Mojo Projects Uses TimeTec TA for Better Resource Management

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Mojo Projects Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company specializing in unique and creative event management to deliver outstanding mega-events that set a new standard for the industry.

The company is heavily invested in social media promotions driven by their in-house Mojo PR team. They also partner with the Air Asia Redtix digital marketing team, plus more than 35 social media influencers that are a part of #TeamMojo, which drove both paid and organic reach to levels unheard of for an Indian-based event. Mojo Projects had a shared reach by fans and artists that crossed 11 million eyes, 5.5 million Google AdWords imprints, 3.7mil views on all their videos on Facebook, 4.6mil impressions on Instagram.

Headquartered in Sunway Geo Avenue, Mojo Projects comprises professionals in the audio technology field, the entertainment arena, and experts in various fields to deliver the company's high-quality performance. In running a dynamic operation, it is apparent that Mojo Projects requires a sophisticated system to manage their human resources, which are now scattered and mostly work-from-home. Despite their previous poor experience with a similar system, their quest for a digital transformation in their operation continues.

The requirement from Mojo Projects is straightforward. They need a system that can track the staff's whereabouts to ensure total commitment to the assigned tasks, and most importantly, user-friendly. And TimeTec TA cloud-based time attendance system delivers just that and more to Mojo Projects' delight.

TimeTec TA is a comprehensive solution that offers users the ability to trace attendance and provide more beneficial features for the operation. For example, TimeTec offers at least three ways to report attendance via App, namely GPS, NFC, and Wifi; the App also allows the staff to attach a photo, remark about their attendance and apply for overtime straight from the smartphone. And from the attendance data gathered in TimeTec TA, Mojo Projects can gain insights into their workforce's performances to plan for a better operation.

Mojo Projects now can fully tap on the various features offered in TimeTec TA after receiving complete training from the TimeTec team. In addition, the clear understanding of how TimeTec TA works makes Mojo Projects confident to use the data from the system in their future decisions.