TimeTec Keeping British Circle on Time for Classes

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British Circle is a private tutoring centre for the IGCSE syllabus that offers a complete set of opportunities for students to experience a broad spectrum of academic insight. The centre adopted the British methodology in educating students with experiential learning and aims to develop all-rounded individuals, by providing a continuous, consistent and innovative learning platform.

When it comes to education, keeping a proper record of students and teachers is of the utmost importance. Previously the British Circle relied on manual recordings of in and out, but it’s proven to be a problem if the attendance wasn’t recorded correctly. All of these issues made it difficult for British Circle to cater to their attendance needs, which greatly affects both their students and teachers.


With the help of TimeTec Attendance, British Circle was able to easily and concisely keep attendance records. These new systems allowed admins to easily monitor the teachers' and students’ attendance. Parents were given easy access to their child's attendance through mobile apps, ensuring transparency and security. Installation of a free device directly linked to TimeTec Attendance to scan the students' faces, saving time and making it exceedingly convenient for the students to prove attendance. To top it all off, TimeTec Attendance provided full attendance reports that they can easily refer to.

Facing a myriad of issues when it came to attendance, TimeTec Attendance was able to provide an easy and convenient solution to British Circle Malaysia, ensuring parents and their children are being carefully watched over. TimeTec is committed to providing a wide range of cloud solutions including attendance, to improve and automate your workforce management.

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