Shipload Maritime Malaysia Streamline Leave System with TimeTec Leave

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Shipload Maritime Group has over 30 years of exceptional track record in energy logistics and is the premier Pan Asian Ship-to-Ship (STS) provider with operational readiness in 5 countries and growing, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, South Korea and Japan. The Group deals with LNG besides the conventional liquid fuels, bitumen, and LPG. Shipload has equipment in the geographic areas they serve to ensure quality standards and readiness.

To further improve human resource operation and efficiency, the Shipload Maritime Malaysia branch has decided to implement a cloud-based leave management system with TimeTec. Their previous leave system is not centralised, leaving each branch to handle its own leave management. Moreover, for staff to obtain a leave approval, they need to fill in the physical form and get the Head of Department's signature every time. But more than that, the leave system they had couldn't automate leave balance and accruals based on the company policy, opening loopholes for errors.

The implementation of TimeTec Leave centralises all staff leave into one single system. With TimeTec, all the data, applications and approvals can be set automatically, and the admin can continually update the settings if there is any policy change. Now, staff do not have to seek signatures from the Head of Departments because all applications and approvals go through the App. The staff can check their leave balance and apply for leave quickly through the App, and the Head of Department can approve or reject by a tap on the App as well, even on the go.

Once the leave is approved, the system will automatically update the balance and reflect it in the App. Hence, everybody gets updated data at all times.

The shift to TimeTec Leave has improved the leave management of Shipload Maritime Malaysia significantly to the delight of the management and the staff alike. *TimeTec Leave is used for Shipload Maritime Malaysia branch only.

If your company is looking to streamline your leave management to digital, contact Mr. Sulaiman at for a consultation.

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