The Pines Hillpark Smart Up with iNeighbour Solutions

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The latest modern residence that has subscribed to iNeighbour Smart Community Solution is the exclusive The Pines Hillpark located in Puncak Alam Selangor. This residence houses 2-storey link homes nestled in lush nature, fulfilling the city dwellers' dreams of living with nature and tranquillity.

Taking a step into the future, The Pines Hillpark Management decided to do away with the ineffective logbook system at the guardhouse and choose to embrace innovative technology with iNeighbour. No more writing visitors' details in a logbook at the guardhouse; instead, the management taps on the efficient centralized iNeighbour App to manage all visitors all year long. The residents are free to pre-register and invite their guests personally using the App, and iNeighbour provides an effortless experience for the guests to access the residence without much hassle once the tenants approve the visit. All done online, secured and traceable.

iNeighbour offers to all The Pines Hillpark residents access to a smart community system on their smartphones.

On top of visitor management, iNeighbour also offers so much more. For example, the Pines Hillpark also subscribes to a guard patrolling system and i-Account that manages the tenants' accounting matters with the management. i-Patrol records all guard patrol activities for accountability and better security, while i-Account provides utmost convenience to homeowners and tenants to settle their outstanding bills to ensure smooth management of the residence.  

The Pines Hillpark offers its tenants tranquillity with its nature, and convenience with its fantastic system, iNeighbour.

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