TimeTec's 2023 Year in Review Town Hall & Sports Day

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As we kick start 2024, TimeTec has again held its annual year-end town hall meeting at WORQ Subang on January 12th 2023.

This year’s town hall meeting is yet again kickstarted with a speech by Mr. Teh Hon Seng, the Group CEO of TimeTec. In his words, he praised the company's remarkable achievements and announced the goals for the following year. He ended his speech by mentioning that 2024 will still be a ‘Year of Growth’ for TimeTec. With TimeTec growing at a steady pace in 2023, he believes that we can harness this momentum and strive for even further growth in the new year ahead.

During the town hall meeting, all department heads had a session to present their performance review for the year. During the session, each department shared their efforts and fruition throughout the year and also their future vision and expectations for the new year. With further understanding and collaborative efforts from each department, it is without a doubt that 2024 will be a bright one.

Before wrapping up the town hall meeting, TimeTec seized the opportunity to recognize and reward its employees as they play a vital role in the organization. Aside from announcing promoted employees of the year, TimeTec did not forget to proudly announce the title of ‘Employee of the Year’ to its golden employee. Safe to say that this special employee was rewarded handsomely with a free next-gen, state-of-the-art smartphone and a personal laptop for her efforts and work at TimeTec.

TimeTec Sports Day: Bowling Championship

Other than the annual town hall meeting, TimeTec has also organized a sports day event to celebrate the start of the new year with a bang. As you may have guessed, TimeTec has chosen bowling for the Sports Day event this year.

Safe to say that this event was full of strikes, spares, gutters and mostly laughter as TimeTec employees fought strongly for the title of Bowling King or Queen. After an intense battle royale, here are our winners for the Sports Day: Bowling Championship.

Through this event, we have again been reminded of the importance of teamwork and covering for each other.

As these two engaging and meaningful events conclude, it also implies the start of a brand new year ahead. We are confident that 2024 will be a prosperous year and the possibilities are limitless if we work together and move forward as one.

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