The Havre Chooses iNeighbour Smart Community System.

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The Havre @ Bukit Jalil is one of the most sought after addresses in the Klang Valley because Bukit Jalil is known as a home to an extensive range of amenities and lifestyle convenience. The swanky Pavilion 2 mall has recently opened its door to the public and it is a stone throw from the Havre. This condo also is connected to the main highways and the location is near the LRT stations. In addition, the Bukit Jalil area also has a wide-stretched recreation park, golf resort, and the National Sports Complex nearby.

In total, the Havre nestles 1052 condominium units. For the management of the Havre to handle this massive amount of high-rise units, they are looking for a smart community system that possesses three main features: visitor management, facility booking, and two-way communication between the residents and the management. During this pandemic, the need for a sound system is pressing, where SOP compliance is a crucial requirement. 
For visitor management, the Havre uses tablets for the incoming visitors. All the residents are supplied with the iNeighbour App, where they can invite visitors and approve invitation requests from visitors. The check-in process is more manageable and contactless with the incoming visitor data readily available at the guardhouse. The pre registered visitors only have to present the readily available QR code for verification and the walk-in visitors can scan their IDs at the tablet for faster registration. INeighbour keeps all the visitation data in the server, ready for access whenever necessary.

During the pandemic, the condominium is also looking to manage the use of facilities that comply with the pandemic's SOPs. iNeighbour App presents an efficient way for the residents to book a gymnasium, a swimming pool, courts, and other facilities, straight from the App without going to the management office for approval. The process is safe and efficient for all.  

Since it is not recommended for the residents to be physically present at the management office, a better communication tool is highly required from iNeighbour to cater to this requirement. With iNeighbour, the management now can receive feedback on issues found in the common areas, and residents can also report defects to developers from the App. In addition, the management can broadcast announcements to all residents via the App and use the e-forms for all purposes.

iNeighbour has made everything easier and better at the Havre. If your condominium is looking for a great smart community system, consider us.
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