Tripfez Travel Optimises Data Management with TimeTec Attendance

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Tripfez Travel is a muslim travel agency that provide various packages the user can choose from. One can choose from existing packages or customise the trip based on their preferences. They have local packages, overseas and even Umrah based packages. The user can view all the packages on their website. They currently provide a great service and function with a modest operation consisting of their headquarters and two branches.

With two branches and their headquarters Tripfez Travel has faced various data management issues as data from the different locations isn’t centralised, using separate systems making it hard for them to collect and process data for payrolls. They use a kakitangan payroll, meaning all their data is manually updated into the system, costing time and effort. Tripfez Travel’s issues don’t just stem from payroll data management but also from employee attendance data. While their headquarters already use FingerTec devices, it's PC based. Their branches lacked a proper automated clocking method and all data needed to be collected manually and unlike their headquarters, the branches weren’t using FingerTec devices. All these shortcomings could cause miscommunication between locations and a disorganised record of employee attendance.

TimeTec has provided Tripfez Travel with the proper means to track and document employee data. Staff at the branches can use GPS or web clocking to capture all attendance information. They can now monitor and receive all data from HQ and other branches using a singular cohesive system centralised using TimeTec. They can enjoy direct integration between TimeTec and kakitangan payroll. We provide the API to kakitangan and they can directly obtain all data from TimeTec with the click of a button. Provided with an R3 model device that directly links to TimeTec, which updates all information in real-time avoiding delay or manual downloads.

TimeTec has optimised Tripfez Travel’s data management system and facilitated the collection and sharing of said data, making it more efficient and less time consuming. TimeTec is capable of doing this for your business and so much more, prioritising efficiency and ease of use. Connect with Mr. Tengku Sulaiman at to know more about how we could assist.

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