Nims Adeliciousz Sdn Bhd sweetening their HR matters with TimeTec

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Nims Adeliciousz Sdn Bhd kickstarted its journey back in 2014 when its founders started to produce homemade cereal with chocolate in jars for their friends and family. With their creation going viral, Nims Adeliciousz Sdn Bhd was officially established in 2019 and has worked its way up by starting a revolution in product packaging and even creating new and interesting flavours.

Today, Nims Adeliciousz are one of the pioneers in the snack food industry.

With the continuous improvement made by Nims, they were also determined to enhance their internal HR matters by implementing TimeTec HR.

Here were the problems faced by Nims Adeliciousz
Nims had problems with their previous HR system. Especially when it comes to the system's simplicity. While being simple is sometimes good, it did not meet Nim’s expectations in the report generation section. The system had limited report options which even further complicated the report-generating process.

With the growth of Nims Adeliciousz, they have three branches in Meru, Petaling Jaya and Sabah. The difficulty arises when the company has problems monitoring and checking attendance data across all the branches within a single system.

Nims was also facing issues with their current leave application system. Nim’s employees are using manual physical forms, which are time-consuming and easily mixed up or thrown away.  On top of that, it is also difficult for their HR department to backtrack the leaves of their staff, making attendance recording a huge hurdle to go through every month.

Nims also had a similar problem when it came to their claims system as they did not have an established system for their claims. Without an established claim system, Nims was vulnerable to fraud or false claims by the employees.
The employees on the other hand also had a hard time doing claims as physical receipts were required to apply for a claim. These receipts over time could also go missing and even have the inks fade away after a long period and exposure to heat. This ultimately makes the claim process a huge hassle for both the company and the employees.

Finally, payroll was also a huge problem faced by Nims. Previously, they were not using any system for their payroll. HR departments were required to manually calculate every employee’s payroll, making it hard and time-consuming as they would need to calculate employees across three branches.

Here’s how TimeTec HR has resolved these issues.
TimeTec Attendance emerges as a comprehensive solution to address the company's attendance-related challenges. This system enables HR and managers to effortlessly track staff attendance across their three branches using convenient mobile applications, providing a consolidated view of data.

With an extensive selection of 41 user-friendly reports, TimeTec Attendance offers enhanced clarity and ease of understanding, facilitating efficient data interpretation. The integration of TC10 further streamlines operations by enabling real-time monitoring, enhancing the overall effectiveness of attendance management within the organization.

TimeTec HR’s Leave module also proved effective in resolving issues that Nims were facing in leave management. With TimeTec’s HR app, employees can seamlessly submit leave applications, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for cumbersome paper applications and the requirement to key in the information into the payroll system.

TimeTec’s HR Leave module is also able to automate company leave policies such as service accruals, prorated leave and even other leaves, ensuring the human error factor is non-existent. Notably, TimeTec’s HR application provides and comprehensive record of leave applications, providing easy access to details of any leave-related issues within the organisation.
TimeTec HR’s Claim module also helped streamline Nims’s challenges in managing claims effectively. The system allows the seamless attachment of all receipts during the claim applications, thus employees will not need to be concerned about missing receipts.

Moreover, TimeTec HR also provides accurate data on mileage claims offering transparency and reliability in the reimbursement process. Its user-friendly interface and accessibility provided through both the mobile and the web app enhance the user experience within the organisation.

TimeTec’s Payroll module also helped resolve issues that Nims were facing. With an established payroll system, payrolls can be done effortlessly with every leave and attendance data linked to TimeTec Payroll. Generating payslips are just a few clicks away.

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