Jelutong Heights Switches to Cloud Accounting for Smart Property Management System

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Jelutong Heights is an upscale housing development built within a garden-themed community in the hills of Bukit Jelutong. It is located just next to the Bukit Cahaya Forest Reserve, giving the residents views of rolling hills and lush greeneries, a sought-after view by most city dwellers. This development has numerous facilities and amenities, including a commercial centre, academic institution, and golf club with various facilities. Its clubhouse is specially designed for the residents, equipped with multipurpose courts, barbeque facilities, and a jogging or walking path. In addition, the residents of Jelutong Heights can also access a few golf courses in the vicinity, such as those in Subang Jaya, Saujana, Glenmarie, and Monterez, and its strategic location provides convenient access to any country point.

At the beginning of 2022, the management of Jelutong Heights subscribes to iNeighbour iAccount to bring the property account management to another level of efficiency. iAccount is the cloud-based property accounting system that centralizes all invoices and payments of the community in one server. With iAccount, tenants can make all payments online through iPay88, the online payment gateway, and each tenant can view their payment transactions for transparency.

Features offered in iAccount include general ledger, fixed asset, cash and bank, account receivable and payable, e-invoicing, statement of accounts and financial statement, a comprehensive accounting system complete with all the features they need. In addition, iAccount also makes it easier for the management to distribute all the invoices to the tenants using the schedule recurring invoice feature. Once the feature has been set up, the tenants will receive the invoices on time to expedite collection. The community has warmly welcomed the introduction of iAccount as it eases the payment process through the online payment gateway, and they get the payment updates in the system for easy reference.


In addition to iAccount, Jelutong Heights also utilizes iVizit, iNeighbour's visitor management, to supervise visitor influx into the residential. iVizit offers tenants and visitors an App for faster registration. The tenants can preregister visitors, where visitors will be given a QR code for faster access. Furthermore, with iVizit, all visits are recorded in the system for security and audit purposes.

On top of that, the management finds iNeighbour's eform as a practical solution, and now all tenants can download the forms they need as and when they need them without having to drop by the management office.

The modern property is not limited to the structure and the decor. Jelutong Heights understand the need to elevate the management of the resident to smart property management with iNeighbour.

If your property needs an upgrade in the accounting system, try iAccount. It's connected, easy to navigate, and definitely efficient. Connect to Mr. Mo Shuan Jin for more information.
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TNB Remaco Subscribes to Triple TimeTec Solutions to Improve Workforce Management

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TNB Repair And Maintenance Sdn.Bhd. (TNB REMACO) was established in 1995 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). TNB REMACO is a specialist in operation & maintenance (O&M), overhaul, and repair & maintenance (R&M) of energy-related industry, emphasizing on power plants such as gas, steam and hydro turbines, boiler, generator and many more.
The company's technical experience and competencies cover all the product lines of the world's leading names in power plants and ancillary equipment. In addition, TNB REMACO's solutions and services cover installation and equipment of all sizes, types, and makes, ranging from small and straightforward to massive installations within and outside Malaysia.
TNB REMACO has made inroads into the international arena, and its growth has already gained a foothold in the overseas market, including power plants in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Kuwait.

In 2022, TNB REMACO is looking to strengthen its workforce management using the latest technology available.

They focus on three areas: attendance, leave management, and claim.
On attendance, the company had a problem managing the attendance and the overtime of those who work onsite. Not only that the manual way is tedious for HR to handle, but the Google Form they implemented also did not function well, and it became hard for the supervisors to monitor the whereabouts of the staff onsite. 
On leave management, the physical forms are all over the place, making it difficult to trace the previously applied leaves. In addition, some of the manual forms are missing, causing dissatisfaction in staff when HR did not manage their leave applications properly, let alone the balance. 
On claim management, the issues are the same with the manual method. Some claims went missing to the dismay of the staff.  
Therefore, TNB REMACO decided to shift the manual system to automated systems with TimeTec Triple Solutions, TimeTec TA for Attendance, TimeTec Leave for Leave Management, and TimeTec Claim for Claim Management.

TimeTec is the trusted brand in workforce management cloud-based solutions. Its solutions centralize all data, and they are accessible by the admin from any browser worldwide, making monitoring and reporting more manageable than ever before.

Through TimeTec TA, the staff clock in and out using the app, and the HR and managers can easily access the staff attendance and calculate their staff OT from the system. In addition, the onsite staff can report their duty effectively from each location. The responsibility to report attendance now is solely on the staff's shoulders because the management has provided an effective tool.


The staff also are provided with TimeTec Leave mobile app, which makes it convenient for them to apply for leave through their smartphone. The superiors approve the applications through the app as well, and once the approvals are given, the leave balance is updated instantly. In addition, TimeTec Leave has eliminated the need for forms, and it automates company leave policies such as service accruals, prorated leave and other rules. Each leave application detail was recorded and easily retrieved in TimeTec Leave for years.

And another solution that TNB REMACO subscribes to is the latest, TimeTec Claim. Now, staff can apply for claims via the app. The staff only needs to fill up the claim details and present the proofs required before submitting the claim at their convenience. In addition, with TimeTec Claim, the staff is clear about the company's claim policies, as the company can automate the policy efficiently into the system. The claim application's progress is also transparent in the app, and the staff can view the claim history in their app.

Now that TNB REMACO has shifted to cloud solutions for attendance, leave and claim, HR can focus on other areas of human resource improvement rather than the mundane workforce management.

TimeTec offers various solutions for Workforce Management, and a company can implement one solution at a time or follow TNB REMACO and implement three at one go for better management. Contact our sales at or call 03-80709933 for more information on what's available and how to make it better for you.


Takenaka (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Subscribes to TimeTec TA & TimeTec Leave for Better Workforce Management

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Takenaka Corporation came to Malaysia in 1981 at the invitation of Malaysia's then Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, in line with his Look East Policy to construct the Dayabumi Office Building on a fast-track joint venture.

They were localized in 1990 under Takenaka (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., a general contractor that offers clients an integrated Design-and-Build service for all types of buildings. Their clients range from the government and government-linked companies to the private sector, both local and foreign. They are involved in projects in various building types, particularly in building large shopping centres and factories.

Takenaka is a construction company that has multiple active sites across Malaysia. Previously, workforce management such as staff overtime and leave applications were carried out manually, involving various paperwork, which caused difficulties for HR to monitor the attendance and approvals. After years of dealing with the tedious manual way, Takenaka HR is ready to change to a fully automated system that is centralized, convenient, and able to improve the overall operation flow.

The decision to switch to the cloud is also driven by the fact that the manual way costs the business even more. The company suffered from unaccounted lost hours, wasted hours, and costly human errors when HR always had to back up data, calculated attendance and leave balance manually and tracked the carried over leaves from the physical forms.

The subscription of TimeTec TA, the cloud-based attendance system, has solved all the above issues excellently for Takenaka. Now, they are implementing TimeTec TA with beacons for their staff to clock in and out. The staff only needs to tap their smartphone on the beacon, and the system accurately records the attendance's time. In addition, the data centralization of TimeTec TA has made it possible for the office to gather data from all sites across Malaysia simultaneously and in real-time, providing them with an accurate overall picture of their workforce day in and day out.


Besides, Takenaka also subscribes to TimeTec Leave, the smart leave solution that provides easy leave applications and approvals via an app. In addition, the app provides up to date leave balance, as the system updates the balance every time a transaction is processed. The TimeTec Leave has provided utmost convenience to the staff, and the HR, who now has access to the complete leave records of every employee and can generate various leave reports as and when they need them.  

In summary, Takenaka's shift to TimeTec TA & TimeTec Leave has improved workforce management tremendously due to the automation and convenience aspects of the solutions.  

Now is the time for businesses to solve their workforce management problems like a PRO! TimeTec is the best cloud solution around for workforce management. Contact Mr. Jia Jun at 017-9009112 or for a consultation on how TimeTec can improve your business tremendously.


TimeTec TA Solves Attendance Data Flow Woes at PUNB

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Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (PUNB) is established to enhance the participation and involvement of Bumiputera in entrepreneurship and to develop a dynamic, resilient, progressive Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community (BCIC) in Malaysia. PUNB is fully committed to being the champion in developing Bumiputera SMEs and entrepreneurs in the retail and distributive trade sector in Malaysia and the international arena by providing a business model that focuses on providing an integrated entrepreneurial package comprising business financing and support.

In managing its extensive human resources, the company struggled to integrate its attendance software with biometric attendance devices. Unfortunately, the devices did not fully push the attendance data into the software and caused some critical data to their disadvantages. Hence, HR could not automatically track the attendance data from other branches and instead needed to collect the attendance report every month from the admin. Moreover, the previous system could not integrate with the payroll software, making things more difficult for HR every month. To make matters worse, the limitation on GPS geofence required them to set the GPS geofence daily and caused the extra workload to the HR and Admin.

In short, the solution that promised them convenience has failed to deliver, and they are looking for a solution that can solve all these annoyances in totality.

Hence, PUNB agreed to test TimeTec TA for one month before implementing the entire system company-wide. Overall, after the one month trial period, they are happy with TimeTec TA, as all the data from all devices are fully synced into TimeTec TA automatically without any hiccups or missing data. In addition, attendance data is available in real-time, making it easy for supervisors and managers to keep an eye on the staff, even those working at other branches. Besides, TimeTec TA can also integrate with the third-party payroll software to significantly reduce HR and Finance's workload each month. TimeTec TA also comes with an agile GPS Geofence feature that eases staff's clock-in using the Mobile phone as a second option when they have reached their working location, without incurring their extra dollars.
Now, PUNB can breathe easy knowing that their workforce management data is well taken care of with TimeTec TA. TimeTec TA is offered at a minimum of RM5 a month per user for a comprehensive, centralized and automated attendance system loaded with valuable features.

If TimeTec TA can fulfil the requirements of PUNB, TimeTec TA definitely can fulfil your company's requirements. Connect with us to know what we can offer to your benefit. Mr. Amirul Muim at 014-5154970 or for a consultation.