Retrofitting Mediway With TimeTec HR Solution

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Mediway is a group medical practice established in 2018 to provide holistic outpatient care in the Klang Valley area. Mediway has been steadfast in its mission to deliver affordable professional medical care to its patients. The strength of the group lies in the experience, expertise and dedication of the doctors and nurses which is unparalleled to any other. 

Mediway previously faced issues with employee attendance and leave applications, having used a manual punch card & forms for all their employees. This made it very tedious to edit the attendance data or leave application if there were any corrections needed. They also faced issues combining attendance data from all divisions. Having more than one branch is difficult enough, but desynchronised and disorganised information can make it all the more challenging. Mediway wanted a system that could combine attendance and leave with payroll, something TimeTec was able to provide.

Thanks to TimeTec HR, HR managers can track their staff’s attendance easily through mobile apps and edit reports through a web portal. Monitoring staff for each branch is now a breeze within a single account and accessible through apps, this lets supervisors track employees such as drivers working on site and ultimately refer to many kinds of reports for a better and organised overview of information. 

TimeTec provides all manner of systems for Mediway, allowing them to combine attendance, leave and payroll within one system, TimeTec HR. After using TimeTec HR, their attendance and leave system became far more efficient as staff can see their attendance records, balance for leave and apply accordingly. Applications can be approved and rejected easily through accounts or mobile applications removing the need to manually look over physical forms. Mediway now works on a more efficient system as TimeTec Payroll creates less burden for HR to handle staff salary every month as well as having a synchronized and connected system that works with the attendance system.

TimeTec systems have allowed Mediway to ease its burden and efficiently manage its employees. TimeTec is dedicated to providing efficient and convenient solutions to any company faced with similar issues. C
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