Santan Restaurant taking off their business to higher grounds with TimeTec HR

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Santan is the world's first restaurant brand by an airline, AirAsia. It began serving AirAsia’s inflight meals in 2015 and opened its very first restaurant in 2019. Santan has gained recognition for its signature dish, ‘Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak,’ acclaimed as the ‘best Nasi Lemak in town.’ Presently, Santan is the official inflight caterer for AirAsia, offering a range of inflight meals, from Western-Asian fusion dishes to specially brewed coffee.

As the official AirAsia inflight caterer, Santan wanted a way to enhance their business. After some self-reflection, they found out they could have done more in their HR department.

Here’s what they were lacking in the HR department
In short, Santan was still practising manual tasks when it came to the HR department.

Firstly, they were still using the traditional time punch cards for their company. As they are physical cards, attendance had to be collected monthly and sorted manually which was time-consuming for both the HR department and their employees.

Santan Restaurant did not have real-time data, rendering it hard to track staff attendance and arrange schedules or shifts for their employees. With their current HR system, managers are unable to check the attendance data which may cause labour shortages due to incorrect shift allocation.

Finally, without real-time data, employee overtime (OT) hours were hard to track. On top of that, employees' salaries or payrolls were required to be keyed in manually. This made paying employees monthly salaries inefficient and prone to mistakes.

So how did TimeTec Attendance resolve this issue?

With the determination to have a better internal structure, Santan Restaurant decided to implement TimeTec’s Face ID 5 in all of its branches.

This helped Santan Restaurant achieve data centralization making data easier to collect and read. In other words, all HR data including attendance, leaves or even payroll information are secured in one location. This benefits the direct managers when it comes to scheduling employee shifts as everything could be done from one location.

With the implementation of TimeTec’s Face ID 5, Santan Restaurant’s employees are also provided with more options for clock-in such as accurate facial recognition and fingerprint clock-in.

By implementing TimeTec Attendance, Santan has the power to arrange schedules easily for all branches. This is made possible as managers were also able to keep track of employee’s multiple shifts through the system. On top of that, they can easily keep track of and approve OT hours for their retail industry, making the process an easy one.

With all other TimeTec Modules implemented, Santan Restaurant also decided to implement TimeTec Payroll. This can seamlessly import and export data from other TimeTec modules into the payroll system, in turn churning out salaries to the employees without mistakes efficiently.

So are you also running a restaurant and want to make it big someday? Well, before expanding your business with more people, it’s crucial to build a strong HR structure first. What are you waiting for? Drop us an email or click on the links below to get in contact with us!

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