A Year of Growth: TimeTec's 2023 Town Hall & Annual Dinner

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TimeTec recently held its town hall meeting at The Gardens - A St Giles Signature Hotel & Residences on 14th July. The purpose of the gathering was to share the company's objectives and direction for the year 2023. The event proved to be an exciting opportunity for employees to gain insight into the company's progress and future plans.

The town hall meeting commenced with an inspiring speech by Mr. Teh Hon Seng, the Group CEO of TimeTec. In his address, he highlighted the remarkable achievements of the company and laid out the goals for the upcoming year. Mr. Teh emphasized that 2023 would be recognized as the "Year of Growth" for TimeTec, setting high expectations for the company's advancement and expansion.

Throughout the event, various Head of Departments presented their respective department's performance reviews. This was an essential part of the meeting as it allowed each department to assess its progress, realign its strategies, and develop cohesive plans to achieve their objectives effectively. The collaborative approach demonstrated TimeTec's commitment to fostering a culture of transparency and teamwork within the organization.

A Night of Appreciation: TimeTec Oscars Party
Following the insightful town hall meeting, TimeTec surprised its employees with a dazzling Oscars themed annual dinner. The employees took center stage, being celebrated as the main actors and actresses of the company's success story. The evening was an enchanting affair, with everyone dressed to the nines in glamorous outfits to match the theme.

The Oscars party was filled with joy, laughter, and talent as employees showcased their skills through captivating performances. Engaging games and exciting lucky draws added to the festivities, creating a sense of camaraderie and celebration among the TimeTec family.
As TimeTec embarks on the journey of growth in 2023, the town hall meeting and Oscars party have undoubtedly set the stage for a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead. 
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