Seri Puteri Hills Condominium and Its Community Management System

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Seri Puteri Hills Condominium is a freehold mixed-type development project that is located in the area of Bandar Puteri Puchong in Puchong, Selangor. This condominium consists of a total of 240 units, 120 units of condominiums and 120 units of town villas, spreading across a 15-storey condominium block and 6 blocks of 5-storey town villas respectively. The Seri Puteri Hills Condominium development project is one of IOIPG’s flagship development, aimed to deliver premium and luxurious living to its residents. Premium facilities and high accessibility are the 2 strongest selling points of Seri Puteri Hills Condominium.
Their previous way of collecting data was through manual log books which is extremely inefficient. On top of being arduous, it leaves a lot of room for human error. Thankfully iNeighbour can provide solutions for situations like these. Catering to 240 units can be a hard task especially when it’s done manually but with the systems provided by iNeighbour, it becomes much easier.

Using the app, residents have been able to use various functions to make things more convenient. Visitor management is one of these options which allows for a more comfortable flow of visitors ensuring safety and order. Feedback is very important and with the feedback inquiry option, residents can speak their minds about potential future changes. Keeping up with the day-by-day of a community can make living in it a more pleasant experience which is why announcements are important. Informing residents of important information by management keeps the flow of communication open and transparent. Lastly, Seri Puteri Hills Condominium has a great many facilities available and while they are open to all, facility booking is available if residents wish to reserve them for a gathering or celebration.
All these solutions go a long way in making residents' lives easier and it’s all possible thanks to iNeighbour. Contact Mr. Yusri at for a FREE demo session.
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