TimeTec Now Supports Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory

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User management can be a headache that only becomes more complicated as your business scales. Employees come and go, which can cause outdated user seats and a reason for security vulnerability, if not dealt with promptly. TimeTec eases your user management by integrating your corporate’s Azure Active Directory for a seamless single sign-on feature.

Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On is an authentication method that allows users to sign in using one set of credentials to multiple independent software systems. Using SSO means a user doesn't have to sign in to every application they use. With the TimeTec Single Sign-On (SSO) application, your Azure Active Directory users can access TimeTec through their Azure AD usernames.

To enable this feature, the Admin must first set the Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On option in TimeTec General Settings and ensure the user's TimeTec and Azure AD email ID is the same. Once this is done, users will be able to log in to TimeTec using the “Login with Microsoft ID” option.

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Retrofitting Mediway With TimeTec HR Solution

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Mediway is a group medical practice established in 2018 to provide holistic outpatient care in the Klang Valley area. Mediway has been steadfast in its mission to deliver affordable professional medical care to its patients. The strength of the group lies in the experience, expertise and dedication of the doctors and nurses which is unparalleled to any other. 

Mediway previously faced issues with employee attendance and leave applications, having used a manual punch card & forms for all their employees. This made it very tedious to edit the attendance data or leave application if there were any corrections needed. They also faced issues combining attendance data from all divisions. Having more than one branch is difficult enough, but desynchronised and disorganised information can make it all the more challenging. Mediway wanted a system that could combine attendance and leave with payroll, something TimeTec was able to provide.

Thanks to TimeTec HR, HR managers can track their staff’s attendance easily through mobile apps and edit reports through a web portal. Monitoring staff for each branch is now a breeze within a single account and accessible through apps, this lets supervisors track employees such as drivers working on site and ultimately refer to many kinds of reports for a better and organised overview of information. 

TimeTec provides all manner of systems for Mediway, allowing them to combine attendance, leave and payroll within one system, TimeTec HR. After using TimeTec HR, their attendance and leave system became far more efficient as staff can see their attendance records, balance for leave and apply accordingly. Applications can be approved and rejected easily through accounts or mobile applications removing the need to manually look over physical forms. Mediway now works on a more efficient system as TimeTec Payroll creates less burden for HR to handle staff salary every month as well as having a synchronized and connected system that works with the attendance system.

TimeTec systems have allowed Mediway to ease its burden and efficiently manage its employees. TimeTec is dedicated to providing efficient and convenient solutions to any company faced with similar issues. C
ontact Ms. Yasmin at yasmin@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo session.
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CIBD Technologies Aided By TimeTec Leave and Attendance

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CIDB Technologies Sdn Bhd was established in 1993 as a subsidiary of CIDB Malaysia. The company focuses mainly on equipping and improving construction personnel with the appropriate standards by industry towards CIDB (AKTA 520).

CIDB Technologies allows individuals to obtain workforce-ready skills. Individuals are prepared for employment upon completion and possess the skills employers want. Employers value professionals who proactively seek opportunities to develop their skills and expertise.

Previously CIBD Technologies had lacklustre systems to track and record data. Facing difficulties tracking employees in various branches and needing local PC access to view attendance caused a disorganized workforce. Uncontrollable tardiness and absenteeism among the staff was a recurring issue with no way to properly keep attendance. With no system to help with convenience, reports and analyses were inaccurate making it harder for management to track and sift through data. Having no standardized rules for leave as well made it tedious for any sort of leave application or approval. These issues would cause any company a variety of issues but luckily TimeTec was able to step in.

TimeTec Attendance and Leave provide solutions to all of CIBD Technologies' problems. With the ability to trace employees' whereabouts, in particular, the on-site staff for better monitoring and cost control, creating an initiative to concern employees’ well-being while enhancing work productivity. Thanks to the live feed record the HR team can efficiently work on less menial and manual tasks. HR no longer has to focus on manually approving or denying leave applications as it’s now more convenient for even employees to fill up. Setting a president of rules and settings, standardized for uniformity will help the company maintain a balance and order incapable without TimeTec Attendance and Leave.

CIDB Technologies is not alone in these issues. Many companies face them regularly. Just like them, TimeTec can aid any company in achieving the same level of order and convenience.
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New and Improved TimeTec Patrol Video

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TimeTec has always been making improvements to not only our solutions and services but also our marketing materials that would be useful for our partners. With that in mind, our team has developed a new and improved TimeTec Patrol video that provides an overview of features available in TimeTec Patrol.

TimeTec Patrol is a guard patrolling cloud-based system providing comprehensive reporting of the guards’ patrolling schedules & routes, incident reports, job orders that need to be completed during their rounds, a push-to-talk option and much more. TimeTec Patrol boosts productivity and work efficiency, while offering transparency in data recording.
Without further ado, let’s check out the new video!

Interested in TimeTec Patrol? Reach out to our dedicated sales rep at info@timeteccloud.com for a demo session.

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TimeTec Parking, the Advanced Car Park Management Solution

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Thanks to digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT), the smart parking industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Smart Parking solutions like TimeTec Parking integrate various technologies to enhance operational efficiency, simplify the flow of urban traffic and offer drivers a more enjoyable and time-saving experience.

TimeTec Parking Highlights
Caters all types of parking
TimeTec Parking is designed to cater for all parking types, be it off-street, on-street, casual or seasonal parking. Additionally, the solution also caters for nested parking.
Cashless payment & IoT devices
TimeTec Parking offers various payment options for the user’s convenience. Payment can be made from a QR code linked to a payment gateway, Touch n Go card, debit card, credit card, and more. License Plate Recognition (LPR) is also available for smoother traffic flow, saving time and being hassle-free. 

Advanced car park management
TimeTec Parking is equipped with amazing features for parking operators. The solution supports multi & flexi parking rules, discount & promo codes, easy terminal management and dashboard overview for better operation. 

Next activity flow
TimeTec Parking connects to its users not only for parking, but it can also be a platform for the vendor to reach out via advertisements or promotions.

Since the inception of TimeTec Parking last year, some of the successful deployments for TimeTec Parking include Technology Park Malaysia/Mranti, Swiss Garden Residences Kuala Lumpur, Chowrasta Market - Penang, Prima 8 - Cyberjaya, KK Time Square - Sabah, and many more.

Prima 8, Cyberjaya

Swiss Garden Residences, Kuala Lumpur

Technology Park Malaysia / MRANTI

Chowrasta Market, Penang

KK Timesquare, Kota Kinabalu

Gone are the days of tickets and manual payment at the ticket booth/kiosk. Upgrade your parking system to TimeTec Parking for better efficiency and convenience. TimeTec Parking is currently available for the Malaysian market only. If you are interested to learn more about this solution, contact our dedicated team at info@timeteccloud.com
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Seri Puteri Hills Condominium and Its Community Management System

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Seri Puteri Hills Condominium is a freehold mixed-type development project that is located in the area of Bandar Puteri Puchong in Puchong, Selangor. This condominium consists of a total of 240 units, 120 units of condominiums and 120 units of town villas, spreading across a 15-storey condominium block and 6 blocks of 5-storey town villas respectively. The Seri Puteri Hills Condominium development project is one of IOIPG’s flagship development, aimed to deliver premium and luxurious living to its residents. Premium facilities and high accessibility are the 2 strongest selling points of Seri Puteri Hills Condominium.
Their previous way of collecting data was through manual log books which is extremely inefficient. On top of being arduous, it leaves a lot of room for human error. Thankfully iNeighbour can provide solutions for situations like these. Catering to 240 units can be a hard task especially when it’s done manually but with the systems provided by iNeighbour, it becomes much easier.

Using the app, residents have been able to use various functions to make things more convenient. Visitor management is one of these options which allows for a more comfortable flow of visitors ensuring safety and order. Feedback is very important and with the feedback inquiry option, residents can speak their minds about potential future changes. Keeping up with the day-by-day of a community can make living in it a more pleasant experience which is why announcements are important. Informing residents of important information by management keeps the flow of communication open and transparent. Lastly, Seri Puteri Hills Condominium has a great many facilities available and while they are open to all, facility booking is available if residents wish to reserve them for a gathering or celebration.
All these solutions go a long way in making residents' lives easier and it’s all possible thanks to iNeighbour. Contact Mr. Yusri at yusri@i-neighbour.com for a FREE demo session.
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TimeTec Leave & Payroll Aiding Clicknet Technologies

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Clicknet Technology Sdn Bhd was established in 2010. As of 2022, they have their main store and several brand stores located at the Digital Centre in Sunway Pyramid. Although fairly new in the IT industry, Clicknet Technology Sdn Bhd has proven that it’s not about the years of experience but more about the company’s commitment to providing quality IT Products and Services to their customers.

Originally Clicknet Technology needed all their attendance data to be manually collected. They had various offices and shops in different locations making it difficult to maintain information organized as well as prevent tampering by the staff. Payrolls were affected by this as data could not be collected on time thus delaying them. Admin and management were unable to collect attendance data in real time, this was further complicated by the fact that traveling staff found it difficult to clock in. The leave application payroll process was very tedious as it all had to be done manually, leaving room for human error and a lack of organisation. Since then, TimeTec stepped up to provide solutions to all these problems.

Providing the company with TC10 and Beacon units, TimeTec has allowed Clicknet Technology’s office and shop staff to easily clock in with face scanning and beacons. Staff that always travel can now use TimeTec Attendance for clocking and management can monitor all transactions directly from the app. HR and managers can now also track their staff’s attendance easily through mobile apps and calculate their staff’s OT and tardiness from the system. All the data from the office and shop is fully centralized and managed using one singular system, making attendance, leave and payroll all fully integrated functions.

It may seem like a challenge providing companies with attendance, leave and payroll solutions but it's one that TimeTec is fully capable of accomplishing.
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Using TimeTec’s HR Solutions to Improve Prife International

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Prife International was established in 2021, offering various health and wellness products to over 30 countries, including the United States, Europe, Africa, South East Asia, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, etc. They are setting the standard in the network marketing industry by providing entrepreneurship and employment opportunities around the world where their mission is to deliver a caring and healthy life.

Prife International faced a plethora of issues derived from its lacklustre systems. They only used a card access device which was quite old. For attendance, punch cards were used which meant that HR needed to manually calculate and key in payroll. On top of this all leave and claim applications used physical forms that had to be manually looked at. Sales workers had no method of clocking in and no available clocking tool, making the tracking of hours and attendance impossible. Using a stand alone system, they unintentionally doubled their work with wildly inefficient methods. Managers wished for improvements by combining all data into one system, making it easy to view attendance data, which is something that TimeTec HR was able to provide.

With TimeTec’s help, Prife International did a top to bottom restoration of their systems. Staff can now enter the office by using multiple options such as face, card and fingerprint readers with the TC20. Sales workers can now use TimeTec TA for clocking and their manager can even check mobile locations and produce a tracking report. HR managers can track staff by their attendance easily through the mobile app and is even able to calculate their staff OT and tardiness from the system. Gone now are the days of manually recording attendance as managers can now enjoy real time data and its centralization for multiple branches. This helps workers receive their pay on time as the process of payrolls is much easier with TimeTec TA. Leave and claim can easily be applied for by using the app and supervisors can approve or reject them from it as well.

TimeTec has proven time and time again of being capable of providing the best possible solutions for any company whether that be developing systems for attendance or programs to determine pay and leave. TimeTec can do all of the above for any company.

Contact Mr. Jia Jun at jiajun@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo session about TimeTec solutions. 

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Villa Makmur Upgrades to iNeighbour for Efficient Property Management System

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Villa Makmur in Dutamas is a condominium facility, surrounded by natural preserved lush greenery. It is strategically located close to a variety of conveniences, nearby well-known neighbourhoods namely Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas and Solaris; along with panoramic views of the Kuala Lumpur city centre.

Having previously used a log book to register visitors, the condominium as a whole had major upgrades installed with iNeighbour. This property management system features visitor management that allows for greater control of visitors and feedback inquiry to improve the system based on community feedback. E-forms are now a feature used to manage all applications submitted by owners and tenants, these include overnight requests and moving in/out forms. With announcements available to all and facility booking, residents can keep up with important messages and make facility reservations easily. In addition to iNeighbour, Villa Makmur also subscribes to i-Account and integrates with iPay88. Thanks to i-Account, tenants and owners can manage all invoice payments with ease as well as feel secure with the iPay88 payment gateway.

iNeighbour is always up to the challenge of providing and accommodating the needs of neighbourhoods. Contact us today for a free consultation and demo.  

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TimeTec Attendance Now Supports Hikvision Face Recognition Devices

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Another milestone was added for TimeTec as the team has successfully integrated TimeTec Attendance with the Hik-ProConnect platform. This integration allows companies using Hikvision face recognition devices that are connected to Hik-ProConnect, to use and manage their attendance via TimeTec Attendance.

A new section under Terminal was created to allow users to add and manage the Hikvision devices in TimeTec Attendance. Once added, data from the Hikvision device will reflect in TimeTec Attendance automatically.

Before this, TimeTec Attendance had lined up various attendance clocking channels: FingerTec & ZKTeco biometric devices, Android device (QF Master), mobile clocking using GPS, Wifi, Beacon or NFC, and web clocking. This new addition of Hikvision devices proves our dedication to expanding our services for the ease of our customers.

Interested in biometric devices and system automation? Contact our friendly staff at info@timeteccloud.com for free consultation and demo.

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TimeTec and Biztrak Join Forces to Introduce Cloud-based Accounting & HR Solutions

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Once again, TimeTec and Biztrak have joined hands to bring cloud-based accounting and HR solutions to prospects around Malaysia. This time, TimeTec and Biztrak went to 3 locations: Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan and Ipoh. At the third location, Ipoh, we were joined by another business partner, KBB Business Solutions, which made the event better and livelier.

The event was held to share the benefits of using cloud-based solutions and how these solutions can help ease an HR's burden on workforce management and accounting. Cloud-based solutions allow business owners and admins to reduce mundane workload so they can focus more on other critical tasks, i.e, planning, training, etc. 

The event was held on the 18th and 25th of August, and 23rd of September 2022, and we're getting great responses from the attendees. TimeTec offers HR solutions from Attendance, Leave, Claim, Profile and Hire, while Biztrak offers cloud-based accounting software and KBB Business Solutions is our partner for TimeTec Payroll.

Do look forward to more events from us! If you are interested in joining any of our events, drop your contacts at info@timeteccloud.com.

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Rolid Setia Aided by TimeTec

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ROLID SETIA SDN BHD is a wholly owned Bumiputera Construction company specialising in road and highway rehabilitation and maintenance. The company's core business is in pavement construction and maintenance projects, with management expertise in the field of pavement technology, especially in road recycling technology.

The Rolid Setia company features an existing R3 device but only at their headquarters, meaning management is unable to track or collect staff time attendance data whenever they work on-site or from home. Attendance data is not integrated with payroll software and needs to be keyed in manually creating unnecessary work. Another issue faced by the company is the need for manual calculations for work hours and overtime as well as OT applications and their tedious process of approval.

Thanks to TimTec TA these issues are no longer a problem. GPS clocking eases attendance data capturing for staff who work out of the office and from home. Attendance data is available in real-time so that supervisors or management can easily monitor staff and motivate them to be punctual on-site, reducing tardiness cases by site workers. Data from TimeTec TA can be integrated into third-party payroll software easily reducing financial workload. It’s also capable of producing advanced reports to HR to tabulate attendance for further analysis.

TimeTec specialises in creating solutions for a company's time management and attendance. Providing worthwhile results is what we’re best at. C
ontact Mr. Wan Amirul Muim at wanamirul@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo session.
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TimeTec’s Solution for T.B.H Industries

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T.B.H. Industries (M) Sdn Bhd (TBH) is a family-owned mattress company founded in 1996 in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, with a vision to become the leader in providing quality, comfortable bedding and furniture products to their customers locally and globally. Building upon the founders’ vision, character and work ethic, TBH has become one of the industry's largest providers of bedding and furniture, serving a wide variety of clients in-house and internationally. 

Previously when it came to time attendance, T.B.H. Industries faced the issues of manual registration. A manual thumbprint device for all their employees, making the process tedious for HR to edit attendance if it needs any corrections. Having more than one branch made it hard for them to combine attendance data from all divisions, making syncing data unnecessarily difficult. Employees that are required to work on-site were using forms to record their duties, which is in no way effective for the supervisor to monitor. They had been looking for a payroll system to combine with an attendance one but with no existing system to generate reports on overtime, location and tardiness, the company had issues with organising. The payroll system used to be done manually, creating unnecessary workload, and wouldn't sync with attendance making it harder for HR to sync with employee salaries. 

Thanks to TimeTec Attendance, T.B.H. industries now caters to 120 employees with a total of 3 TC10 devices. With this, they can track and monitor their staff’s attendance for each branch within a single account through mobile apps and can even edit reports through the web portal. Supervisors can now conveniently track drivers working on site, as well as generate various kinds of reports for the HR department. TimeTec Payroll also benefits the company greatly as they now have a system to handle the staff’s salary every month, causing less burden on the HR department as well as combining both attendance and payroll in one cohesive system.

Whether it is payroll, attendance or anything in between, TimeTec is capable of providing a solution
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TimeTec Brings Efficiency to SMH Rail’s Workforce Management

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From the first burst of smoke rising above a steam engine to the hum of urban mass transit today, rail is an industry built on innovation. SMH Rail is Malaysia's largest privately-owned rolling stock manufacturer and service provider, established in the Year 2000 to undertake railway engineering projects. Their passion is reinforced by extensive global experience working with partners in the rail industry to deliver effective turnkey solutions, forward-thinking engineering products and cost-effective maintenance to customers. SMH Rail has a permanent presence in various overseas locations including India, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Thailand, and Cambodia.

A company as large as SMH Rail requires good systems to maintain cohesion and efficiency but their previous systems were less than practical for their needs. Their attendance system was PC-based and featured the use of Kadex. While the card system is usable, it did not support fingerprint verification and management was unable to view attendance data in a centralised and organised manner. Employee leave needed to be applied manually which can easily lead to lost forms and delays in approvals. They also did not have a standard system to collect data from all branches over Malaysia and overseas so when HR wanted to combine all data it made it incredibly difficult. They needed to contact the PIC of every branch and have them share attendance and leave data, only then could they proceed with payrolls. This accumulation of issues made it difficult to have an organised workforce structure but luckily they managed to receive help.

Setting an industry standard is no easy task and a company such as SMH Rail requires all the necessary tools to do so. With TimeTec Attendance, Leave & Payroll SMH Rail can achieve a high level of organisation. Having multiple forms of entry, from card scanners to fingerprint identification and on-the-go technicians can use TA for clocking. HR and managers can track their staff's attendance easily through mobile apps and can even calculate their staff’s OT and tardiness from the system which can then automatically calculate payroll. By using TimeTec Leave, employees can easily apply for leave, expediting the process of approval or rejection. Management can enjoy data centralisation for multiple branches in real-time and manage leave data at HQ every day. TimeTec solution helps HR to save time and minimise effort because it's all integrated seamlessly.

TimeTec bettered SMH Rail’s systems to benefit the efficiency and flow of their workforce, something that can be done for any other company.

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TimeTec HR, The Super App

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We are excited to announce that TimeTec TA is now available in the TimeTec HR app! TimeTec HR is an all-in-one app consisting of attendance, leave, claim and access (coming soon) solutions. This new super app allows users to manage everything from one app. Simply tap on the top navigation button to move from one module to another.

The TimeTec HR app also introduces a simplistic and modern design, while keeping all the features from the individual app such as Attendance Dashboard, Analysis, Report, Approval and many more. For Malaysian users that are using TimeTec Payroll, the solution is also integrated with TimeTec HR, where employees can view their pay slips directly from the app!

If you haven’t subscribed to some of the modules, contact our sales team at info@timeteccloud.com for a consultation and demo. Download TimeTec HR today and experience it yourself! 

Scan to download TimeTec HR App now!

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Remedying Yamaxi New Energy Technology with TimeTec

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Yamaxi New Energy Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a high-tech company, located in Shah Alam, dedicated to the innovation and production of magnetic component solutions. The R&D centre and HQ of Yamaxi are located in Shenzhen’s Nanshan Technology Park.

Yamaxi New Energy Technology faced serious issues when it came to its data as all the systems previously used by former owners can no longer be accessed. They used an old R2 device and the device did not support face verification. They also didn't have a complete system that is able to manage all the attendance data and proceed with payroll. Plus, the HR and admin didn’t have access to manage the system and everything was done manually.

With TimeTec, these problems are remedied. Staff can now enter the office by using multiple options like fingerprint and face scanners via TimeTec device: TC20. Users also have the option to use GPS clocking using their mobile phones whenever they are working outside of the office. Managers can track staff attendance easily through mobile apps and view their staff OT and tardiness from TimeTec Attendance. TimeTec Payroll allows management to provide the salary to all of their staff with peak efficiency. Data is uploaded in real-time based on transactions from phones and devices. TimeTec software helps HR save time and minimise effort thanks to how seamlessly it's integrated.

TimeTec is up to the challenge to help any company when it comes to data management. The endeavour to improve Yamaxi New Energy Technology systems was no challenge thanks to TimeTec. 

Connect with Mr. Tengku Sulaiman at sulaiman@timeteccloud.com to know more about how we could assist.
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Wira Heights Turns to iNeighbour for Efficient Visitor Management

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Wira Heights is a landed property development located in Bandar Sungai Long. The neighbourhood has approximately 217 units and is accessible via a few major highways. Wira Heights receives numerous visitors daily, hence they require a good visitor management system.

This is where iNeighbour steps in. With the iNeighbour visitor management system, the visitor check-in and out process has become smoother. Visitors can utilise the pre-registration QR code to register their check-in. Through this process, the visitation data can be better managed and accurate for analysis.

Not only that, but Wira Heights also chose to use i-Account, an accounting system for the property that is integrable with iNeighbour. Invoices and receipts for residences are viewable for the residence in the iNeighbour app. The system is also integrated with IPay88 for online payment options.

iNeighbour also offers various other features, like the Announcement module where the management can send important announcements to the residence, E-Contact, a section which provides important contact numbers for all residents, and many more.

Get iNeighbour for an efficient and modern neighbourhood today!
Contact our sales team at 03-80709933 or email us at prospect@ineighbour.com for a free demo and consultation.


Watch The New iNeighbour Video

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The iNeighbour team has been busy working on a new introductory video and it’s now up for view. This new video brief on the features and modules available in iNeighbour; from the resident app, visitor management, property accounting, guard patrolling and access control, making the solution a fully integrated property management ecosystem.

iNeighbour offers more than 30 features to improve residents’ lifestyles and the productivity of the management. The solution is flexible and scalable, suitable for any type of residence.  iNeighbour has been helping more than 275 neighbourhoods worldwide. Contact our dedicated team at info@i-neighbour.com for a free consultation.

Watch the new video

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The Tamarind Modernises Property Management with iNeighbour

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The Tamarind @ Sentul East is located at Sentul in Kuala Lumpur. This high-rise condominium development consists of 498 units in two blocks of 31-storeys and two exclusive low-rise blocks with the choice of two views, the green scenic view of Sentul Park and the vast cityscape view.  Offering the modern urban lifestyle in a new light, The Tamarind captures the spirit of Sentul in all its glory; from its unique location that’s a heartbeat away from the sights, sounds and diversions of central Kuala Lumpur.

In line with its’ modern concept, The Tamarind turns to iNeighbour to manage their property. Replacing the manual logbook, iNeighbour offers a fast visitor registration process via a pre-registration QR code. This whole process provides a smooth and easy visitor check-in and out and an accurate report for management.

The Tamarind also utilises the facility booking feature in iNeighbour in handling their facilities. Residents can check availability and book the facility as needed. Not only that, all announcements are done via iNeighbour, so all residents will receive notifications in the app.

Modernise and digitalise your property management with iNeighbour. Contact us at info@i-neighbour.com for a FREE demo session.
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TimeTec Showcased at the HRD Corp Training Event

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On the 19th of July 2022, TimeTec participated as an exhibitor at the HRD Corp Training Preview: Mobilising Human Capital through IR4.0, at the Setia City Convention Centre. The main objective of the training was to promote the HRD Corp Focus Area initiative to the HRD registered employers from the Central Region, to keep them up-to-date with the IR4.0 implementation for business growth and performance.
Industry 4.0 specifically emphasises digital technology through the Internet of Things (IoT), access to real-time data, and the introduction of cyber-physical systems, and this is where TimeTec comes into the picture. Showcasing the Cloud HR Workforce Digitalisation training programs, TimeTec briefed the attendees on how TimeTec HR cloud solutions can optimise their workforce performance and automate HR tasks.

TimeTec Cloud Sdn Bhd is one of the HRD Corp Registered Training Providers, with more than 20 years of experience in the workforce industry and we have Train-The-Trainer (TTT) certified trainers to provide a series of courses to help companies prepare for the digitalisation of their workforce management. To date, TimeTec has trained and helped more than hundreds of companies in Malaysia transform from manual to automated workforce management.

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TimeTec Keeping British Circle on Time for Classes

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British Circle is a private tutoring centre for the IGCSE syllabus that offers a complete set of opportunities for students to experience a broad spectrum of academic insight. The centre adopted the British methodology in educating students with experiential learning and aims to develop all-rounded individuals, by providing a continuous, consistent and innovative learning platform.

When it comes to education, keeping a proper record of students and teachers is of the utmost importance. Previously the British Circle relied on manual recordings of in and out, but it’s proven to be a problem if the attendance wasn’t recorded correctly. All of these issues made it difficult for British Circle to cater to their attendance needs, which greatly affects both their students and teachers.


With the help of TimeTec Attendance, British Circle was able to easily and concisely keep attendance records. These new systems allowed admins to easily monitor the teachers' and students’ attendance. Parents were given easy access to their child's attendance through mobile apps, ensuring transparency and security. Installation of a free device directly linked to TimeTec Attendance to scan the students' faces, saving time and making it exceedingly convenient for the students to prove attendance. To top it all off, TimeTec Attendance provided full attendance reports that they can easily refer to.

Facing a myriad of issues when it came to attendance, TimeTec Attendance was able to provide an easy and convenient solution to British Circle Malaysia, ensuring parents and their children are being carefully watched over. TimeTec is committed to providing a wide range of cloud solutions including attendance, to improve and automate your workforce management.

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Damai Service Hospital Chooses TimeTec HR for Efficient Workforce Management

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Established in 1981, the Damai Service Hospital (HQ) is a premier Malaysian hospital group offering secondary-level healthcare. It was built on the Vision of the Founder Dr Guna Sittampalam of providing “Quality Healthcare at Affordable Cost to Everyone” in every aspect of its services. The hospital has a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic facilities capable of treating up to 95% of the spectrum of illnesses. Running 24 hours a day, they operate under the care of highly qualified consultants, nurses & OT crews.

Healthcare is such an important business that having accurate control over records and employees is not something that can be looked over, sadly, Damai Service Hospital faced a plethora of issues in this regard. Their only method of attendance tracking was a biometric device situated at their offices but since staff worked at the medical site, management was unable to trace staff attendance. This led to inaccurate attendance reports and analysis, uncontrollable tardiness and absenteeism and high overtime cost. Their leave application and approval process is tedious and cumbersome and by the end of each month, they had unpredictable monthly claim payments.

Seeing that they needed professional outside help, TimeTec stepped in with TimeTec HR, consisting of attendance, leave and claim modules. TimeTec HR allows for GPS clocking which eased attendance capturing for staff who work out of the office. Attendance data is captured in real-time and is automatically pushed to TimeTec, generating accurate reports and analyses of the attendance system. It also implemented an extensive overhaul of existing systems, including overtime and approval rules, automation of leave applications and their approvals as well as predictable monthly payments for effective financial planning.

Damai Service Hospital provides an invaluable service and its systems and records should reflect that. TimeTec is up to the challenge of providing worthwhile and high-quality solutions to similar industry-related problems. 

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