Resolving Attendance Woes: How TimeTec HR Helped Wells Malaysia Future-Proof Its Operations

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Mylifestyle Group Sdn Bhd, a company that carries the product name Wells Malaysia, is committed to providing products that not only beautify homes but also future-proof them. The company is dedicated to ensuring that their customers have an excellent experience with their products. However, the company has faced a significant issue with their time attendance system.

Previously, the company did not have any specific time attendance system to monitor all the staff, which resulted in inaccurate data. As everything depended on the users themselves, it was difficult for the company to get real-time data. Staff who frequently traveled also found it hard to clock in and out, and most records were updated through WhatsApp. As a result, the company could only provide the full basic salary without referring to the attendance system, and staff could only get their payslip based on the document given by HR every month. If staff requested previous payslips, HR needed to find and print them out.

However, the company has resolved this issue by implementing TimeTec HR, an automated cloud based time attendance system. With TimeTec HR, users can use GPS clocking to capture their attendance, allowing staff who travel frequently to clock in and out without any issues. Managers and HR can monitor all the transactions directly from the TimeTec HR mobile app, ensuring that attendance records are accurate and up-to-date. The system also allows HR/managers to track their staff attendance easily and calculate their overtime and tardiness. All the reports can be generated directly from the system, and staff can monitor their attendance records through the mobile app or web access.

TimeTec HR has provided the company with a fully integrated system between attendance and payroll, ensuring that all data from the attendance system can be sent to payroll directly without any errors. Staff can access their payslips and monitor their attendance records using the mobile app or web access, providing them with more control over their salary and attendance records.

Implementing TimeTec HR has resolved the significant issue that Mylifestyle Group Sdn Bhd faced with their time attendance system. With TimeTec HR, the company can now enjoy a fully automated and integrated system between attendance and payroll, providing accurate and up-to-date data for managers and HR to make informed decisions. Overall, TimeTec HR has proven to be an essential tool for Mylifestyle Group Sdn Bhd, ensuring that they can provide their customers with excellent products and services.

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A1 Chicken Rice Maximizing Efficiency with TimeTec Attendance

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From a small chicken rice stall to a popular family restaurant, A1 Chicken Rice has come a long way. However, with growth comes challenges, and one of the biggest challenges that A1 Chicken Rice faced was managing their staff attendance. With multiple branches and staff, managing attendance manually was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors.

To address this issue, A1 Chicken Rice turned to TimeTec TA, a cloud-based solution that specializes in staff attendance management. The results were immediate and impressive.

Firstly, TimeTec TA provided data centralization, which means that all data from the different branches were centralized in one place, making it easier to manage and analyze. This was a significant improvement over the manual process, which required collecting data from each branch every month.

Secondly, TimeTec TA provided more clock-in options: mobile clocking using GPS, Wifi, Beacon or NFC, and also FingerTec devices that support face recognition and fingerprint, which reduced the chances of buddy punching and other forms of attendance fraud.

Thirdly, TimeTec TA made it easier to arrange schedules for all branches. With multiple shifts in the retail industry, this feature was particularly useful for A1 Chicken Rice.

Fourthly, TimeTec TA provided real-time data, which meant that the manager could view attendance data as it was happening, and take corrective action if necessary. This helped to prevent absent staff and ensured that the restaurant was adequately staffed at all times.

Fifthly, TimeTec TA made it easy to track overtime hours, which is crucial in the retail industry, where staff often work irregular hours. This feature made it easier for A1 Chicken Rice to calculate overtime pay accurately.

Finally, TimeTec TA provided seamless integration with SQL Payroll, which meant that attendance data could be imported and exported easily. This saved time and eliminated the need for manual data entry.

TimeTec TA has transformed the way A1 Chicken Rice manages staff attendance. With real-time data, data centralization, and a range of features that cater specifically to the retail industry, A1 Chicken Rice can now focus on what they do best – serving delicious food to their customers.

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