Cyberjaya Hospital Embraced TimeTec Attendance

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Cyberjaya Hospital is a major specialist hospital and is part of the Southern Selangor Cluster Hospital Program, alongside Serdang Hospital, Kajang Hospital, and Ampang Hospital.  Within the framework of this forward-thinking cluster concept, the hospital collaborates by sharing specialist services and resources with its counterparts. 

This collaborative approach optimizes the use of facilities, equipment, human resources, and expertise across the network of hospitals, ultimately enriching the experience for both patients and staff. Nevertheless, even within this innovative framework, Cyberjaya Hospital grapples with its own set of challenges in managing workforce attendance.

Challenges Faced by Cyberjaya Hospital's Previous Attendance System

Before adopting TimeTec Attendance, Cyberjaya Hospital encountered several challenges with its previous attendance system. These issues included:
Limited Accessibility
The hospital relied on FingerTec with Ingress software, which was accessible only from specific PCs, limiting the convenience of attendance tracking.
Off-Site Attendance
Staff working remotely or on-site faced difficulties in recording their attendance, leading to inconsistencies in data collection.
Lack of Modern Features
The previous system lacked support for face recognition and WiFi connectivity, falling short of modern workforce management needs.
Reporting Limitations
The availability of attendance data for analysis and reporting was limited, hindering effective decision-making and management.

TimeTec Attendance:
A Game-Changer

TimeTec Attendance has seamlessly addressed these challenges and ushered in a new era of workforce management for Cyberjaya Hospital. Here's how:

GPS Clocking for Off-Site Staff
With GPS clocking, staff working remotely or on-site can easily capture their attendance data, ensuring accuracy and inclusivity.

Real-Time Data Accessibility
Attendance data is available in real-time, empowering supervisors and management to monitor staff efficiently through the Web Portal and Mobile App.


Face Recognition and WiFi Support
The TC20 device supports face recognition verification and WiFi connectivity, ensuring that the hospital stays up-to-date with modern attendance tracking technology.


Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis
TimeTec Attendance offers a wide array of reports, enabling in-depth data analysis, and providing actionable insights for better workforce management decisions.

Cyberjaya Hospital's adoption of TimeTec Attendance represents a significant leap forward in workforce management within the healthcare sector. The Southern Selangor Cluster Hospital Program is set to benefit from this innovation, as the hospital network leverages real-time attendance data, advanced features, and comprehensive reporting capabilities to enhance efficiency and service delivery. With TimeTec Attendance, Cyberjaya Hospital is not just a medical facility but a pioneer in modern healthcare workforce management.

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