Emart24 Subscribes TimeTec TA for Better Workforce Monitoring

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Emart24 Holdings Sdn Bhd is the latest convenience store in Klang Valley that combines an array of store offerings into one single location with fresh food, coffee, and snacks, including an exciting selection of Korean fare. Emart24 makes its first appearance in 2021, and it has become the talk of the town ever since.

Managing convenience stores requires Emart24 to make a few adjustments in its workforce administration, as the operation requires an effective system to cope with the dynamic employees. Unfortunately, the biometric device for time attendance at the headquarters does not work as effectively anymore because it couldn't provide real-time records and reports of the overall store employees. As a result, there was no way for the management to determine whether the store employees were already mending the stores at the appropriate time required. Furthermore, the existing system also fails to integrate with the payroll software, making it more tedious for HR with the manual overtime applications and approvals.

Considering all the problems they were facing, the management of Emart24 was ready for a change and decided to switch to TimeTec TA time and attendance cloud solution.

Emart24 adopts a combination of TimeTec TA, GPS and Beacon technology for its attendance issues through TimeTec Reseller, Nexus Business Solution. A beacon is a small tool that uses NFC to send a signal to a smartphone. When an employee taps on a beacon, the system will record the time for attendance purposes, and the manager can view the data in real-time. All the beacons are strategically placed at Emart24 stores for the employees' convenience. Not only that, but TimeTec TA App also offers clock in and clock out using a GPS feature, whereby when an employee taps on the feature to clock in, the GPS coordinates are recorded along with the time stamp to verify the employee's whereabouts.

Having TimeTec TA in place eases the daily clocking activities of employees, and it helps EMart24 management in its workforce management tremendously. The management can rest easy knowing that all stores are adequately staffed, overtime issues are resolved with a simple submission and approval via the App, and TimeTec TA is integrable with third-party software for easier payroll preparation.

TimeTec TA is an excellent option for companies like Emart24, with a dynamic workforce in various locations to manage the workforce attendance. In addition, the system offers real-time data, accurate information, narrow loopholes for fraudulent activities, instant reports, and much more.

If your company requires TimeTec TA's versatility, our team can help you kickstart the process.
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