Diyou Fibre Patrols Buildings Using TimeTec Patrol

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More than twenty years ago, Diyou Fibre started producing recycled materials from post-consumer plastics. They have changed and grown over the years, and so has plastics. 

Their principal activities are recycling different post-consumer plastics, including PET bottles, HDPE bottles, LDPE films, PP products, and others, into sustainable materials for recycled polyester, construction materials, automotive materials, and other industries.

Diyou Fibre has three main buildings, and all the guards are patrolling using the old system. There is no real-time data with the conventional system, and they can only collect the data at the site when the guards return to base. With the system's loopholes, the guards can manipulate the data because the management doesn't have a way to find it out, and it is hard to keep track of the previous data and reports. The conventional system also poses a problem to the guards where they cannot report all the incidents directly to the supervisor. Instead, they need to contact the supervisor and update all the details manually.

With so many problems and inefficiency of the old system, Diyou Fibre subscribes to TimeTec Patrol to experience the competence of cloud patrol solutions first-hand. 

TimeTec Patrol provides a user-friendly system that is accessible anytime from any web browser at

TimeTec Patrol data is real-time. All the latest transactions will be pushed to the cloud/server directly for fast reporting and action. 

Guards can report all incidents via the App, and all the reports are stored securely, accessible by the management anytime.

All audit trails are available online, making this system transparent, a win-win system for the guards and the company. 

Diyou Fibre knows what it takes to produce efficiency, and they choose TimeTec Patrol for the patrolling system. Where time is an essence, and real-time reporting is gold, Diyou Fibre has taken a step forward with the TimeTec Patrol system. 

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