Jelutong Heights Switches to Cloud Accounting for Smart Property Management System

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Jelutong Heights is an upscale housing development built within a garden-themed community in the hills of Bukit Jelutong. It is located just next to the Bukit Cahaya Forest Reserve, giving the residents views of rolling hills and lush greeneries, a sought-after view by most city dwellers. This development has numerous facilities and amenities, including a commercial centre, academic institution, and golf club with various facilities. Its clubhouse is specially designed for the residents, equipped with multipurpose courts, barbeque facilities, and a jogging or walking path. In addition, the residents of Jelutong Heights can also access a few golf courses in the vicinity, such as those in Subang Jaya, Saujana, Glenmarie, and Monterez, and its strategic location provides convenient access to any country point.

At the beginning of 2022, the management of Jelutong Heights subscribes to iNeighbour iAccount to bring the property account management to another level of efficiency. iAccount is the cloud-based property accounting system that centralizes all invoices and payments of the community in one server. With iAccount, tenants can make all payments online through iPay88, the online payment gateway, and each tenant can view their payment transactions for transparency.

Features offered in iAccount include general ledger, fixed asset, cash and bank, account receivable and payable, e-invoicing, statement of accounts and financial statement, a comprehensive accounting system complete with all the features they need. In addition, iAccount also makes it easier for the management to distribute all the invoices to the tenants using the schedule recurring invoice feature. Once the feature has been set up, the tenants will receive the invoices on time to expedite collection. The community has warmly welcomed the introduction of iAccount as it eases the payment process through the online payment gateway, and they get the payment updates in the system for easy reference.


In addition to iAccount, Jelutong Heights also utilizes iVizit, iNeighbour's visitor management, to supervise visitor influx into the residential. iVizit offers tenants and visitors an App for faster registration. The tenants can preregister visitors, where visitors will be given a QR code for faster access. Furthermore, with iVizit, all visits are recorded in the system for security and audit purposes.

On top of that, the management finds iNeighbour's eform as a practical solution, and now all tenants can download the forms they need as and when they need them without having to drop by the management office.

The modern property is not limited to the structure and the decor. Jelutong Heights understand the need to elevate the management of the resident to smart property management with iNeighbour.

If your property needs an upgrade in the accounting system, try iAccount. It's connected, easy to navigate, and definitely efficient. Connect to Mr. Mo Shuan Jin for more information.
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