TimeTec HR Suite - Drive Your Workforce to Achieve Greater Goals

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As workforces adapt to the changing times, human resource management also has progressed over the past few years. Cloud-based applications like TimeTec HR Suite, for instance, have been the latest solution that has helped HR professionals overcome many of the problems they are facing in the past.

The solution is made available online, allowing HR and managers to be able to access the data whenever they need it. In short, it’s a BETTER and FASTER software that’s easier for the business to use.

An All-In-One Centralized System

TimeTec HR Suite offers multiple solutions; Attendance, Leave, Claim, Payroll (for Malaysia only), Hire and Profile, which are centralized. The system is using a single-sign-on (SSO) solution which allows the user to change from one solution to another easily. Some modules in the Attendance and Leave are sharing information, for example, a user can apply for leave and once his leave is approved, his leave record will reflect in the attendance sheet automatically.

Choose One or All
With TimeTec HR Suite, you can choose what you need. Pick one, two or all solutions; it’s your call. TimeTec HR Suite can work separately or combined in the same centralized system to ease the workforce management process. We definitely recommend the full package for a seamless experience.

Mobile App Ready
The app is the latest must-have and TimeTec HR Suite got it covered. Get the attendance overview, clock attendance via GPS, apply for OT, leave, submit claims and approvals and more, via the app. It’s that easy!

Optimize your workforce today with TimeTec HR Suite! Contact our team at info@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo and consultation about TimeTec HR Suite.

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Streamlining Desa Saujana’s Visitor Management with iNeighbour

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Bandar Saujana Putra is a fully self-contained township located strategically close to the major cities of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, yet secluded enough to provide a haven of peace and tranquillity.

Situated side by side with other key neighbourhoods that include USJ, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Shah Alam, and Puchong, this township is a model of community living with quality affordable homes and surrounded by an extensive range of facilities including schools, shops, a hospital, a police station, a hypermarket, and parks.

As an up-and-coming suburb designed for the modern lifestyle, residential areas in Bandar Saujana Putra consist of apartments, high-rise condominiums, terrace houses, semi-detached houses, and cluster homes. Given that its tagline is “The Township For Everyone”, Bandar Saujana Putra is aiming to provide a conducive living environment for families of today and that of the future.

The housing complex Desa Saujana in Bandar Saujana Putra holds over 260 units making the management of visitors of the utmost importance. Previously they were using manual logbooks to register visitors but with iNeighbour, manual registration is a thing of the past. iNeighbour allows residents to send invitations to visitors for pre-registration. Visitors receive QR codes to scan at the guardhouse and even provide intercom and notification of entry/exit. Visitor access can be managed and rowdy visitors can even be blacklisted. Most importantly though, iNeighbour allows a housing complex as big as this to monitor visitor check-ins and outs, easily generates visitor reports, sorted by reason for the visit and fast registration process with the aforementioned QR codes.

Although the sheer size of a housing complex such as Desa Saujana makes managing visitors difficult, iNeighbour is up to the task. Security and data management are of great importance and TimeTec can provide convenient and efficient solutions whether it be a business, condominium or housing complex. 
Contact Mr. Fahril Azral at fahril@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo to upgrade your living lifestyle in no time.

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ICON Production Integrates TimeTec TA

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ICON Production is a marketing & branding agency founded in 2013 by a team of young entrepreneurs operating in Kuala Lumpur. Being relevant and in trend with the market needs, they mainly help with branding & marketing strategies.

In this era, the community has become more and more online-focused hence they want to connect brands with target audiences through effective digital marketing campaigns through their intelligent formula that helps brands to discover opportunities through a mixture of excellent strategy, target audience, and location-based on data analysis. Their main expertise combines content marketing and digital marketing making them unique in achieving their client’s desired results.

With the importance of their work, ICON Production required systems to better manage their staff and schedules, something their old system couldn’t provide. They had been using PC based RFID card entry devices which led to staff using other staff RFID cards leading to time theft. They had difficulties tracking their staff attendance data, especially for offsite projects such as video filming. All these issues made it hard for managers to review attendance data, creating an unorganised and hard to follow system. That is until TimeTec was able to step in.
With TimeTec TA the staff can now use various options to gain entry to the building, using face scans, access cards or fingerprint access. Staff working offsite can now use TimeTec TA for clocking ensuring proper attendance data is collected. HR and managers can easily track their staff's attendance through the mobile app and can even calculate OT and tardiness from the system. Using a cloud-based system, they are provided with real-time data as well as 41 standard reports provided by TimeTec TA.

With a bolstered attendance system, ICON Production now has a consistent and easy to use way of managing its attendance data. TimeTec TA can provide the same service to other companies, creating systems focused and organisation and security.

Contact Mr. Jia Jun at jiajun@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo session about TimeTec solutions. 

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ZW Packaging Boosts Workforce Management with TimeTec Attendance and Leave

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ZW Packaging Sdn Bhd was incorporated in the year 2008 as a packaging solution provider, they are diversified into a wide range of packaging products, and various total packaging concepts and it has grown remarkably. Today the focal point of ZW’s business is design and development, providing enhanced services and supply chain management to their customers.

ZW has been constantly venturing into new technologies and products to create additional services of value to customers, they're experts in JIT (Just in Time), consignment and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) services. Their comprehensive and flexible manufacturing facility allows them to help global brands gain better control of their high mixed low volume or high-volume products that are packaged and shipped.

ZW are specialist in corrugated paper products, Foam, PP corrugated, ESD Shielding bags, Moisture Barrier bags, ESD Pouch and other packaging products. They support Multinational companies on localization projects to reduce their cycle times and Minimum Order Quantity.

With such an important service ZW is providing they need to have a system that can properly manage their data. With previous systems, many issues and problems arose. They were unable to collect time attendance data for staff who work outside the office and manage complex schedules for shift workers. They had to manage incomplete and inaccurate data to feed payroll as well as inaccurate reports. Tedious leave applications were also an issue and even more so when it came to getting them approved as they had no standardized setting or rules for leave policies.

Thanks to TimeTec TA & Leave, ZW has been able to resolve a large number of these issues. Featuring GPS clocking that eases the attendance data capturing for staff who work out of the office. Providing real-time attendance data makes it easy for supervisors and managers to monitor staff. TimeTec TA & Leave also provide accurate and timely data for payroll preparation. It makes complex scheduling easy, keeps complete records and reports, and makes applications for leave and their approvals via the app extremely easy even going as far as to provide rules and standardized settings for uniformity.

TimeTec TA & Leave has aided ZW in restoring its attendance data collection and management systems boosting their productivity and organization. If TimeTec can provide an easy and organized system to assist this company in its endevours then it can cater to any companies needs.
If you have similar requirements that require a closer look at TimeTec TA, contact Mr. Wan Amirul Muim at wanamirul@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo session.
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