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Clicknet Technology Sdn Bhd was established in 2010. As of 2022, they have their main store and several brand stores located at the Digital Centre in Sunway Pyramid. Although fairly new in the IT industry, Clicknet Technology Sdn Bhd has proven that it’s not about the years of experience but more about the company’s commitment to providing quality IT Products and Services to their customers.

Originally Clicknet Technology needed all their attendance data to be manually collected. They had various offices and shops in different locations making it difficult to maintain information organized as well as prevent tampering by the staff. Payrolls were affected by this as data could not be collected on time thus delaying them. Admin and management were unable to collect attendance data in real time, this was further complicated by the fact that traveling staff found it difficult to clock in. The leave application payroll process was very tedious as it all had to be done manually, leaving room for human error and a lack of organisation. Since then, TimeTec stepped up to provide solutions to all these problems.

Providing the company with TC10 and Beacon units, TimeTec has allowed Clicknet Technology’s office and shop staff to easily clock in with face scanning and beacons. Staff that always travel can now use TimeTec Attendance for clocking and management can monitor all transactions directly from the app. HR and managers can now also track their staff’s attendance easily through mobile apps and calculate their staff’s OT and tardiness from the system. All the data from the office and shop is fully centralized and managed using one singular system, making attendance, leave and payroll all fully integrated functions.

It may seem like a challenge providing companies with attendance, leave and payroll solutions but it's one that TimeTec is fully capable of accomplishing.
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