Data Solutions Achieving Business Longevity by Efficiently Managing their Employees

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In the era of knowledge and data, software plays a huge role in our daily lives.

Software is what compliments hardware and makes it a functioning system. For instance, smartphones need software. Without it, smartphones are just an expensive piece of brick. That goes the same for most devices such as laptops and even smartwatches.

A company that is an expert when it comes to software is Data Solution Sdn Bhd. Data Solutions is a software development company that specialises in creating tailored software based on their client’s personalized requirements.

Data Solutions Sdn Bhd was founded in 2006 and has provided a variety of services such as designing, developing and implementing custom software applications. With the clever implementation of platforms such as SAP, Amazon AWS, Google and Odoo, they have tackled different industries such as utilities, public works, telecommunications, and environment to even government sectors.

Data Solutions is set out to help business speed up their technology adoption, helping businesses deal with problems faced through digital transformation. Safe to say that if you have any software in mind that you think suits your business needs, Data Solution is the company that you can count on.

Here Are The Challenges Faced by Data Solutions
With Data Solutions focusing on its wide variety of clients, they have come to realise that it needed a plan to manage its employees more effectively to increase the longevity of its business. These were the hurdles they had to overcome to achieve.

Attendance Was Based on Employee Trust
Data Solutions identified that they are not using any sort of system for their attendance, hence it was a hustle for them to track their own staff’s attendance who are working at 8 different branches across Malaysia.

This hurdle was obvious as every branch was required to send a physical thumb drive to the HQ for the HR department to compile the attendance manually.

Employees who were working on sites were even required to use a logbook to record their attendance. On top of that, managers also had a hard time monitoring employee’s Overtime (OT) as it is all based on trust and without solid evidence.

Applying for Leave was a Hassle
Previously, Data Solutions was not using any type of system for their leaves. Instead, they were still practising the traditional method of applying leaves by using physical forms. It was a hassle to apply for a leave, to say the least. On top of that, attachment forms would always go missing and employees were also unaware of their leave balance, causing them to always be dependent on their HR department.

Claims were a Hassle to Keep Track

Data Solution also did not have a system for their employees to use for their claims, making the HR department have a difficult time tracking every employee's claims at different branches. As predicted, the overwhelming amount of claim requests made the HR department busier than it should. Similar to the leave applications, claim documents such as receipts attachments are always missing and is tedious to keep them in files for recording.

Payroll Software that Lacked After-sales Support

While Data Solution did utilise payroll software when it comes to the monthly salary for their employees, they were using a different 3rd party payroll software. That itself was not a problem. However, it was a tedious process to request after-sales assistance or support from the software's customer service.

Here’s How TimeTec Stepped In and Solved These Problems

TimeTec Attendance

With the implementation of TimeTec Attendance, the HR department or managers can track their staff attendance easily by using the mobile app or webpage. Besides that, staff OT can be easily calculated through the use of TimeTec Attendance. Since Data Solutions implemented our biometric devices TC20 and TC10, their employees were no longer required to send thumb drives to HQ monthly as everything is connected to the TimeTec Attendance and stored in the cloud, making it easier to do live monitoring.

TimeTec Leave

TimeTec Leave has also helped Data Solutions to streamline its leave-applying process. Employees are now able to apply for leaves via the TimeTec Leave mobile app. This eliminates the requirement of physical forms needed to manually key in their payroll system.
Company leave policies such as service accruals, prorated leaves and other leaves can also be set up in the app and automated, making the process smooth and simple. Not to mention every leave application is tracked and recorded making the data easily retrieved and accessed in TimeTec Leave

TimeTec Claim
Data Solutions was able to structure its claim approval process to an approval hierarchy by implementing TimeTec’s claim module. This has made the claims system much more systematic for all of its branches. Missing attachments or receipts are also a problem of the past as attachments are always kept in the clouds.  


TimeTec Payroll

Since Data Solutions has implemented a variety of our modules, the decision to switch from the other 3rd party software to TimeTec Payroll was a no-brainer as our payroll system can sync seamlessly with other HR modules. This eliminates the need to manually change every detail on every software when changes are made. In addition, employees can view their payslips, EA Form and EC Form through their mobile app easily without troubling the HR department.

We’re proud to have been given this opportunity to be the side to provide solutions to Data Solution and we are sure that these changes made will bring peace to their HR department. This helps their HR department to focus on what matters the most, their employees.

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