Akademi Binaan Malaysia Wilayah Sarawak Aims for Better Workforce Management with TimeTec Attendance

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Akademi Binaan Malaysia Wilayah Sarawak (ABM Wilayah Sarawak) is CIDB's assessment and training centre, which caters to the need for skill development and upgrading for construction workers. ABM Wilayah Sarawak focuses on equipping construction personnel with appropriate competencies according to industry standards. Using organised courses with highly skilled instructors,they provide opportunities for construction workers to improve their skills in the hopes of producing a more productive and quality-conscious construction workforce with an emphasis on efficiency, going as far as to develop and pioneer routes to export local skilled workers overseas. Their support of the construction industry fosters competitiveness in line with today’s growing and rapidly advancing technologies.

With such a large endeavour, the company struggled to keep track of its workforce, having no particular system implemented and using manual punch cards to collect attendance data. This made it harder to collect information on work hours for staff who work outside of the office. The lack of record keeping found its way to other human resource matters such as employee leave. The company, having little to no standard or rules for leave, has employees manually apply via forms, making it very difficult to get approval from management and much easier for forms to get lost or damaged when everything is done via papers.

With all these problems plaguing the workforce of ABM Wilayah Sarawak, TimeTec TA steps in to provide solutions. Data is captured via GPS and Beacon clock-in and is automatically pushed through software. With the use of GPS clocking, capturing attendance data for staff who work out of the office is made easy and providing said data in real time for supervisors and management to monitor. The app, providing rules and settings for standardised uniformity, allows workers to conveniently and effortlessly apply for leave and await approval. It’s easily accessible, providing an updated leave balance and getting rid of the need for digital forms, saving both time and effort.

TimeTec TA has helped ABM Wilayah Sarawak fully revamp its attendance data collection and management systems, making their work and processes easier. If TimeTec TA can aid ABM Wilayah Sarawak in their endeavours, then surely it can aid your companies too.
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