Tampin District and Land Office Deploys TimeTec TA for A Better Attendance System

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The Tampin District and Land Office is the district administration centre under the Negeri Sembilan Government. The office's role is to administer and control development, social formation, and property management throughout the Tampin District through its three divisions; Management Services, Development, and Land Management.

With the growing staff, the office looked for a better system to manage its workforce post-pandemic. For example, even though they used face recognition biometrics as an attendance tool, their device is not equipped with a body temperature sensor to trace feverish employees. Therefore, the management deems that it is time to change to a safer system to curb the spread of the virus right at the entry points. In addition, the office is also looking for a system to trace their mobile employees who work on-site or attend outside assignments. The fixed biometrics system cannot provide them with the attendance data of those who work outside of the office, and therefore, the attendance data is not complete with a chunk of their employees missing. Another new feature sought-after in the new system is integrating attendance data with the payroll software for a more systematic payroll preparation every month. Plus, the current overtime application is not systematic, resulting in hiccups in operation.

To ensure that all employees' body temperatures are scanned before accessing the office, the Tampin District and Land Office install the latest Face ID 5 TD.  Now, the employees only have to verify their faces at the machine, and the temperature data be available in the software in real-time. Additionally, employees who work outside the office or from home have to use TimeTec TA App on their smartphones to clock attendance, either using the GPS feature on the App or beacon, and the system will centralize all the attendance data for easy viewing.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based attendance system that records and processes data in real-time for easy monitoring and processing. All admin officers can access the software via any browser to check on any information. In addition, with TimeTec TA, staff can apply for overtime through their smartphones, and the supervisor can approve through the same channel. TimeTec TA also fulfils the requirement to integrate the attendance data with payroll software seamlessly.

The practicality of TimeTec TA has helped the Tampin District and Land Office to manage its workforce effectively. No more scattered data and lack of tools for workforce management with TimeTec TA.

Have you taken care of your office's attendance well post-pandemic?
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TimeTec Attendance: Summary of New Features (2021)

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Covid-19 has produced new norms, and it has evolved time attendance like never before and accelerated the trend of attendance clocking towards cloud and App-based systems. Hence, we must stay ahead with our updates on TimeTec Attendance to keep up with this rising trend. With the year 2021 coming to an end, here is the summary of past updates that TimeTec Attendance has implemented.

New features are essential for this dynamic environment; TimeTec has introduced numerous features like Working Location, an option to create Working Locations (e.g. HQ, On-Site, Work from Home, etc.) to pair with clocking methods/ devices. This feature enables accurate data flow for reports. However, it does not stop there; TimeTec adds further enhancements and pairs it with a map and pointers marking all users’ actual clocking locations.
Work Location Map View
With everyone slowly adjusting to the new norm, we foresee outstation travel to revert as usual. Hence, TimeTec introduces this new feature, Outstation Travel Request Approval. This approval request aims to track and store staff travel records for administrative, health or safety purposes. In addition, enhancement was added where the admin could click on the suitcase icon to view the outstation travel details under roster, showing a list of employees in this category. 

Outstation Travel Request Approval

Data is a crucial asset for a company; hence, we strive to improve our data flow and completeness. Various reports are added and optimized; there are Labour Forecast Report, User Approval Method Report, Work Location Report, Weekly Staff Duty Roster Repor, Monthly Staff Duty Roster Report and many more. If we were to scope it down, TimeTec has brought down the processing time of 100,000 Month By Month Report from 8.68 minutes to 2.21 minutes. Minor adjustments are also worth mentioning, as these would contribute to the ultimate goal of data completeness. It ranges from user count on Work Location Report, updated work rate calculation formula on Day by Day Analysis Report, the list goes on.

Convenience is the building block of TimeTec Attendance. Several updates directly address this manner. The menu in TimeTec TA Web has been relocated to help admins navigate the system better. NFC clocking has been made available for iOS users, presenting more clocking options for iOS users. In addition, the home admin dashboard has been updated, splitting the ‘No Clocking’ into two new segments, ‘Shift Hasn't Started’ and ‘Absent’.
Split ‘No Clocking’ category into ‘Absent’ & ‘Shift Hasn't Started’

Ultimately, TimeTec has constructed TimeTec Office, where human resource management systems are merged into one Super App to support a greater ecosystem. The Super App includes Time Attendance, Leave, Claim and Access. TimeTec has always focused on elevating user experiences to put us on the right track to achieve ‘TimeTec One’, ‘Where all TimeTec System Combined’.

This content only summarises new features in 2021; for a complete list of new features, please visit TimeTec TA Features. TimeTec will continue to serve our users better and uplift our service to the next level for the years to come. Like always, TimeTec pledges to deliver solutions that fulfil the demands of tomorrow.


TimeTec Leave: Summary of New Features (2021)

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Leave Type Restriction
Digitizing your company’s leave management is a necessary process to transform the HR department into an efficient team, migrating from administrative to managing employees, the actual intended role for HR. Several features are introduced to aid this transformation; we have compulsory cc email and batch updates that allow admins to set specific recipients as the default compulsory cc recipients for every leave application. On top of that, TimeTec has enhanced the leave restriction by adding a new setting, Leave Type Restriction. This setting will restrict employees from applying for a particular leave type before fully utilizing another leave type along with minor features like the added Lunar, Hijri, and Persian calendar options, enhancement on the display of the company logo on all the system reports and many more. 

Leave Reminder Email

A reminder is a critical feature that has been constantly improved over the year. Each reminder serves a different purpose. This feature creates well-rounded notifications that keep the admins, the employees and the approvers updated on the whereabouts of everyone. There is a new option for users to receive reminder notifications on the App for the upcoming leave and holiday. Right now, users can send reminders via email and Mobile App notifications, where previously, only email was available. Moreover, some reminders cater to specific user roles like Import Holiday Reminder for admins, a reminder to input holiday dates for the upcoming year in advance. Approvers have also got a new reminder on the Pending Leave Application.
Start From Notice Date

Prorated leave and balance have also received significant improvements. For prorated leave calculator, ‘Estimated Last Working Day’ can now cater for partial days, providing greater precision down to the exact hours and minutes. Notice period has never been precise; it can now be defined in a day rather than just a week or a month. Option for “Start from Notice Date” is also available, making the notice date more flexible and accurate. Prorated balance has also been separated from leave balance under User Leave Settings, Leave Application and report.

Meanwhile, the carry-over balance within User Leave Settings and Leave Policy has added the ‘Apply And Use Leave Before’ option. When the system enables it, users must apply for leave and use the leave before the expiry date. Furthermore, since ‘Carry Over Balance’ can have additional restrictions, TimeTec has also enhanced the edit function for leave balances by separating balance and carry over balance. That way, it will be more precise when admins have to change the leave balances.

This content only summarises new features in 2021; for a complete list of new features, please visit TimeTec Leave Features. TimeTec will continue to serve our users better and uplift our service to the next level for the years to come. Like always, TimeTec pledges to deliver solutions that fulfil the demands of tomorrow.


iNeighbour: Summary of New Features (2021)

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Your Lifestyle, Powered By Our Life's Work. iNeighbour has always been upholding this tagline; we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Over the past few years, iNeighbour has grown tremendously, from a simple App into a fully integrated smart community ecosystem. Up to now, numerous enhancements and improvements have been added to ensure the best user experience possible.

Here are some notable features that have been implemented in 2021

Multiple Visitors Invitation 
Visitor Management System has always been one of the core, no surprise that it has been receiving constant care, as this assures that our system stays robust. Upgrades include new features like visitor passes, visitor activities, multiple invitations, multiple in-out invitations and more. At first glance, all these upgrades may seem independent, but these are part and parcel in constructing a smooth people flow.

Invoices for ‘Add Attachment’
iNeighbour holistically caters for property management. That being said, the property accounting system is compulsory. E-billing has gone through numerous add-ons extending from invoice paid amount added to adding attachment as supporting documents. All these are aimed at providing a comprehensive property accounting system. 

Admins can select which units to send the announcements
Moreover, features like Notifications have undergone a necessary overhaul, including the search function, toggle for the email update, announcement blasting to selected units and many more. As for Feedback/Inquiry, there are notable upgrades like the option to reopen a case and notifications that prompt users whenever there is progression. 


 Facility Booking (Booking in Pax)
Facility Booking has never been easier, and now admins are given access to cancel bookings, especially during unforeseen maintenance. On top of that, users can book the number of people (pax) in facility booking without repeating the booking. Meanwhile, E-Forms got a different twist; instead of catering to residents only, now E-Forms has the option to create digital forms for management admin and committee members.

New Splash Screen
To bring users a whole new experience, iNeighbour has added two new modules and a new look. Airbnb Module will be directly serving units that are under the service of Airbnb, and admins can customize settings such as the limited number of QR codes per unit and the availability of the type of QR codes. In the meantime, the Contractor Module focuses on drafting a detailed contractor registration, adding a twist of smoother transition compared to only using Invite Visitors; the current flow will be more proper by involving admins in the process. If you have not noticed yet, iNeighbour has a new look for our splash screen, admin home page, and settings. We are presenting a fresh look for easier navigation and greater user-friendliness.
This content only acts as a summary for new features in 2021; for a complete list of new features, please visit iNeighbour Features. For the years to come, iNeighbour will continue to serve our community better and uplift our service to the next level. Like always, we aim to transform you into 'A Better Community'.


TimeTec Featured at the 2021 International Property Management & Procurement Expo in Hong Kong

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From 4th to 6th November 2021, FingerTec's partner in Hong Kong, Founder Global Tech, took part in the 2021 International Property Management & Procurement Expo, held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The International Property Management & Procurement Expo has long served as a platform to feature the latest services and products offerings from property management industry players in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Asia. It has also become an important event for the players to foster business relationships over the years. This year, the expo featured new and innovative technologies that include the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to address the demand for enhanced service quality and experience, the rapid development of the economy, and the real estate market that demands a better living and working environment.


The expo received a great response despite the Covid-19 situation, and it gathered diverse international companies and suppliers of property management.

Highlighting biometrics technology with cloud solutions, Founder Global Tech showcased the latest FingerTec devices, Face ID 5 series, which offers multiple biometric verification methods; and how it links seamlessly to TimeTec TA, the cloud-time and attendance; providing buyers with the latest contactless technologies, sought-after during this Covid episode and beyond. In addition, Founder Global Tech also focused on TimeTec Patrol, the cloud system for guard patrol that records details of guard movements during patrol rounds and is an excellent tool for guards to communicate with the supervisor in case of emergency or reporting of incidents. Having real-time occurrences recorded is a plus point for TimeTec Patrol, mainly when serving property management.

Founder Global Tech, an associated company of the reputed Founder Group in China, was established in Hong Kong in 2004. Supported by its core technology, Founder Global Tech has developed a comprehensive range of information technology products and services: professional publishing, digital rights management, digital scanning, electronic library, biometric products, catering to customers' needs in the Asia-Pacific region.
If you are interested in FingerTec devices or TimeTec solution, contact our partner, Founder Global Tech, at (852) 3188 2421 or contact Mr. Dave Cheng at dave.cheng@foundergt.com.hk.