TimeTec Now Supports Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory

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User management can be a headache that only becomes more complicated as your business scales. Employees come and go, which can cause outdated user seats and a reason for security vulnerability, if not dealt with promptly. TimeTec eases your user management by integrating your corporate’s Azure Active Directory for a seamless single sign-on feature.

Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On is an authentication method that allows users to sign in using one set of credentials to multiple independent software systems. Using SSO means a user doesn't have to sign in to every application they use. With the TimeTec Single Sign-On (SSO) application, your Azure Active Directory users can access TimeTec through their Azure AD usernames.

To enable this feature, the Admin must first set the Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On option in TimeTec General Settings and ensure the user's TimeTec and Azure AD email ID is the same. Once this is done, users will be able to log in to TimeTec using the “Login with Microsoft ID” option.

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