Dominion Technology Sdn Bhd (DTSB) Embraces HR Automation With TimeTec Systems

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Dominion Technology Sdn Bhd (DTSB) has been in the Car Park Access & Revenue Control Equipment sales and service industry for the past ten years. Presently, DTSB serves more than 85 customers in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak, with customers ranging from office buildings to trade centres, tourism centres, shopping complexes, hotels, hospitals, condominiums and open-air car parks.

Previously, DTSB used manual punch card devices to record the attendance of their employees, as it was simple and low cost. However, as the company grows, HR found it tedious to manually track the attendance of staff who work at sites, and it further complicates the calculation of staff mileage claims.

Covid-19 poses another challenge for the company's HR because the lockdown requires most employees to work from home, making the manual time attendance device obsolete. As a temporary solution, the company resorts to Google Form for those who work on-site, but it has been proven ineffective for managers to monitor. 

Therefore, DTSB turns to TimeTec TA

With TimeTec TA, HR/managers can easily track their staff attendance through the mobile App and calculate the staff mileage claims accurately based on the distance calculator feature embedded on the App. Now, staff who work from home can report duty through TimeTec TA App, and staff who are at the site can report duty effectively from each location in the same way.

At the same time, DTSB was also having an issue with leave management, as everything uses a manual physical form. 

Along with the subscription of TimeTec TA, DTSB subscribes to TimeTec Leave and provides a tool for employees to apply for leave via the mobile App. It eliminates paper forms that need to be keyed into the payroll system manually. It also automates company leave policies such as service accruals, prorated leave and other rules. Each leave application detail was recorded and easily retrieved in TimeTec Leave for better human resource management.

Dominion Technology Sdn Bhd (DTSB) has made the changes necessary to embrace automation and IR4.0 to better the company's operation; how about you? Contact us at to discuss how the TimeTec system can help improve yours. 

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