’s traditional biometric device required them to manually download the employee’s attendance data using USB, adding to the HR department's burden. Moreover, with their outdated biometric devices, the attendance system was not linked to the payroll system, which required employees to transfer all the attendance data to the payroll system whenever they needed to do monthly payroll.

The employees in UMPSA Advanced also had a problem as they were required to manually submit applications for leave and claims by using physical forms. This was proved inefficient as physical forms needed to be compiled, stacked and checked one by one which was prone to human errors.

Furthermore, the manual calculation of payroll using Excel sheets posed challenges and the organization also struggled with uncontrolled absenteeism and tardiness, necessitating a more streamlined and integrated solution.

Here’s how TimeTec worked with UMPSA Advanced to solve their problems.

TimeTec HR effectively addressed these challenges that are faced by UMPSA Advanced with its all-in-one features. TimeTec introduced GPS clocking, which simplifies the attendance data capture for staff who are working off-site or outstation. This ensures accurate and real-time data by only requiring employees to click on the clock-in button at their TimeTec HR smartphone app.

These data will then be stored in the cloud and updated in real-time, which facilitates seamless monitoring by supervisors and management, enhancing overall efficiency. With the provision of real-time notifications for tardiness, it has indeed proven itself a valuable tool in improving overall employee attendance and punctuality in UMPSA Advanced.


On top of that, TimeTec’s user-friendly nature enables a convenient submission and approval of leaves and claims, promoting efficiency in administrative tasks. With UMPSA Advanced integrating both TimeTec Attendance and Payroll modules, data are now automatically synced and updated, streamlining the monthly payroll process. Additionally, with data synced and connected, calculations for salary such as EPF, SOCSO and LHDN contribution can be automatically calculated with just a few clicks, making the payroll process error-free.

As we can see, UMPSA Advance are also restless when it comes to self-improvement. So, are you ready to bring yourself to the next level with TimeTec HR?
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The All-New Kadex+ Card Reader

We're excited to kick off 2024 with a splash, introducing our latest card reader, Kadex+. While retaining the standard functions of its predecessor, Kadex, this upgrade comes with additional enhancements and features.

Here’s what you can expect from the new and enhanced Kadex+:

IP65 Water and Dust Resistant
You asked for it, and we delivered! Experience superior durability with IP65 water and dust resistance. Kadex+ not only keeps dust out but is also safeguarded against water spray, ensuring an extended product lifespan.

Higher capacity
One of the huge improvements that we have implemented in Kadex+ is the higher capacity to serve your organization better. With Kadex+ we’ve pushed the boundary even further, offering storage up to 50,000 user cards with approximately 200,000 transaction logs.


Colour screen
We’re proud to announce that Kadex+ will have a full-fledged, compact colour screen to separate itself from its predecessor. Departing from the black and white screen, we took up the challenge to integrate the new Kadex+ with a vibrant colour screen.



Touch keypad
With the new Kadex+, we have shifted away from physical buttons and implemented a touch keypad. Rest assured, this will guarantee the longevity of this device and will also provide a pleasant experience for our users.

So, are you also looking forward to Kadex+ just like us?
Well, we’re proud to announce that Kadex+ will be available in March 2024!

Are you keen to learn more about this device before its official launch? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email to learn more!

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TimeTec's 2023 Year in Review Town Hall & Sports Day

As we kick start 2024, TimeTec has again held its annual year-end town hall meeting at WORQ Subang on January 12th 2023.

This year’s town hall meeting is yet again kickstarted with a speech by Mr. Teh Hon Seng, the Group CEO of TimeTec. In his words, he praised the company's remarkable achievements and announced the goals for the following year. He ended his speech by mentioning that 2024 will still be a ‘Year of Growth’ for TimeTec. With TimeTec growing at a steady pace in 2023, he believes that we can harness this momentum and strive for even further growth in the new year ahead.

During the town hall meeting, all department heads had a session to present their performance review for the year. During the session, each department shared their efforts and fruition throughout the year and also their future vision and expectations for the new year. With further understanding and collaborative efforts from each department, it is without a doubt that 2024 will be a bright one.

Before wrapping up the town hall meeting, TimeTec seized the opportunity to recognize and reward its employees as they play a vital role in the organization. Aside from announcing promoted employees of the year, TimeTec did not forget to proudly announce the title of ‘Employee of the Year’ to its golden employee. Safe to say that this special employee was rewarded handsomely with a free next-gen, state-of-the-art smartphone and a personal laptop for her efforts and work at TimeTec.

TimeTec Sports Day: Bowling Championship

Other than the annual town hall meeting, TimeTec has also organized a sports day event to celebrate the start of the new year with a bang. As you may have guessed, TimeTec has chosen bowling for the Sports Day event this year.

Safe to say that this event was full of strikes, spares, gutters and mostly laughter as TimeTec employees fought strongly for the title of Bowling King or Queen. After an intense battle royale, here are our winners for the Sports Day: Bowling Championship.

Through this event, we have again been reminded of the importance of teamwork and covering for each other.

As these two engaging and meaningful events conclude, it also implies the start of a brand new year ahead. We are confident that 2024 will be a prosperous year and the possibilities are limitless if we work together and move forward as one.

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