N-Park Upgrades Its Community with iNeighbour

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One of the important aspects in a modern highrise residence is having a system to manage its visitors; knowing who’s coming in and out of the residence and having a smooth visitor check-in and out system.

N-Park also known as N-Park Resort Condominium is located in a prime area of Batu Uban, Penang wanted to upgrade their system and have chosen iNeighbour smart community solution. With 980 units, N-Park was in need of a system that could help them manage and track daily visitors and replace their manual visitor logbook. 

“Before using the i-Neighbour system it was quite difficult to keep track of the number of visitors and visitor information on a regular basis. Now, with iNeighbour, all visitor information can be easily tracked and monthly reports can be generated in a short time and it saves time too”, commented one of the admin of N-Park.

With the iNeighbour visitor management system, the registration of visitors is made easy with various visitation options: visitor invitation, pre-registration and walk-in registration. The system also supports OCR (optical character recognition) that converts the text on IC or driving license to digital and automatically input into the iNeighbour system, reducing manual typing or input and minimizing human error. 

The adoption of iNeighbour not only has improved their visitor management system, but also improved the overall communication in the community as they utilized the E-document and Announcement module. With iNeighbour mobile app, the residents are able to receive new announcements and visitor notifications directly at their smartphone, providing further convenience to the residents.

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