iNeighbour: Summary of New Features (2021)

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Your Lifestyle, Powered By Our Life's Work. iNeighbour has always been upholding this tagline; we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Over the past few years, iNeighbour has grown tremendously, from a simple App into a fully integrated smart community ecosystem. Up to now, numerous enhancements and improvements have been added to ensure the best user experience possible.

Here are some notable features that have been implemented in 2021

Multiple Visitors Invitation 
Visitor Management System has always been one of the core, no surprise that it has been receiving constant care, as this assures that our system stays robust. Upgrades include new features like visitor passes, visitor activities, multiple invitations, multiple in-out invitations and more. At first glance, all these upgrades may seem independent, but these are part and parcel in constructing a smooth people flow.

Invoices for ‘Add Attachment’
iNeighbour holistically caters for property management. That being said, the property accounting system is compulsory. E-billing has gone through numerous add-ons extending from invoice paid amount added to adding attachment as supporting documents. All these are aimed at providing a comprehensive property accounting system. 

Admins can select which units to send the announcements
Moreover, features like Notifications have undergone a necessary overhaul, including the search function, toggle for the email update, announcement blasting to selected units and many more. As for Feedback/Inquiry, there are notable upgrades like the option to reopen a case and notifications that prompt users whenever there is progression. 


 Facility Booking (Booking in Pax)
Facility Booking has never been easier, and now admins are given access to cancel bookings, especially during unforeseen maintenance. On top of that, users can book the number of people (pax) in facility booking without repeating the booking. Meanwhile, E-Forms got a different twist; instead of catering to residents only, now E-Forms has the option to create digital forms for management admin and committee members.

New Splash Screen
To bring users a whole new experience, iNeighbour has added two new modules and a new look. Airbnb Module will be directly serving units that are under the service of Airbnb, and admins can customize settings such as the limited number of QR codes per unit and the availability of the type of QR codes. In the meantime, the Contractor Module focuses on drafting a detailed contractor registration, adding a twist of smoother transition compared to only using Invite Visitors; the current flow will be more proper by involving admins in the process. If you have not noticed yet, iNeighbour has a new look for our splash screen, admin home page, and settings. We are presenting a fresh look for easier navigation and greater user-friendliness.
This content only acts as a summary for new features in 2021; for a complete list of new features, please visit iNeighbour Features. For the years to come, iNeighbour will continue to serve our community better and uplift our service to the next level. Like always, we aim to transform you into 'A Better Community'.