Wira Heights Turns to iNeighbour for Efficient Visitor Management

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Wira Heights is a landed property development located in Bandar Sungai Long. The neighbourhood has approximately 217 units and is accessible via a few major highways. Wira Heights receives numerous visitors daily, hence they require a good visitor management system.

This is where iNeighbour steps in. With the iNeighbour visitor management system, the visitor check-in and out process has become smoother. Visitors can utilise the pre-registration QR code to register their check-in. Through this process, the visitation data can be better managed and accurate for analysis.

Not only that, but Wira Heights also chose to use i-Account, an accounting system for the property that is integrable with iNeighbour. Invoices and receipts for residences are viewable for the residence in the iNeighbour app. The system is also integrated with IPay88 for online payment options.

iNeighbour also offers various other features, like the Announcement module where the management can send important announcements to the residence, E-Contact, a section which provides important contact numbers for all residents, and many more.

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