TimeTec Eases HR Management for MK Land Holdings

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MK Land Holdings Berhad is no stranger in the property development industry. MK Land has been one of the key players and synonymous with the property development industry in Malaysia. The company has a diversified portfolio of projects, which includes residential and commercial development, hotels and resorts, a water theme park, an education arm and property investment.

With a big organization such as MK Land, comes bigger HR responsibilities. MK Land HR team faced several challenges in managing their employees' attendance. While the company has a card access system, the software limitation on the attendance report puts a burden on their work. OT applications and approvals have to be done manually and add in tedious jobs for the team. With limited reports available in the software, the MK Land HR team was not getting a clear view of their employees’ work rate performance.

TimeTec Attendance with biometric reader TC 20 proved once again to be beneficial for companies that seek for an efficient biometric attendance system, such as MK Land. Not only can TC 20 work as an access control device, it also captures the attendance of all staff and pushes automatically to TimeTec Attendance for processing. These real-time data eases supervisor and management to monitor the staff and at the same time, curb tardiness. TimeTec Attendance advanced reporting also allows the HR team to tabulate and make further analysis for improvements. TimeTec HR app also eases the OT application and approval process, while ensuring a systematic approval flow.

Managing HR is no easy feat, for sure. Let us ease your burden with the help of TimeTec HR. TimeTec HR consists of several solutions: Attendance, Leave, Claim, Payroll (for Malaysia only), Hire and Profile, that you can choose as needed. Make an appointment today with our dedicated team at info@timeteccloud.com for a free consultation and demo.

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FingerTec Latest Addition, Face ID 6

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We’re excited to announce the arrival of our latest facial recognition device, Face ID 6. This new model supports verification via facial, palm and card. Offering smaller capacity, this new model targets small and medium businesses that are looking for a cost saving and efficient attendance and access control system. 

Face Mask On Verification

Touchless Technology

Value for Money

Speedy Recognition

Efficient Data Processing

Face ID 6 lands in March 2023.
We have limited units available, so contact us at info@fingertec.com to pre-order the units and enjoy a special discount!
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Taik Sin Timber Excels with TimeTec

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Taik Sin Timber Industry Sdn Bhd is the manufacturing leader in the pallet industry in Malaysia. With over 50 years of expertise and experience, the company offers timber, wooden, and plastic pallets supplies nationwide, providing the highest standard of product and services to their customers.

As the business grows, their man-power increases. Having staff working in the office, warehouse and on-site, it’s becoming hard for the Taik Sin Timber management to track their employees’ attendance without a proper system. Manual logbook was used to record the employees attendance and overtime which is not effective for the supervisor to monitor.

TimeTec HR comes into the picture and offers the facial recognition device, TC20, combined with TimeTec Attendance. Now that all the employees' attendance is centralized in TimeTec Attendance, the management of Taik Sin Timber is able to see daily overview of the employees’ attendance with work rate percentage, absence staff, OT request and approval via TimeTec HR app. Attendance data is processed in a real-time manner, so the management can ensure better productivity and optimize their business.

Want to know how TimeTec can help your HR management? Contact us at info@timeteccloud.com for FREE consultation and demo. 

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Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) Chooses FingerTec for Access Control

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Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) is an iconic landmark venue located in the city center of Bangkok. The all-new center is now five times bigger with exhibition and retail space of 300,000 square meters that can cater to up to 100,000 visitors a day. There are two massive interconnected exhibition halls, two seminar halls and around 50 meeting rooms.
With the huge influx of staff and visitors, QSNCC is in need of an efficient and secure access control system. FingerTec distributor in Thailand, Innoflex Solution Company Limited came to the rescue and chose FingerTec QR110 Mifare. A total of 50 units of QR110 Mifare have been installed in the QSNCC and the system was integrated with a third party Building Management System for a complete solution.
QR110 Mifare is a QR code and card reader which needs to be connected to a controller for dynamic and easy access. Users can simply scan their QR code or card to the reader to gain access to the permitted space. QR110's elegant design and easy interoperation with the third party controller is also a plus point to the users. 
As of now, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is using QR110 Mifare readers, which were acquired from our distributor in Thailand, Innoflex Solution Company Limited. Innoflex Solution has been a FingerTec partner since 2017 and has vast experience with FingerTec biometric devices and solutions.

Interested in getting FingerTec biometric devices in Thailand?
Contact Mr. Prarachakorn from Innoflex Solution at prarachakorn.a@innoflexsolution.com, or call +66654298979. You can also reach out to us at info@fingertec.com for more information about FingerTec biometric devices. 

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TimeTec 2022 Year In Review

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We’ve said our goodbyes to 2022, but let’s walk down memory lane and review some of our milestones from last year. 

We aim to offer a complete HR cloud solution, and TimeTec Payroll is the latest addition to complete it. Due to different payroll formats in various countries, the current TimeTec Payroll is made for the Malaysian market only. More information about TimeTec Payroll is available here.



TimeTec previously had an individual app for all its solutions. However, to ensure a better user experience, our team has combined all TimeTec HR solutions in one super app. The all-in-one app consists of attendance, leave, claim, payroll and access (coming soon) solutions. This new super app allows users to manage everything from ONE app. How great is that!


TimeTec Parking also made its mark by launching the state-of-the-art unattended kiosk, TimeTec TPK-2. It supports Touch 'n Go cards and credit/debit cards for cashless payments. Seamlessly integrated with the cutting-edge cloud technology of the TimeTec Parking system for both casual and seasonal parking.


We’ve hit yet another mark for iNeighbour! More and more communities have joined us in making a better and more secure neighbourhood. We’re expecting to grow and expand more in 2023.

In June 2022, FingerTec introduced its newly improved website which comes with a greater user experience, a vibrant look, and more information. If you haven’t seen it, check it out at www.fingertec.com.

Face ID 5 was a huge success, and we will be introducing yet another Face ID series to expand the FingerTec biometric device range. We’re in the midst of ironing and finalizing the development, so you can expect the new device to be launched very soon. Stay tuned!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all our partners and customers for their support in the past years. We’re excited about what’s coming in the year 2023; new developments and more enhancements. Let’s go!
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Boost HR Management in 2023 with TimeTec HR

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We are excited to present you with a new TimeTec HR video to celebrate the new year! This new video explains the solutions offered by TimeTec HR and all its amazing features. The video will provide a better understanding of the solutions and how they can benefit your organization.

TimeTec HR consists of several TimeTec solutions, namely TimeTec Attendance, Leave, Claim, Payroll (for Malaysia only), Hire and Profile. TimeTec HR also offers an all-in-one app so that you can check and view all data directly from your smartphone. Check out the video below for more information.

Ready to improve your human resource management? Contact us at info@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo and consultation.

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DOREMi Streamline HR Processes with TimeTec HR

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DOREMi Services & Rental is a global event production and management company with an impeccable record and multi-awards winner. The company provides superior expertise with unparalleled high-quality state-of-the-art solutions in the area of event and entertainment,  focusing on audio systems, lighting systems, music instrument rentals, as well as truss and staging requirements locally and globally. Since its establishment in 1979, DOREMi has grown by leaps and bounds into a staff strength of more than 70 people. Their team of experts and services is available across the Asia Pacific and beyond the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Canada, and many more.

With such an impressive background DOREMi has high management needs but sadly suffered from a lack of a proper system that carefully and effortlessly organized the company's attendance, leave and payroll while providing real-time data. They used a manual punch card, which made it incredibly hard for travelling staff to clock in and can inevitably lead to disorganized employee information. Just like attendance, leave applications were also done via manual forms and if the approver wasn’t available the forms would go for long periods without approval. Payroll also suffered from these issues as well, being done manually with standardized templates and having no integration with leave and attendance.

Thanks to TimeTec HR solution, their attendance, leave and payroll are now working in unison in a fully integrated system to make HR’s work much easier. Users and travelling employees can now use TimeTec Attendance and GPS clocking to clock in. HR can now track staff attendance and easily monitor the influx of attendance data directly from the apps, as well as calculate OT and tardiness, all from the system. Staff can apply for leave at any time since the approver can review the application directly from the apps. At the end of the month, when all attendance and leave data have been collected, the payroll can be directly processed, all from one system. That’s all staff and management would need, one system to monitor and supervise everything.

TimeTec provides the best possible solutions for attendance, leave and payroll. An all-in-one, organised and easy-to-use system.
Connect with Mr. Tengku Sulaiman at sulaiman@timeteccloud.com to know more about how we could assist.
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Jonker Casing Haus Improves Efficiency with TimeTec HR

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Jonker Casing Haus is a company selling trending hype phone cases & accessories in-store and online, since March 2017. They focus on delivering a variety of products with good quality products to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. That being said, having four branches across Malaysia, from SS15 Subang to Taman Merdeka Melaka and requiring oversight of one-hundred users, Jonker Casing Haus faced many issues when it came to its HR department.

Before TimeTec, Jonker Casing Haus used other brands of HR solutions that did not provide satisfactory results. A prevalent issue they faced was a hard-to-locate GPS signal and attendance clocking not functioning properly. The system as a whole didn’t have the capacity to set up an organized structure and ended up being too difficult to manage. The HR department wanted a module where they could manage all needs, capable of generating reports, managing attendance, leave or even just saving memory space on handphones by having it all on one super app, something TimeTec HR can provide.

TimeTec HR combines all needed modules into one simple but a high-quality super app that is very user friendly. Staff can clock in without any headaches as TimeTec HR takes care of attendance with quick location detection. TimeTec web has a well-organized structure that enables companies to filter staff info and generate reports easily, even offering forty-one different report types. All of this can be done from one super app, no longer having to juggle between apps to manage attendance and leave, in the long run, it helps save the HR’s time and provides real-time data centralization.

TimeTec has provided a great service to Jonker Casing Haus, a service that can be easily provided to countless other industries or companies.
Contact Mr. Jia Jun at jiajun@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo session about TimeTec solutions. 

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