Get Your Outstation Approval Instantly through TimeTec TA

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Great news to TimeTec TA subscribers!
Now, TimeTec TA offers a feature for employees to apply for outstation assignment through the web and the App and get instant approval from superior from anywhere at any time. 

TimeTec TA can cater to all locations in Malaysia and abroad, as the application is embedded with Google Map, which provides GPS coordinates for accurate location data. Companies can determine the set rules for this feature to match the organization's requirements. Refer to this tip on how to set this feature right. 

This feature provides convenience to all parties, especially during the pandemic when contactless and reduced movement is expected. In addition, staff can attain the approval straight from the App, and the managers only need to tap on one button on the App to approve the travel. All the approved outstation requests will be displayed in the Calendar module.

TimeTec constantly offers process improvement to all its subscribers, adding more values as the business progresses.

If your company hasn't subscribed to TimeTec TA just yet, it is timely to explore. Contact us at for more information. 

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