Malaysia Competition Commission stepping up its game with TimeTec HR

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The Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) is an independent body founded to protect the process of fair and free competition in the Malaysian commercial markets. MyCC’s sole purpose is to enforce the Competition Act 2010 (CA 2010) which is to protect the consumer welfare, efficiency of enterprises and Malaysia’s economic development as a whole.

The CA 2010 gives authority to the MyCC to issue guidelines that comply with everything stated in the Competition Act 2010 and act as a spokesperson for competition matters. The MyCC also research issues regarding domestic competition or particular sectors of the Malaysian economy.

With the knowledge equipped, they will also educate and inform Malaysian citizens regarding the benefits of business fair competition and how it can stimulate growth in Malaysia’s economy.

Established on the 1st of April, 2011, the MyCC has silently been a watchful protector of Malaysia’s economy for the past 12 years till today.

What were the issues with MyCC?
Lack of a streamlined attendance system

Being established for over 12 years, MyCC has remained the same. This also includes its internal HR process.

Without the presence of an attendance recording system for employees, MyCC has struggled to record its employees. This matter was emphasized when Working From Home (WFH) became mainstream during the pandemic. With both methods of working in play, MyCC had a hard time tracking their staff’s attendance.

Furthermore, employees who were working on-site or at the office had to manually fill in the Excel file that was prepared by the organization. While it’s great to entrust the employees to record their attendance, it might be ineffective and inaccurate.
On top of attendance, the employee's Overtime (OT) hours were also manually keyed in. It’s safe to say that the current method isn’t effective and efficient for managers or supervisors to monitor and keep track of employee activity.
Leave tracking was a hassle for both the HR department and employees.
MyCC also had a problem when it came to tracking the employee’s leaves for their organization. MyCC had a slightly old-fashioned system that required employees to fill in a manual form and submit it when applying for annual leave. 

This causes great difficulty and hassle for MyCC to track and record for the end-of-the-year report. The employees also share the same problem as employees are always unsure about their leaves and are constantly questioning the HR department about their current leave balance. 

Here’s how TimeTec resolved the issue

Ease of Tracking with One App One Account

With MyCC implementing TimeTec Attendance in their organisation, its HR departments and managers can track their employee’s attendance with a tap of a button. Attendance can be easily viewed through the TimeTec HR mobile app and any editing process can be done through the TimeTec Web Portal. 

With only a single account, MyCC’s HR department could track and monitor every staff’s attendance from every branch easily even with only the mobile app. 

Also, working from home or working from the office is no longer an issue for MyCC as they can track and separate employees by the check-in method with the utilisation of TimeTec Attendance. 

With TimeTec Attendance, MyCC saved countless hours trying to create the perfect Excel sheet as a report. Instead, with a click of a button, TimeTec Attendance was able to generate different types of reports with just a few clicks of buttons.

A Smart Way to Keep Track of Attendance
With the introduction of TimeTec Leave, keeping track of an employee’s attendance, leave and payroll became much easier. Everything is compacted under one system.
TImeTec Leaves eliminates the requirement to submit physical paperwork to apply for leaves as employees get to apply for leaves through the convenience of their smartphone.

The cherry on top was that employees could now finally check their leave balance and refrain from questioning the HR department from time to time. 

So, it’s safe to say that the HR department has successfully saved countless hours since the introduction of TimeTec Attendance and TimeTec Leave. This enables them to have more time to prioritize other matters or issues.

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