TimeTec LPR, The Perfect Choice for Cashless and Touchless Parking

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Introducing TimeTec LPR, a touchless and cashless parking system that uses a high definition License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera, built in with state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition algorithm for an accurate license plate reading for both season and casual parking. TimeTec LPR will read the vehicle’s license plate at the entrance and exit and calculate the parking fee so users can proceed with cashless payment. Easy and convenient!

Benefits of TimeTec LPR

 Comes with security features for event playback

 Integrated with payment gateway

Supports multiple cashless payment methods; Touch n’ Go, debit & credit card
Automates parking fee collection

Mobile app ready

Paired with TimeTec Parking management system as its backbone in the cloud, TimeTec LPR consolidates and liberates data to build a better ecosystem for smart building. Watch the video below for more information.

Interested in upgrading your parking system to a cashless and touchless system? Contact our team for a free demo and consultation at info@timeteccloud.com.


Tripfez Travel Optimises Data Management with TimeTec Attendance

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Tripfez Travel is a muslim travel agency that provide various packages the user can choose from. One can choose from existing packages or customise the trip based on their preferences. They have local packages, overseas and even Umrah based packages. The user can view all the packages on their website. They currently provide a great service and function with a modest operation consisting of their headquarters and two branches.

With two branches and their headquarters Tripfez Travel has faced various data management issues as data from the different locations isn’t centralised, using separate systems making it hard for them to collect and process data for payrolls. They use a kakitangan payroll, meaning all their data is manually updated into the system, costing time and effort. Tripfez Travel’s issues don’t just stem from payroll data management but also from employee attendance data. While their headquarters already use FingerTec devices, it's PC based. Their branches lacked a proper automated clocking method and all data needed to be collected manually and unlike their headquarters, the branches weren’t using FingerTec devices. All these shortcomings could cause miscommunication between locations and a disorganised record of employee attendance.

TimeTec has provided Tripfez Travel with the proper means to track and document employee data. Staff at the branches can use GPS or web clocking to capture all attendance information. They can now monitor and receive all data from HQ and other branches using a singular cohesive system centralised using TimeTec. They can enjoy direct integration between TimeTec and kakitangan payroll. We provide the API to kakitangan and they can directly obtain all data from TimeTec with the click of a button. Provided with an R3 model device that directly links to TimeTec, which updates all information in real-time avoiding delay or manual downloads.

TimeTec has optimised Tripfez Travel’s data management system and facilitated the collection and sharing of said data, making it more efficient and less time consuming. TimeTec is capable of doing this for your business and so much more, prioritising efficiency and ease of use. Connect with Mr. Tengku Sulaiman at sulaiman@timeteccloud.com to know more about how we could assist.

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Golden Valley Incentive Planner Chooses TimeTec to Improve Workforce Management

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Golden Valley Incentive Planner is a professional accounting firm in Selayang. They are a big group with a few divisions which are Golden Valley Incentive Planner, Golden Valley Management Service, Hasil Ringgit Sdn Bhd, Mulit-Pro Management Services and Kim & Co. They mainly help clients with a wide array of services, such as accounts payable, receivable, bookkeeping and payroll processing. They ensure that financial transactions are both accurate and legal, and they help individuals and businesses use financial statements to understand the health of their finances. Chartered accountants who work in practice provide professional financial services to businesses. Auditing, taxation, accounting, financial analysis, risk management and advising on financial structures, are just some of the wide-ranging services provided by Chartered Accountancy Firms.
A proper flow of the workforce is necessary in firms such as Golden Valley Incentive Planner but after using other devices and attendance modules, their experience was less than optimal. Having to queue when clocking in and devices having slow response time really staunches the flow of a work day. Visitors and auditors are important for a business such as this and when these services and devices don’t allow you to track those on site it can lead to complications. Luckily TimeTec TA can provide worthwhile solutions and more.

Boasting facial recognition and fingerprint door access with much faster response times the staff no longer need to queue for extended periods of time when entering and leaving the building. Provided with FingerTec devices that link together, so when anyone enrolls the data is shared both ways. TimeTec TA, with the use of apps, has helped HR and managers track their staff attendance, calculate overtime and tardiness from the system. Employees can even clock in whenever they are on customer sites. These implementations save both time and effort, creating ease of use and maintaining proper work flow.
A full restoration of security and attendance systems has put Golden Valley Incentive Planner in robust shape thanks to TimeTec TA. No matter how large or small the problem TimeTec TA can provide a solution for your business.

If you have similar problems that need fixing, our team is ever ready to serve you. Contact Mr. Jia Jun at jiajun@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo session about TimeTec solutions. 

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Akademi Binaan Malaysia Wilayah Sarawak Aims for Better Workforce Management with TimeTec Attendance

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Akademi Binaan Malaysia Wilayah Sarawak (ABM Wilayah Sarawak) is CIDB's assessment and training centre, which caters to the need for skill development and upgrading for construction workers. ABM Wilayah Sarawak focuses on equipping construction personnel with appropriate competencies according to industry standards. Using organised courses with highly skilled instructors,they provide opportunities for construction workers to improve their skills in the hopes of producing a more productive and quality-conscious construction workforce with an emphasis on efficiency, going as far as to develop and pioneer routes to export local skilled workers overseas. Their support of the construction industry fosters competitiveness in line with today’s growing and rapidly advancing technologies.

With such a large endeavour, the company struggled to keep track of its workforce, having no particular system implemented and using manual punch cards to collect attendance data. This made it harder to collect information on work hours for staff who work outside of the office. The lack of record keeping found its way to other human resource matters such as employee leave. The company, having little to no standard or rules for leave, has employees manually apply via forms, making it very difficult to get approval from management and much easier for forms to get lost or damaged when everything is done via papers.

With all these problems plaguing the workforce of ABM Wilayah Sarawak, TimeTec TA steps in to provide solutions. Data is captured via GPS and Beacon clock-in and is automatically pushed through software. With the use of GPS clocking, capturing attendance data for staff who work out of the office is made easy and providing said data in real time for supervisors and management to monitor. The app, providing rules and settings for standardised uniformity, allows workers to conveniently and effortlessly apply for leave and await approval. It’s easily accessible, providing an updated leave balance and getting rid of the need for digital forms, saving both time and effort.

TimeTec TA has helped ABM Wilayah Sarawak fully revamp its attendance data collection and management systems, making their work and processes easier. If TimeTec TA can aid ABM Wilayah Sarawak in their endeavours, then surely it can aid your companies too.
If you have similar requirements that require a closer look at TimeTec TA, contact Mr. Wan Amirul Muim at wanamirul@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo session. 

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