UMPSA Advanced enhancing itself with TimeTec HR

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Established in 2004, UMPSA Advanced is a subsidiary of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and acts as The Forefront of Livelong Learning in Malaysia. Specializing in multidisciplinary academic programs such as engineering, technology, computing, science, management and human sciences, the institution collaborates extensively with public and private entities on up-skilling and reskilling initiatives to meet industrial demands.

Being a pristine establishment, UMPSA wanted to polish up their internal HR infrastructure to manage its employees much better. Here’s how they did it.

UMPSA Advanced encountered several issues with its HR system previously. One significant problem was the limited accessibility of the biometric devices, which were only available at the office. This led to difficulties when it came to tracking staff attendance when they were working off-site or outstation.

On top of that, UMPSA Advanced’s traditional biometric device required them to manually download the employee’s attendance data using USB, adding to the HR department's burden. Moreover, with their outdated biometric devices, the attendance system was not linked to the payroll system, which required employees to transfer all the attendance data to the payroll system whenever they needed to do monthly payroll.

The employees in UMPSA Advanced also had a problem as they were required to manually submit applications for leave and claims by using physical forms. This was proved inefficient as physical forms needed to be compiled, stacked and checked one by one which was prone to human errors.

Furthermore, the manual calculation of payroll using Excel sheets posed challenges and the organization also struggled with uncontrolled absenteeism and tardiness, necessitating a more streamlined and integrated solution.

Here’s how TimeTec worked with UMPSA Advanced to solve their problems.

TimeTec HR effectively addressed these challenges that are faced by UMPSA Advanced with its all-in-one features. TimeTec introduced GPS clocking, which simplifies the attendance data capture for staff who are working off-site or outstation. This ensures accurate and real-time data by only requiring employees to click on the clock-in button at their TimeTec HR smartphone app.

These data will then be stored in the cloud and updated in real-time, which facilitates seamless monitoring by supervisors and management, enhancing overall efficiency. With the provision of real-time notifications for tardiness, it has indeed proven itself a valuable tool in improving overall employee attendance and punctuality in UMPSA Advanced.


On top of that, TimeTec’s user-friendly nature enables a convenient submission and approval of leaves and claims, promoting efficiency in administrative tasks. With UMPSA Advanced integrating both TimeTec Attendance and Payroll modules, data are now automatically synced and updated, streamlining the monthly payroll process. Additionally, with data synced and connected, calculations for salary such as EPF, SOCSO and LHDN contribution can be automatically calculated with just a few clicks, making the payroll process error-free.

As we can see, UMPSA Advance are also restless when it comes to self-improvement. So, are you ready to bring yourself to the next level with TimeTec HR?
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