TimeTec Leave: Summary of New Features (2021)

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Leave Type Restriction
Digitizing your company’s leave management is a necessary process to transform the HR department into an efficient team, migrating from administrative to managing employees, the actual intended role for HR. Several features are introduced to aid this transformation; we have compulsory cc email and batch updates that allow admins to set specific recipients as the default compulsory cc recipients for every leave application. On top of that, TimeTec has enhanced the leave restriction by adding a new setting, Leave Type Restriction. This setting will restrict employees from applying for a particular leave type before fully utilizing another leave type along with minor features like the added Lunar, Hijri, and Persian calendar options, enhancement on the display of the company logo on all the system reports and many more. 

Leave Reminder Email

A reminder is a critical feature that has been constantly improved over the year. Each reminder serves a different purpose. This feature creates well-rounded notifications that keep the admins, the employees and the approvers updated on the whereabouts of everyone. There is a new option for users to receive reminder notifications on the App for the upcoming leave and holiday. Right now, users can send reminders via email and Mobile App notifications, where previously, only email was available. Moreover, some reminders cater to specific user roles like Import Holiday Reminder for admins, a reminder to input holiday dates for the upcoming year in advance. Approvers have also got a new reminder on the Pending Leave Application.
Start From Notice Date

Prorated leave and balance have also received significant improvements. For prorated leave calculator, ‘Estimated Last Working Day’ can now cater for partial days, providing greater precision down to the exact hours and minutes. Notice period has never been precise; it can now be defined in a day rather than just a week or a month. Option for “Start from Notice Date” is also available, making the notice date more flexible and accurate. Prorated balance has also been separated from leave balance under User Leave Settings, Leave Application and report.

Meanwhile, the carry-over balance within User Leave Settings and Leave Policy has added the ‘Apply And Use Leave Before’ option. When the system enables it, users must apply for leave and use the leave before the expiry date. Furthermore, since ‘Carry Over Balance’ can have additional restrictions, TimeTec has also enhanced the edit function for leave balances by separating balance and carry over balance. That way, it will be more precise when admins have to change the leave balances.

This content only summarises new features in 2021; for a complete list of new features, please visit TimeTec Leave Features. TimeTec will continue to serve our users better and uplift our service to the next level for the years to come. Like always, TimeTec pledges to deliver solutions that fulfil the demands of tomorrow.