TimeTec x Biztrak, an All-in-One Cloud-based HR and Payroll System for Powerful Efficiency

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On March 22, 2022, TimeTec collaborated with Biztrak for a Webinar session to introduce their new joint partnership to the public, the TimeTec HR Management System combined with Biztrak Accounting Solutions.

Biztrak, as a company, has been a user of TimeTec solutions for some years and is pleased with the way the system manages its workforce. Finding great value in the TimeTec solutions, Biztrak wants to expand its offerings as the All-in-One HR & Payroll System for SMEs that combine the two brands.

The 2-hour Webinar session, led by Mr Leo Teh as the main speaker, briefed the audience about TimeTec HR solutions consisting of TimeTec Attendance, TimeTec Leave, TimeTec Hire, TimeTec Claim & TimeTec Payroll, and how these solutions are interrelated and can improve the overall management system in one go. The cloud-based technology streamlines data and makes it centre stage in business, providing valuable insights into an operation to the benefit of the management. With TimeTec, data are centralized, available in real-time and accessible, prompting businesses to look at its operation from a better viewpoint than before.
Ms Jessica See, the CEO of Biztrak, is confident that this collaboration will bring more value to their existing customers, especially towards actual HR digitalization implementation. Biztrak is looking forward to bringing a new experience to the customers so they can embrace the benefits of cloud solutions in totality.

"In today's world, time attendance, leave application, staff tracking, and payroll systems are more than technology additions. It impacts the spine of any business. These solutions can truly help manage your resources globally and in real-time for powerful upgraded efficiency."

Biztrak is one of the leading software development companies in Malaysia, specializing in Accounting and Business Intelligence solutions and Warehouse Management System.

If you are interested in digitizing your HR & Payroll system or looking for any collaboration opportunity, reach us at info@timeteccloud.com.


Swiss-Garden Residence KL Amp Up Property Rental with iNeighbour’s Short Stay Module & TimeTec Parking System

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The Swiss-Garden Residence Kuala Lumpur is a property strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur between the entertainment hubs of Bukit Bintang and Chinatown. The residence offers business and leisure travellers a refined experience with cozy rooms equipped with modern amenities for the ultimate convenience.

In offering a seamless experience to its short stay or Airbnb visitors, Swiss-Garden Residence subscribes to the cloud-based Property Management System, iNeighbour, especially the short stay module to manage various aspects of the operation. As a result, the visitors can now use iVizit complete with a printer to complete the registration and print the QR code for easy access around the residence, including the parking barriers, turnstiles, and elevators. And, with TimeTec cloud Parking Management System and TimeTec TPK unattended parking kiosks installed at the entry and exit lanes, it supports Touch n’ Go card and credit card/debit card, achieving cashless casual parking for visitors.
TimeTec Smart Parking System
iNeighbour embraces the latest technology in property handling, thus, making it easier for the owner of units and agents to invite visitors via invitation links. Post-stay, iNeighbour also offers feedback inquiries for the Swiss-Garden Residence to obtain feedback from the owners, e-forms to manage all applications sent to the owners and announcements to manage important notices for the owners.

Apart from the visitor management module, Swiss-Garden Residence KL also subscribes to i-Account of iNeighbour to manage invoices and payments involving owners and tenants, where iPay88, the online payment gateway, is made available for a smoother process. For access, the residence agrees to install ZKbiosecurity that has been integrated into iNeighbour to manage access levels for all owners and visitors.
iNeighbour Property Management System offers a total convenience to Swiss-Garden Residence KL in managing their rental units. It provides a holistic solution from registration of visitors to access management and seamless communications between the management, unit owners, and visitors—iNeighbour, a solution that solves it all.

If you are looking for a similar solution to manage your property, why not consider us?
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YADIM's Daies Management Goes Digital with TimeTec

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Daie YADIM is a section in YADIM, the acronym for Islamic Da'wah Foundation, that manages all daies all over Malaysia. Daie or Da'i is generally someone who engages in da'wah, the act of inviting people to Islam. Daie YADIM is divided into a few divisions: Daie Komuniti, Daie Orang Asli, Daie Sabah, and Daie Sarawak. Each division provides relevant classes under their appointed areas, and therefore, all appointed daies will have to report their attendance and activities to their supervisor every day.

Without any system for the daies to report to work, YADIM's management was left with no information on all the daies' activities, let alone knowing what happens on-site when daies are assigned. On top, the leave system was also absent, and all daies needed to fill up the leave form and get an actual signature from the management to approve their leaves. Having the manual system for attendance and leave made daies management all over the place and ineffective, much to the dismay of the management.
Daie YADIM turned to TimeTec for the solutions.

TimeTec TA puts Daies in charge of their attendance!
All daies must use the TimeTec TA app on their smartphone, equipped with a GPS clocking function to report attendance and activities to the main office. All daies need to do is tap on the phone to record attendance, and the main office can access the data right away in real-time.  

Now, the management can monitor all the attendance records and daies specific locations through the data received from GPS clocking, as TimeTec TA immediately uploads all data to the server.
Daies can also snap photos of the activities and attach them with the attendance data for more details for the head office. 

TimeTec TA App also details the attendance overview of each daie for their viewing and self-assessment.

The main office can get all the attendance records from their staff properly through Electronic Time Card report, and they will have all the accurate attendance data ready for processing at the end of the month.

TimeTec Leave makes leave management handy!

Using TimeTec Leave, Daie YADIM can preset all leave data, applications and approvals to match the organization's leave policy, and the admin can access the settings for any modifications if required.
Once the settings are done, all daies can apply their leaves and get approvals from their superiors directly using TimeTec Leave app on the smartphone. 

There will be no errors in leave entitlement, balance or accruals for each staff because everything will follow the settings done by the admin. 

With any approvals given, the system will balance the leave automatically for both employees and employers to see.

Some simple changes in operation make a big difference in Daie YADIM's workforce management.

With the TimeTec system, staff data is made available to the head office every day and management is always informed about the workforce. And the seamless leave management system makes both parties pleased with the honesty and transparency.

If your organization is still not equipped with practical attendance or leave systems, TimeTec might have the solution for you. Connect with Mr. Tengku Sulaiman at sulaiman@timeteccloud.com to know more about how we could assist.
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Sage Promaster Improves Workforce Management with TimeTec Cloud Attendance and Cloud Payroll

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Sage Promaster Sdn Bhd was established in 2011 by a team of engineers and scientists who aspired to change Malaysia's unsustainable scheduled waste management practices and landscape. In this pursuit, the company's founders had engaged the School of Chemical Engineering, the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, to undertake a Research & Development program jointly. The R&D was to characterize and validate the potentials of many types of scheduled waste generated in Malaysia that could recover its latent energy by manufacturing an alternate (green) fuel to replace COAL – a greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuel.
Sage Promaster strives to meet the Environmental, Sustainable and Governance (ESG) criteria as an ongoing business entity, and it too is a pioneering Social Enterprise in Malaysia. A Social Enterprise is "A business entity that is registered under any written law in Malaysia that proactively creates positive social or environmental impact in a way that is financially sustainable." Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre.
Sage Promaster continues to research and innovate its technologies, processes, and end product attributes for economic, social, and environmental benefits, industrial relevance, business continuity and support Malaysia's carbon-neutral goals. They currently have two branches, including a factory in Malacca and a Headquarters in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
Previously, Sage Promaster had a problem monitoring production workers in Malacca, and the attendance data wasn't syncing well with their current payroll. So they need a quick solution yet sustainable to fix their teething problems in workforce management.

Therefore, Sage Promaster selected TimeTec TA and TimeTec Payroll to solve the problems and give them more investment value. 

Three significant areas that TimeTec TA solve:

HR/managers can now track staff attendance easily through the mobile app and calculate the staff OT and tardiness from the system right away, regardless of the work locations. 


HR/managers can access the analysis of attendance data for greater insight into their workforce anytime, from anywhere.


 TimeTec TA provides real-time and centralized attendance data for seamless payroll preparation.

Three significant areas that TimeTec Payroll solve

TimeTec Payroll provides direct integration and automation, providing convenience beyond expectation.


TimeTec TA pushes the attendance data to the TimeTec Payroll every month, complete with automatic calculation.


TimeTec Payroll sends payslips by email to all employees, to the delight of the HR department.

There are immense benefits and advantages that the TimeTec system provides to Sage Promaster for them to manage their workforce efficiently.

If you have similar problems that need fixing, our team is ever ready to serve you. Contact Mr. Jia Jun at jiajun@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo session about TimeTec solutions. 

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Mediscreen Aims for Better Workforce Efficiency With TimeTec Attendance System

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MediScreen Sdn Bhd is a company that manages the MAKSAK Medic Care Scheme in collaboration with MAKSAK (Malaysian Government Welfare and Sports Council). It has been in this field for over 28 years; MediScreen has become the first company to operate such a medical scheme for government servants. The MAKSAK Medic Care Scheme was officially launched on 30 October 2004 to provide 24-hour and comprehensive coverage, including hospital, medical and surgical facilities for the civil servants. With this cooperation, the MAKSAK Medic Care Scheme has expanded nationwide, receiving encouraging responses from government employees around the country.

For MediScreen to ensure quality services for all its members, they need to improve the standard of the workforce. They are still struggling with patchy attendance data, as they still practice manual recording of the attendance data. With the Covid-19 situation hitting the shores, the company now has to manage four working situations: in the office, out of the office, on-site, and work from home. Besides, the company hasn't invested in employee profiling, and all the information is still in hardcopy, making it hard for HR to manage the workforce properly. Thus, having no sound system to managing a growing workforce is no longer an option for MediScreen.

Mediscreen chooses TimeTec TA as a cloud-based system for their workforce.

How TimeTec TA resolves the issues:

MediScreen can still integrate their current FingerTec devices at their premises with the TimeTec TA to collect the attendance data for those who work from the office in real-time, a tremendous cost-saving measure made by the management.


The GPS clocking feature available on the TimeTec TA App makes it easy for the users who work out of the office to record their attendance data. The data pushed to the office is loaded with GPS data and recording time in real-time. 


Attendance data from TimeTec TA is always available in real-time. Such convenient for the supervisor or the management to take a closer look at employees' office hours activities without any intrusion.


The HR can store all staff information in TimeTec Profile, easily accessible, powerfully connected and definitely paperless.

In short, the shift to TimeTec TA has provided MediScreen with practical methods to handle the ongoing matters and more. So not only that the management is happy with the results, the employees are also pleased with the convenience that comes along.

TimeTec TA has made it easy and seamless for MediScreen, and it might do the same for your company. If you have similar requirements that require a closer look at TimeTec TA, contact Mr. Wan Amirul Muim at wanamirul@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo session. 

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Manage Employee Leave and Claim Easily with TimeTec Office App

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That’s right! TimeTec Office app is now integrated with TimeTec Leave, so the next time you open TimeTec Office, you might see your leave information available in the app.

TimeTec Office is an app that combines TimeTec Human Resource Management  System; TimeTec Claim, TimeTec Leave, TimeTec TA (coming soon), and TimeTec Access (coming soon) - all in One Super App!

The TimeTec Office app is designed to make it easy for users to switch seamlessly between the apps for a better user experience. With this comprehensive new app, users can submit claims, check for leave balance, apply leave, view reports and more, all from the same app.

Download the TimeTec Office app at:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timetec.office&hl=en&gl=US
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/mn/app/timetec-office/id1579414220
Huawei Gallery: https://appgallery.huawei.com/app/C104179901

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