Gourmet Station's Transformation with TimeTec HR

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The story of Gourmet Station is a tale of culinary passion and business growth. What began as a humble food stall has now evolved into a beloved halal restaurant chain, capturing the hearts of families in Kuala Lumpur. With an extensive à la carte menu, delectable dishes, and a convenient doorstep catering service, Gourmet Station has not only satisfied appetites but also paved the way for its expansion to four retail stores, with further growth on the horizon. Amidst this journey, the integration of TimeTec HR: Attendance & Leave has played a pivotal role in streamlining operations, particularly in the realm of staff management and attendance tracking.

In the early days, Gourmet Station faced the challenges that many businesses encounter when relying on manual methods. The staff attendance system, operated solely through punch cards, proved to be cumbersome and inefficient. Gathering attendance data from multiple locations each month posed a logistical challenge, and the managerial team struggled to keep track of attendance records, leading to scheduling difficulties and a lack of real-time insights. The absence of a streamlined system resulted in frequent staff inquiries about leave balances, and accurately tracking overtime hours for proper compensation became a significant headache.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient and comprehensive solution, Gourmet Station turned to TimeTec HR. The implementation of this system brought about a transformative change in the way the restaurant managed its staff and operations.

Data Centralization: 
With the installation of TA500 Wi-Fi devices across all branches, Gourmet Station achieved data centralization, allowing attendance records to be seamlessly consolidated and accessed from a unified platform.


Clock-In Options: 
TimeTec provided a range of clock-in options, including fingerprint recognition, offering flexibility and accuracy in recording staff attendance.


Enhanced Scheduling:
The system enabled Gourmet Station to effortlessly create and manage staff schedules across all branches, overcoming the challenges posed by varying shifts in the retail industry.


Real-Time Insights:
Real-time data availability proved to be a game-changer for Gourmet Station's management. They could now monitor attendance in real-time and address any issues promptly.


Overtime Tracking:
For a business that operates in the retail sector with varying work hours, TimeTec simplified the tracking of overtime hours, ensuring accurate compensation for staff members.


Leave Management:
TimeTec Leave’s feature provided a streamlined method to manage leave requests and approvals, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping and preventing confusion.

The adoption of TimeTec HR accelerated this transformation by addressing the challenges the business faced in staff management and attendance tracking. Gourmet Station could now focus more on serving their customers and expanding their brand. Accelerate your business transformation with TimeTec today. Contact us to find out how we can help. 
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Solomon Breweries: Brewing a Bright Future with FingerTec

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In the year 1993, a significant milestone was achieved in the Solomon Islands as the doors of Solomon Breweries swung open, marking the birth of the nation's very first brewery. Over the years, Solomon Breweries has not only become synonymous with quality beverages but has also evolved into a prominent player in the global brewing landscape as a proud member of the esteemed HEINEKEN family. From its humble beginnings, the brewery's commitment to excellence has remained steadfast, evident in every sip of their meticulously crafted beers and premix beverages.

In the relentless pursuit of enhancing security and efficiency, Solomon Breweries turned to the cutting-edge solutions offered by FingerTec. The brewery reached out to FingerTec authorized reseller, M Cube Technology to modernize its operations. M Cube Technology introduced an array of state-of-the-art devices to the Solomon Breweries premises. Among them are the H2i, i-Kadex, and Ingressus IV.
As the implementation of the FingerTec solutions progressed, Solomon Breweries found itself reaping the benefits of its technological leap. The FingerTec devices not only heightened security measures but also transformed time management into a more efficient and accurate process. 
Solomon Breweries' commitment to excellence, as demonstrated in both their crafted beverages and their embrace of cutting-edge technology, sets a precedent for others to follow. If you are in Solomon Island and searching for biometric devices, contact our trusted reseller, M Cube Technology at 677 7496323 or support@mcube.com.sb for consultation and installation. 
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MRANTI Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Smart Parking as the Digital Gateway

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or Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation is Malaysia’s central commercialisation agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). MRANTI helps Malaysian R&D to focus on missions, turning their ideas into real-world impact and boosting their Return on Ideas (ROI). Unlike traditional ROI, which is all about making money from investments, Return on Ideas is about using knowledge to generate income.

Located in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, MRANTI Park is spread over an expansive area of 686 acres. It offers comprehensive commercialisation support and acts as a center of excellence for nurturing and supporting innovation from the initial ideation stage to the final commercialisation stage.

The park is strategically located near Kuala Lumpur city center and already has 371 acres of developed space in collaboration with multinational technology corporations. The remaining 315 acres are earmarked for a development zone that will be dedicated to testing, validating, and incubating new technologies. This initiative will create a favorable environment for businesses and entrepreneurs to experiment and refine their innovative ideas before taking them to the market.

As of 2022, MRANTI Park is home to over 150 technology-based companies, including multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and startups, operating in various fields such as ICT, engineering, biotechnology, and advanced materials.

The parking facility at MRANTI Park provides ample parking space for cars and motorcycles. The parking area is well-maintained and provides easy access to the various buildings within the park. The parking facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that tenants and visitors can access the park at any time.

In 2021, MRANTI Park has implemented TimeTec Smart Parking System to cater for their different parking methods and requirements such as cashless Touch n’ Go system for off-street and parking app for on-street visitor parking, LPR and TnG season parking, cashless event parking with handheld POS terminal and validation. The system is designed to help drivers find available parking spaces quickly and efficiently, and to automate the season pass booking and payment process with TimeTec Parking App.

TimeTec Smart Parking System consolidates all the parking and payment methods at its cloud backend to ease the parking management and furnished with data analytics module to provide insight of the operations to ensure continuous improvement and also the system is used as a digital gateway for MRANTI Park to prepare for the next digital transformation project.

The parking rates at MRANTI Park are affordable and vary based on the duration of stay. There are hourly and daily parking rates available, and discounts are provided for long-term parking. The parking facility also offers reserved parking for tenants who require regular access to the park.

Overall, the parking facility at MRANTI Park is well-designed, efficient, and affordable. It provides a hassle-free parking experience for tenants and visitors and contributes to the overall accessibility of the technology hub.

Contact Mr. Kelvin Lim, Sales Manager, at kelvin.lim@timeteccloud.com (012-689 1180) or Mohd Rashid, at rashid@timeteccloud.com (017-298 2464) for smart parking system presentation and demonstration appointments. You may also call 03-80709933 general line or write to parking@timeteccloud.com for more information.

Interest Form: https://www.timetecparking.com/interest_form

TimeTec Smart Parking System, equipped with ticketless, cashless and touchless functionalities, is enhanced with the next activities flow, be it mall shopping, business visiting, go to work, back to home and etc, extended to its fullest, helping building owners to achieve better parking experience for both casual and season parking.

TimeTec Smart Parking System also offers a wide range of parking and payment methods at its front end, such as Touch n Go card, Touch n Go RFID, license plate recognition, QR code, eWallet, credit and debit card, and etc., furnished in a state-of-the-art unattended kiosk, TimeTec TPK at the entry and exit lanes, to ease the access and payment process.

For the back end, the cloud-based TimeTec Smart Parking System provides real-time parking updates for administrators, suitable for single parking sites to multiple locations and large scale parking deployment. Its comprehensive features like parking guidance, flexi parking rules, remote terminal monitoring, parking app, valet parking, enforcement module, find my car, book a spot, promo code, multiple merchants and rules validation, analytical dashboard and consolidated reports, efficiently reducing cost and improving productivity for parking operation in modern building management, and allowing building owners further monetization with TimeTec i-Ad and Near Field Commerce modules.

With TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem as its backbone, we revolutionize the parking industry, and bring TimeTec Smart Parking System beyond parking to a whole new level in the digital transformation era. For more information, please visit our website at: https://www.timetecparking.com/  

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A Year of Growth: TimeTec's 2023 Town Hall & Annual Dinner

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TimeTec recently held its town hall meeting at The Gardens - A St Giles Signature Hotel & Residences on 14th July. The purpose of the gathering was to share the company's objectives and direction for the year 2023. The event proved to be an exciting opportunity for employees to gain insight into the company's progress and future plans.

The town hall meeting commenced with an inspiring speech by Mr. Teh Hon Seng, the Group CEO of TimeTec. In his address, he highlighted the remarkable achievements of the company and laid out the goals for the upcoming year. Mr. Teh emphasized that 2023 would be recognized as the "Year of Growth" for TimeTec, setting high expectations for the company's advancement and expansion.

Throughout the event, various Head of Departments presented their respective department's performance reviews. This was an essential part of the meeting as it allowed each department to assess its progress, realign its strategies, and develop cohesive plans to achieve their objectives effectively. The collaborative approach demonstrated TimeTec's commitment to fostering a culture of transparency and teamwork within the organization.

A Night of Appreciation: TimeTec Oscars Party
Following the insightful town hall meeting, TimeTec surprised its employees with a dazzling Oscars themed annual dinner. The employees took center stage, being celebrated as the main actors and actresses of the company's success story. The evening was an enchanting affair, with everyone dressed to the nines in glamorous outfits to match the theme.

The Oscars party was filled with joy, laughter, and talent as employees showcased their skills through captivating performances. Engaging games and exciting lucky draws added to the festivities, creating a sense of camaraderie and celebration among the TimeTec family.
As TimeTec embarks on the journey of growth in 2023, the town hall meeting and Oscars party have undoubtedly set the stage for a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead. 
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Archidex 2023: Unveils the Power of Property & Smart Parking Management Systems

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TimeTec's presence at Archidex 2023 was met with a warm reception, and we are grateful for the attention and interest shown by attendees and industry experts.

At the heart of TimeTec's showcase were our revolutionary Property & Smart Parking Management Systems. These innovations offered a glimpse into the future of urban living and how technology can seamlessly integrate with our daily lives, transforming the way we manage properties and tackle parking challenges.

iNeighbour Property Management Ecosystem is designed to elevate the community lifestyle through diverse
modules like resident app, visitor management, property accounting, guard patrolling, access control and more.  At the core of this ecosystem lies the feature-rich resident app, offering more than 30+ functions that cater to the unique needs and preferences of residents and management.

TimeTec Smart Parking Management System is revolutionizing the parking experience by offering ticketless, cashless, and touchless functionalities. Whether it's mall shopping, business visits, commuting to work, or returning home, all activities seamlessly connect with the system, presenting a next activities flow that ensures a hassle-free experience for both casual and seasoned parkers.

As Archidex 2023 came to a close, We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who visited our booth and contributed to the success of the event. The positive feedback and interest generated during the exhibition further motivated us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in Property & Smart Parking Management Systems.
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Ingress Synergy Introduces Efficiency with FingerTec & TimeTec products

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Ingress Synergy Sdn Bhd, a prominent HR software solutions provider headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, has been at the forefront of offering cutting-edge solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a strong focus on reliability and efficiency, the company has successfully integrated FingerTec and TimeTec products since 2004. Two of their satisfied customers, Kadir Pasembor Sdn Bhd and O2 Clinic Sdn Bhd, stand as prime examples of the significant impact that TimeTec solutions have had on their operations.

Kadir Pasembor Sdn Bhd - Enhancing Attendance Management at 30 Outlets
Kadir Pasembor Sdn Bhd, a well-known Malaysian food vendor, approached Ingress Synergy with a pressing issue related to attendance management. With multiple outlets spread across the country, manual attendance tracking became increasingly cumbersome and prone to errors. Ingress Synergy rose to the challenge and implemented a cloud-based TimeTec Attendance solution, tailored to the specific needs of Kadir Pasembor.

Utilizing TimeTec HR app and NFC technology, the system enabled accurate attendance recording for their employees. This cutting-edge technology allowed employees to clock in and out using their smartphones, while the HR department gained the capability to effortlessly monitor and manage attendance data from all 30 outlets. This resulted in a significant increase in efficiency and a reduction in administrative overhead for Kadir Pasembor Sdn Bhd.

O2 Clinic Sdn Bhd - Streamlining Attendance and OT Processing Across Multiple Outlets

O2 Clinic Sdn Bhd, a leading chain of clinics in Malaysia, faced similar challenges in managing attendance and overtime for their extensive network of outlets. In the past, each clinic relied on standalone FingerTec TA300 systems managed independently. However, this decentralized approach became impractical as the company expanded and opened more outlets.

In 2016, O2 Clinic decided to switch to the more sophisticated TA500 system and sought the expertise of Ingress Synergy to centralize their attendance management. The result was the installation of a total of 37 TA500 units across all their clinics nationwide. Additionally, Ingress Synergy integrated these units with the comprehensive Ingress software, allowing O2 Clinic to streamline attendance reporting and data collection centrally.

With this advanced setup, O2 Clinic now benefits from automated attendance reports delivered directly to managers on a scheduled basis. Moreover, the centralized clocking data has simplified attendance and overtime processing, enabling the HR team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Ingress Synergy's partnership with TimeTec has proven to be a game-changer for businesses in Malaysia seeking efficient and reliable HR solutions. The success stories of Kadir Pasembor Sdn Bhd and O2 Clinic Sdn Bhd are just a glimpse of the transformative impact that TimeTec's cloud-based and biometric attendance systems can have on businesses operating in diverse industries.

Contact Ingress Synergy for any consultation and installation of TimeTec & FingerTec products in Penang. Tel: +604-6443988, email: enquiry@microsynergy.com.my
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