TimeTec Payroll is Now Available for the Malaysia Market

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Yes, you've heard it right! TimeTec Payroll is now ready, and we're excited to share some of the details with you.

TimeTec Payroll is a cloud-based payroll solution catered for the Malaysian market to offer you a complete HR solution combined with other TimeTec solutions. TimeTec Payroll now completes the HR offering along with TimeTec TA for attendance, TimeTec Leave for leave management, TimeTec Claim for employees claim system, and TimeTec Hire for the new hire. 

Here are FIVE reasons to be excited about TimeTec Payroll


Seamless integration with TimeTec TA

Gone were the days when you had to export the attendance data from TimeTec TA when you started using TimeTec Payroll. Instead, you just need to log in TimeTec Payroll to view the readily calculated payroll in the system; it is as easy as that.


Automatic Payroll Calculation

TimeTec Payroll puts an end to manual calculations. Instead of spending so much time preparing the calculations, you just need to set your payroll calculation settings for EPF, SOCSO, LHDN and payroll in TimeTec Payroll accordingly. Not only that it's automatic, but it's also accurate and saves you a few good hours.


Online Pay Transactions
TimeTec Payroll is integrated with local banks in Malaysia to ease online payments for salary, EPF, SOCSO, or LHDN, and all are completed from one place for your convenience and efficiency.

Automatic Payslip Distribution
TimeTec Payroll will send employees their payslips automatically via email when the payroll is ready, reducing the number of questions HR need to answer to staff every month.

Practical, Paperless System

TimeTec Payroll simplifies and automates the whole system to reduce administrative monthly updating work significantly. In addition, TimeTec Payroll is online, reducing the need for printing and paper distribution to the advantage of everybody.

Are your payroll team heavily loaded each month-end when it's closing and pay time? Do you wish to have a centralized system that can simplify this process? TimeTec Payroll could be the solution you are looking for. Our team is ready to show you what TimeTec Payroll can do. Contact us at info@timeteccloud.com or call 03-80709933

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Shipload Maritime Malaysia Streamline Leave System with TimeTec Leave

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Shipload Maritime Group has over 30 years of exceptional track record in energy logistics and is the premier Pan Asian Ship-to-Ship (STS) provider with operational readiness in 5 countries and growing, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, South Korea and Japan. The Group deals with LNG besides the conventional liquid fuels, bitumen, and LPG. Shipload has equipment in the geographic areas they serve to ensure quality standards and readiness.

To further improve human resource operation and efficiency, the Shipload Maritime Malaysia branch has decided to implement a cloud-based leave management system with TimeTec. Their previous leave system is not centralised, leaving each branch to handle its own leave management. Moreover, for staff to obtain a leave approval, they need to fill in the physical form and get the Head of Department's signature every time. But more than that, the leave system they had couldn't automate leave balance and accruals based on the company policy, opening loopholes for errors.

The implementation of TimeTec Leave centralises all staff leave into one single system. With TimeTec, all the data, applications and approvals can be set automatically, and the admin can continually update the settings if there is any policy change. Now, staff do not have to seek signatures from the Head of Departments because all applications and approvals go through the App. The staff can check their leave balance and apply for leave quickly through the App, and the Head of Department can approve or reject by a tap on the App as well, even on the go.

Once the leave is approved, the system will automatically update the balance and reflect it in the App. Hence, everybody gets updated data at all times.

The shift to TimeTec Leave has improved the leave management of Shipload Maritime Malaysia significantly to the delight of the management and the staff alike. *TimeTec Leave is used for Shipload Maritime Malaysia branch only.

If your company is looking to streamline your leave management to digital, contact Mr. Sulaiman at sulaiman@timeteccloud.com for a consultation.

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AIRA Residence Joins A Long List of iNeighbour Smart Community System

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iNeighbour is proud to add another modern highrise residence to its list of clients, AIRA Residence of Damansara Heights Kuala Lumpur.

AIRA Residence features an exclusive family of 12 curated indoor and common outdoor areas, all homogeneously combined into the development’s built and landscaped architecture. So whether you’re looking for a place to exercise, host a business meeting, meditate, recreate or celebrate with friends or family, AIRA Residence offers a comprehensive suite of common areas to suit your desires. To match the sophistication of the building features, AIRA chooses the iNeighbour Smart Community System to manage the various requirements of the residents through a smartphone App.

iNeighbour App is loaded with various useful functions practical to the management and the residents. For example, unit owners of AIRA can efficiently report defects found in units and get the rectification reports directly from the developer and management through the iNeighbour App. In addition, for more efficient account transactions and details, the management also connects iNeighbour to i-Account, the cloud-based accounting system exclusively tailored for residential living. iNeighbour also makes communication between the management and residents easier through the App with the announcement function, facility booking, feedback enquiry and electronic forms.


On Visitor Management, AIRA Residence employs two i-Vizit apps, one for the main guardhouse and another is at the second guardhouse, exclusively for contractors. The i-Vizit apps are connected to the controller BLE2 to automate the influx of Visitor IN and OUT. Using the iNeighbour App, residents can pre-invite visitors to get easy pass access to the residence. The visitors just need to scan the QR code at the entrance for the guard to retrieve all details required via i-Vizit, providing a better visitor experience throughout.

If your residence is still not using any App, we need to meet you. Contact us for an appointment, and we can show you how easy it is to manage condo living with a Smart Community App.

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Cloud Systems Translate to A Better Human Resource Management for ITBM

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Digitalisation has forced various institutions and companies to switch to better systems, away from the cumbersome manual approach. The importance of data fluidity in today's operation is so apparent that many organisations couldn't afford to defer investment for the latest systems because the absence of recent data costs organisations even more than investing in practical systems.

For the Malaysian Institute of Translation and Books, when the fingerprint machines at their office ceased to provide them with the efficiency they expected, they decided to change their whole attendance system to cloud-based digital attendance for a seamless operation.

The institute, acronym as ITBM (Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia), was established almost 30 years ago in 1993 to elevate the translation industry in Malaysia. The institute deals with translation, interpretation, and knowledge transfer at all national and international levels. The institute is also tasked with enhancing and increasing the publication of works of local writers to boost the national publishing industry. In addition, they also provide a professional development centre promoting the method, technique and art of translation, interpreting and information exchange in various languages, and a human resource development centre training and enhancing the skills of translators, editors, interpreters and other language professionals to fulfil the country's needs at national and international levels, among other services.

Dealing with translation talents who often have to visit customers' sites instead of only staying in the office makes ITBM require a system to show them the overall view of staff availability and activities for better employee management. With the switch to a better biometric recognition device coupled with cloud-based attendance TimeTec TA, ITBM is now receiving real-time data of all their employees' attendance at all times. In addition, human resources and managers can monitor their staff's attendance easily via their own mobile apps, giving them up to the minute updates all day long. Besides, the on-site staff can report their duty effectively from each of their locations using the same method. The use of TimeTec TA has provided ITBM transparency about their staffs' whereabouts beyond expectation.

On top of the cloud-based attendance, ITBM also subscribes to TimeTec cloud-based leave system, TimeTec Leave, for more efficient staff leave management. Through TimeTec Leave, the staff can apply for various leaves and obtain approval from their superiors through the TimeTec Leave mobile. Similarly, human resources can easily automate company leave policies such as service accruals, prorated leave, and other rules in the software for uniform and more professional handling of staff's leave. Furthermore, TimeTec Leave records each leave application details for easier reference, and each transaction is updated and reflected in each staff's leave balance and entitlement. In addition, now HR will have a seamless linking of the leave system to the payroll system to reduce the end-of-month workload.

All in all, ITBM has successfully digitalised its attendance and leave systems, complete with the convenience of apps with TimeTec.

If your company is looking to digitalise your attendance and leave systems like ITBM, Ms. Yasmin can assist you in the process in no time at all. Contact yasmin@timeteccloud.com for a free consultation. 
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The 2021 Year in Review and the Welcoming of 2022

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2021 has come to an end, and in retrospect, despite everything that has happened globally, we keep ourselves busy at TimeTec to serve our customers the world over, the best we know.

So let's recap on some of the highlights in the year 2021

Cashless Valet Payment via TimeTec Valet

We introduced TimeTec Valet in May 2021 to accommodate valet parking business owners to eliminate cash handling risks, increase daily operational efficiency, and provide better payment convenience to customers. Read the full story here.


Fresh and Improved TimeTec Website
In August 2021, TimeTec introduced its new and improved website with a better user experience, a fresh feel, and more information. Read the full story here.


Easy Business Expenses Management via TimeTec Claim
TimeTec Claim was launched in September 2021 to offer all TimeTec users various kinds of claims and simplify and streamline claim processes. TimeTec Claim comes complete with reports and is also available in a mobile App! Check out the story here.


i-TimeTec Redefines Smart Home

i-TimeTec has been upgraded to cater for offices and homeowners. TimeTec Smart Home offers a variety of smart devices such as smart gateway, door/window magnetic sensor, smart scenario panel and more, controlled via the i-TimeTec App. Get more information about TimeTec Smart Home.


QF Plus and QF Master Supports Face Verification with a Mask on

Wearing a face mask has become a new norm as we advance. In response, TimeTec has upgraded the Android devices, QF Plus and QF Master, to support face verification with a mask on. Get the full story here.

New Features and Developments in Cloud Solutions
Throughout 2021, we've added numerous features and a bucket load of improvements into our cloud solutions. Read the summaries of the top three solutions below:
                TimeTec TA                                   TimeTec Leave                            iNeighbour

Coming Up in 2022
 In welcoming 2022, here's a sneak peek of what's coming.

TimeTec Payroll (Malaysia market only), new biometric machines, TimeTec Office mobile app, TimeTec Mart, cloud solutions upgrades and integrations, and much more.

TimeTec appreciates all your support all these years, and we couldn't have done it without you. Now, together, let us look forward to a great and productive year in 2022.


Pejabat Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan Subscribes to TimeTec TA for Better Workforce Management

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Pejabat Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan or the Federal Territory Mufti's Office is an agency under the Prime Minister's Department of Malaysia, responsible for the Religious Affairs portfolio. It has two offices, the headquarters in Putrajaya and another division in Labuan.

The office used the fingerprint system to manage the employees' attendance for quite some time. However, when the pandemic hit, they were not equipped with any tools to get the attendance data from employees who work from home and work on-site, which prompted them to look for a better workforce system. Moreover, even though the fingerprint system is excellent in identity verification, there is no communication channel available for the employees to communicate with their managers in real-time. On top, the staff always conveniently forget to clock at the fingerprint machines and do not provide any reasons for coming in late.

The subscription of TimeTec TA, the cloud-based attendance system with the face biometrics system, has been able to solve all the above issues excellently. The Mufti Office is now installed with FingerTec Face ID 4d Wifi, face recognition devices for door access and time attendance for those who work at the office. Through FingerTec Face ID 4d Wifi, the employees can clock in attendance without touching the machine to avoid cross-contamination, a better safety measure for everybody during this pandemic. In addition, TimeTec TA provides data centralization so the office can gather all data from all devices, be it from the biometrics machine or the smartphone App, simultaneously and in real-time. Now, they can get the attendance data from the Labuan office and Putrajaya on time and seamlessly for better workforce management.  

TimeTec TA also provides a monitoring tool to manage staff who work from home. Using TimeTec TA, the work from home staff can clock attendance from their smartphones by tapping on the GPS feature on the App. The attendance data from the App contains the accurate GPS coordinates of the staff and the clock times for verification and record purposes. The App also provides a column where staff must provide reasons for their tardiness and attendance data, if necessary. Attendance data from the App is pushed to the server immediately for the headquarters to get the updated data at all times.

This installation has been made successful by TimeTec reseller Ultima Networks Sdn Bhd.

Pejabat Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan quickly recognized the solution and changed its workforce system to keep up with the time and situation. If your office has similar problems and is interested in trying TimeTec TA, contact Mr. Jia Jun at 017-9009112 or jiajun@timeteccloud.com for a free consultation.


The Havre Chooses iNeighbour Smart Community System.

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The Havre @ Bukit Jalil is one of the most sought after addresses in the Klang Valley because Bukit Jalil is known as a home to an extensive range of amenities and lifestyle convenience. The swanky Pavilion 2 mall has recently opened its door to the public and it is a stone throw from the Havre. This condo also is connected to the main highways and the location is near the LRT stations. In addition, the Bukit Jalil area also has a wide-stretched recreation park, golf resort, and the National Sports Complex nearby.

In total, the Havre nestles 1052 condominium units. For the management of the Havre to handle this massive amount of high-rise units, they are looking for a smart community system that possesses three main features: visitor management, facility booking, and two-way communication between the residents and the management. During this pandemic, the need for a sound system is pressing, where SOP compliance is a crucial requirement. 
For visitor management, the Havre uses tablets for the incoming visitors. All the residents are supplied with the iNeighbour App, where they can invite visitors and approve invitation requests from visitors. The check-in process is more manageable and contactless with the incoming visitor data readily available at the guardhouse. The pre registered visitors only have to present the readily available QR code for verification and the walk-in visitors can scan their IDs at the tablet for faster registration. INeighbour keeps all the visitation data in the server, ready for access whenever necessary.

During the pandemic, the condominium is also looking to manage the use of facilities that comply with the pandemic's SOPs. iNeighbour App presents an efficient way for the residents to book a gymnasium, a swimming pool, courts, and other facilities, straight from the App without going to the management office for approval. The process is safe and efficient for all.  

Since it is not recommended for the residents to be physically present at the management office, a better communication tool is highly required from iNeighbour to cater to this requirement. With iNeighbour, the management now can receive feedback on issues found in the common areas, and residents can also report defects to developers from the App. In addition, the management can broadcast announcements to all residents via the App and use the e-forms for all purposes.

iNeighbour has made everything easier and better at the Havre. If your condominium is looking for a great smart community system, consider us.
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