Rolid Setia Aided by TimeTec

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ROLID SETIA SDN BHD is a wholly owned Bumiputera Construction company specialising in road and highway rehabilitation and maintenance. The company's core business is in pavement construction and maintenance projects, with management expertise in the field of pavement technology, especially in road recycling technology.

The Rolid Setia company features an existing R3 device but only at their headquarters, meaning management is unable to track or collect staff time attendance data whenever they work on-site or from home. Attendance data is not integrated with payroll software and needs to be keyed in manually creating unnecessary work. Another issue faced by the company is the need for manual calculations for work hours and overtime as well as OT applications and their tedious process of approval.

Thanks to TimTec TA these issues are no longer a problem. GPS clocking eases attendance data capturing for staff who work out of the office and from home. Attendance data is available in real-time so that supervisors or management can easily monitor staff and motivate them to be punctual on-site, reducing tardiness cases by site workers. Data from TimeTec TA can be integrated into third-party payroll software easily reducing financial workload. It’s also capable of producing advanced reports to HR to tabulate attendance for further analysis.

TimeTec specialises in creating solutions for a company's time management and attendance. Providing worthwhile results is what we’re best at. C
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