TimeTec x Biztrak, an All-in-One Cloud-based HR and Payroll System for Powerful Efficiency

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On March 22, 2022, TimeTec collaborated with Biztrak for a Webinar session to introduce their new joint partnership to the public, the TimeTec HR Management System combined with Biztrak Accounting Solutions.

Biztrak, as a company, has been a user of TimeTec solutions for some years and is pleased with the way the system manages its workforce. Finding great value in the TimeTec solutions, Biztrak wants to expand its offerings as the All-in-One HR & Payroll System for SMEs that combine the two brands.

The 2-hour Webinar session, led by Mr Leo Teh as the main speaker, briefed the audience about TimeTec HR solutions consisting of TimeTec Attendance, TimeTec Leave, TimeTec Hire, TimeTec Claim & TimeTec Payroll, and how these solutions are interrelated and can improve the overall management system in one go. The cloud-based technology streamlines data and makes it centre stage in business, providing valuable insights into an operation to the benefit of the management. With TimeTec, data are centralized, available in real-time and accessible, prompting businesses to look at its operation from a better viewpoint than before.
Ms Jessica See, the CEO of Biztrak, is confident that this collaboration will bring more value to their existing customers, especially towards actual HR digitalization implementation. Biztrak is looking forward to bringing a new experience to the customers so they can embrace the benefits of cloud solutions in totality.

"In today's world, time attendance, leave application, staff tracking, and payroll systems are more than technology additions. It impacts the spine of any business. These solutions can truly help manage your resources globally and in real-time for powerful upgraded efficiency."

Biztrak is one of the leading software development companies in Malaysia, specializing in Accounting and Business Intelligence solutions and Warehouse Management System.

If you are interested in digitizing your HR & Payroll system or looking for any collaboration opportunity, reach us at info@timeteccloud.com.