TimeTec Attendance Now Supports Clocking Data from Various Sources

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While TimeTec Attendance supports attendance clocking records from various hardware, including FingerTec, TimeTec, ZKTeco, and Hikvision devices, as well as IoT and mobile clocking, we recognize that companies may employ diverse methods to capture attendance data. To accommodate this, we have introduced an alternative feature that enables users to seamlessly integrate their attendance data into TimeTec Attendance without changing their existing clocking method.

With this new functionality, users without FingerTec or TimeTec devices can effortlessly utilize TimeTec Attendance by importing their attendance data directly. Users have the flexibility to set their database points and schedule the uploading process, automating the entire procedure. The attendance records are then seamlessly processed in TimeTec Attendance, facilitating easy report generation. It's as simple as that!

For step-by-step instructions on utilizing this feature, refer to this link:
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