TimeTec Showcasing Digital Transformations at the 2023 Hikvision Asia Vertical Solutions Summit

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The 2023 Hikvision Asia Vertical Solutions Summit took place from October 25-27 in Hangzhou, China. Centred on the theme "Enlightening the Digital Transformation Road of Industries" through Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), the event served as a platform for collaboration between Hikvision and their Asia Pacific regional partners, including TimeTec, to share knowledge and demonstrate the future of digital transformation.

During the event, Mr. Aiden Teh, TimeTec's AVP for Growth, also a key speaker, presented TimeTec's array of cloud solutions, highlighting their capacity to revolutionize business operations. Mr. Aiden Teh emphasized that these solutions represent more than just technological integration; they signify a fundamental evolution in how industries function.
The summit exemplified the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing, underscoring how the fusion of technology and industry expertise presents new prospects for growth. It emphasized the need for industries to adapt to the evolution of technology to maintain their competitive edge.
TimeTec and Hikvision have collaborated on various projects previously by integrating TimeTec solutions with Hikvision devices, showcasing the synergy between both entities. We look forward to further collaboration in the future. Stay tuned for further collaboration updates!
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