The All-New Kadex+ Card Reader

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We're excited to kick off 2024 with a splash, introducing our latest card reader, Kadex+. While retaining the standard functions of its predecessor, Kadex, this upgrade comes with additional enhancements and features.

Here’s what you can expect from the new and enhanced Kadex+:

IP65 Water and Dust Resistant
You asked for it, and we delivered! Experience superior durability with IP65 water and dust resistance. Kadex+ not only keeps dust out but is also safeguarded against water spray, ensuring an extended product lifespan.

Higher capacity
One of the huge improvements that we have implemented in Kadex+ is the higher capacity to serve your organization better. With Kadex+ we’ve pushed the boundary even further, offering storage up to 50,000 user cards with approximately 200,000 transaction logs.


Colour screen
We’re proud to announce that Kadex+ will have a full-fledged, compact colour screen to separate itself from its predecessor. Departing from the black and white screen, we took up the challenge to integrate the new Kadex+ with a vibrant colour screen.



Touch keypad
With the new Kadex+, we have shifted away from physical buttons and implemented a touch keypad. Rest assured, this will guarantee the longevity of this device and will also provide a pleasant experience for our users.

So, are you also looking forward to Kadex+ just like us?
Well, we’re proud to announce that Kadex+ will be available in March 2024!

Are you keen to learn more about this device before its official launch? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email to learn more!

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