Solomon Breweries: Brewing a Bright Future with FingerTec

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In the year 1993, a significant milestone was achieved in the Solomon Islands as the doors of Solomon Breweries swung open, marking the birth of the nation's very first brewery. Over the years, Solomon Breweries has not only become synonymous with quality beverages but has also evolved into a prominent player in the global brewing landscape as a proud member of the esteemed HEINEKEN family. From its humble beginnings, the brewery's commitment to excellence has remained steadfast, evident in every sip of their meticulously crafted beers and premix beverages.

In the relentless pursuit of enhancing security and efficiency, Solomon Breweries turned to the cutting-edge solutions offered by FingerTec. The brewery reached out to FingerTec authorized reseller, M Cube Technology to modernize its operations. M Cube Technology introduced an array of state-of-the-art devices to the Solomon Breweries premises. Among them are the H2i, i-Kadex, and Ingressus IV.
As the implementation of the FingerTec solutions progressed, Solomon Breweries found itself reaping the benefits of its technological leap. The FingerTec devices not only heightened security measures but also transformed time management into a more efficient and accurate process. 
Solomon Breweries' commitment to excellence, as demonstrated in both their crafted beverages and their embrace of cutting-edge technology, sets a precedent for others to follow. If you are in Solomon Island and searching for biometric devices, contact our trusted reseller, M Cube Technology at 677 7496323 or for consultation and installation. 
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