Nippon Elevator: Bringing their business to the next level by elevating their HR

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As land became scarce in countries, people came up with the solution to make buildings slimmer and taller. Since buildings are mainly being built upward, a solution to access all the floors in skyscrapers is elevators or lifts.

A master in building these complex mechanisms to get us to higher grounds is Nippon Lift Elevators. With their customized solutions to meet customer’s needs, they have made their mark and installed elevators in more than 10 countries and 100 customers globally.

Even with Nippon Elevator’s success in their business venture, they noticed that they lacked one major component to elevate their business to even further higher grounds. That component, as you may have guessed, is their HR department.

Here are the problems faced by Nippon Elevator
In a nutshell, Nippon Elevators were mostly only doing manual work when it came to HR tasks.

They used a traditional method of manually reporting to work and scheduling their leave through tedious Excel record tracking.

Technicians who are required to work on sites have to report their attendance through open messaging applications. As no real-time data was available to the HR department, they faced challenges when it came to tracking employees' locations.

Another problem that they had was difficulties in tracking the staff attendance and schedule arrangements. Managers found out that they were losing manpower resources due to the inability to track employees' clocking records accurately.

Calculating employees’ monthly salary was also a tedious task for Nippon Elevator’s HR department. This was because employees who have worked overtime (OT) were hard to keep track making the OT payout hard to track. Besides that, payroll was required to be manually keyed to software making them inconsistent and vulnerable to mistakes.

Employees working under Nippon Elevator also had difficulties when it came to leave applications as it was a tedious process. Employees were required to submit their leaves through manual paper application making the application flow slow and ineffective.

Here’s how implementing TimeTec’s Ecosystem helped Nippon Elevators
Nippon Elevator has introduced TC10 in its HQ, which in turn helped them achieve true data centralization. This means that all HR data including attendance, leaves or even payroll information are secured in one location. Additionally, scheduling for employee shifts became easy and centralized as everything could be done from one location.

Other than that, TimeTec TC10 has provided more options for Nippon Elevator’s employees to clock in, which includes accurate facial recognition, fingerprint or through the TimeTec HR super app.

Real-time data is something that is accessible for Nippon Elevators for all of their branches. TimeTec allows Nippon Elevators to customize employees’ working shifts enabling them to work morning, night and standby shifts, which can be set in TimeTec simultaneously.

OT hours are also now trackable using TimeTec’s system as OT hours can be easily shown, tracked and approved. Managers are now able to track employees. With the use of TimeTec, managers can track employee’s presence at each work site location and able to delegate or allocate proper resources to each working site.

Another quality of life change that Nippon Elevators has received while integrating TimeTec Leave is that its leave applications are much more straightforward. The process is now a cakewalk as employees can apply for leaves by just clicking a few buttons at the TimeTec mobile or web app.

On top of that, the TimeTec Leave app can also play a vital role by helping the HR department keep track of employee tenure. It can automatically update each employee’s data to show their entitled leave benefits based on their years of service.

So, are you planning to elevate your business similar to Nippon Elevators? Are you also having to do your HR tasks manually? Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can’t wait to help you solve your problem.

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