TMI Group of Companies Delivering Exceptional Performance with TimeTec’s HR Ecosystem

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TMI Group of Companies kick-started its journey as TMI Shipping (M) in 1998 to offer top-notch international logistics services to end users. Having branch offices around Asia in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Shanghai & Shenzhen, and all other significant international seaports, TMI specialises in ocean freight and offers sustainable logistics services. Since its establishment, TMI has established a reputation as one of Malaysia's most trustworthy forwarders. It has a skilled and experienced team in its local area, a global network of affiliate agents, and a high standard of service.

Even with the TMI Group of Companies being a huge success with a long history, they discovered they could recreate their internal HR structure to make their employees more manageable.

Here is the current situation faced by the TMI Group of Companies
In short, TMI was using manual ways when it came to managing their employees. Specifically, they were still using physical punch cards to record their staff attendance. This in turn means data can only be obtained once per month as the HR department is forced to collect and record these punch cards manually.

With no real-time data available for TMI, they have difficulties keeping track of staff attendance daily. With their managers unable to view the attendance data, it affected their ability to deal with unexpected events. For example, if an employee were to apply for any emergency leave, re-arranging shifts and schedules for employees was a challenge faced by TMI.

Another problem faced by TMI was their leaves and claim system was still done only through manual paper application. This was undoubtedly a tedious and time-consuming process every employee had to go through which discouraged them from exercising their employee’s right.

TMI also had trouble tracking their employee’s Overtime (OT) hours for the payout. As employees did not have any method of recording or calculating their OT hours, TMI had to take their employee’s word for it when it came to OT matters.

On top of that, TMI had to manually key these data into the payroll system monthly before releasing them to their employees, making them prone to human error or technical mistakes.

Here’s how TMI resolve this problem with TimeTec’s HR ecosystem
With the implementation of TimeTec Attendance, they now have the option to clock in using the mobile app. Gone were the days when TMI had to clock in with physical punch cards, which were unreliable and inefficient. With the new technology, TMI has also obtained the power of data centralisation. This means that all their data are now secured and centralised in one location.

Additionally, with TimeTec Attendance, employees’ shifts and schedules can be easily identified and customised giving them the upper hand when it comes to dealing with unforeseen circumstances. Besides that, as TMI’s logistic industry has flexible schedules, TimeTec Attendance was able to meet these requirements, providing a variety of options to customise their schedule to their heart's content.  

Logistic drivers that are always on OT also had a quality of life improvement with the use of TimeTec Attendance. They were finally able to accurately clock in their working hours based on their current situation. Combined with real-time data provided by TimeTec, their managers can check and authorise their OT working hours.

Aside from TimeTec Attendance, TMI also integrated TimeTec Leave and Claims into their business infrastructure. Safe to say gone were the days they had to manually submit physical application forms as everything can be easily done through the mobile or web app which streamlines the application process.

Other than the three modules mentioned, TMI also introduced TimeTec Payroll to their company. This was a huge advantage for TMI as the attendance, leave and claims data can be interconnected and linked to the payroll module directly making the data transfer seamless and automatic without the need to manually export or import any sophisticated HR data.

So, are you also trying to kick-start your business? Is your company perhaps something related to a logistics company? If that’s the case, why not build your business foundation right by implementing TimeTec’s HR Ecosystem? In our opinion, a solid foundation is crucial to springboard a business to higher grounds. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to learn more about TimeTec’s HR ecosystem.

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