Rolid Setia Aided by TimeTec

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ROLID SETIA SDN BHD is a wholly owned Bumiputera Construction company specialising in road and highway rehabilitation and maintenance. The company's core business is in pavement construction and maintenance projects, with management expertise in the field of pavement technology, especially in road recycling technology.

The Rolid Setia company features an existing R3 device but only at their headquarters, meaning management is unable to track or collect staff time attendance data whenever they work on-site or from home. Attendance data is not integrated with payroll software and needs to be keyed in manually creating unnecessary work. Another issue faced by the company is the need for manual calculations for work hours and overtime as well as OT applications and their tedious process of approval.

Thanks to TimTec TA these issues are no longer a problem. GPS clocking eases attendance data capturing for staff who work out of the office and from home. Attendance data is available in real-time so that supervisors or management can easily monitor staff and motivate them to be punctual on-site, reducing tardiness cases by site workers. Data from TimeTec TA can be integrated into third-party payroll software easily reducing financial workload. It’s also capable of producing advanced reports to HR to tabulate attendance for further analysis.

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TimeTec’s Solution for T.B.H Industries

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T.B.H. Industries (M) Sdn Bhd (TBH) is a family-owned mattress company founded in 1996 in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, with a vision to become the leader in providing quality, comfortable bedding and furniture products to their customers locally and globally. Building upon the founders’ vision, character and work ethic, TBH has become one of the industry's largest providers of bedding and furniture, serving a wide variety of clients in-house and internationally. 

Previously when it came to time attendance, T.B.H. Industries faced the issues of manual registration. A manual thumbprint device for all their employees, making the process tedious for HR to edit attendance if it needs any corrections. Having more than one branch made it hard for them to combine attendance data from all divisions, making syncing data unnecessarily difficult. Employees that are required to work on-site were using forms to record their duties, which is in no way effective for the supervisor to monitor. They had been looking for a payroll system to combine with an attendance one but with no existing system to generate reports on overtime, location and tardiness, the company had issues with organising. The payroll system used to be done manually, creating unnecessary workload, and wouldn't sync with attendance making it harder for HR to sync with employee salaries. 

Thanks to TimeTec Attendance, T.B.H. industries now caters to 120 employees with a total of 3 TC10 devices. With this, they can track and monitor their staff’s attendance for each branch within a single account through mobile apps and can even edit reports through the web portal. Supervisors can now conveniently track drivers working on site, as well as generate various kinds of reports for the HR department. TimeTec Payroll also benefits the company greatly as they now have a system to handle the staff’s salary every month, causing less burden on the HR department as well as combining both attendance and payroll in one cohesive system.

Whether it is payroll, attendance or anything in between, TimeTec is capable of providing a solution
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TimeTec Brings Efficiency to SMH Rail’s Workforce Management

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From the first burst of smoke rising above a steam engine to the hum of urban mass transit today, rail is an industry built on innovation. SMH Rail is Malaysia's largest privately-owned rolling stock manufacturer and service provider, established in the Year 2000 to undertake railway engineering projects. Their passion is reinforced by extensive global experience working with partners in the rail industry to deliver effective turnkey solutions, forward-thinking engineering products and cost-effective maintenance to customers. SMH Rail has a permanent presence in various overseas locations including India, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Thailand, and Cambodia.

A company as large as SMH Rail requires good systems to maintain cohesion and efficiency but their previous systems were less than practical for their needs. Their attendance system was PC-based and featured the use of Kadex. While the card system is usable, it did not support fingerprint verification and management was unable to view attendance data in a centralised and organised manner. Employee leave needed to be applied manually which can easily lead to lost forms and delays in approvals. They also did not have a standard system to collect data from all branches over Malaysia and overseas so when HR wanted to combine all data it made it incredibly difficult. They needed to contact the PIC of every branch and have them share attendance and leave data, only then could they proceed with payrolls. This accumulation of issues made it difficult to have an organised workforce structure but luckily they managed to receive help.

Setting an industry standard is no easy task and a company such as SMH Rail requires all the necessary tools to do so. With TimeTec Attendance, Leave & Payroll SMH Rail can achieve a high level of organisation. Having multiple forms of entry, from card scanners to fingerprint identification and on-the-go technicians can use TA for clocking. HR and managers can track their staff's attendance easily through mobile apps and can even calculate their staff’s OT and tardiness from the system which can then automatically calculate payroll. By using TimeTec Leave, employees can easily apply for leave, expediting the process of approval or rejection. Management can enjoy data centralisation for multiple branches in real-time and manage leave data at HQ every day. TimeTec solution helps HR to save time and minimise effort because it's all integrated seamlessly.

TimeTec bettered SMH Rail’s systems to benefit the efficiency and flow of their workforce, something that can be done for any other company.

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TimeTec HR, The Super App

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We are excited to announce that TimeTec TA is now available in the TimeTec HR app! TimeTec HR is an all-in-one app consisting of attendance, leave, claim and access (coming soon) solutions. This new super app allows users to manage everything from one app. Simply tap on the top navigation button to move from one module to another.

The TimeTec HR app also introduces a simplistic and modern design, while keeping all the features from the individual app such as Attendance Dashboard, Analysis, Report, Approval and many more. For Malaysian users that are using TimeTec Payroll, the solution is also integrated with TimeTec HR, where employees can view their pay slips directly from the app!

If you haven’t subscribed to some of the modules, contact our sales team at for a consultation and demo. Download TimeTec HR today and experience it yourself! 

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