ICON Production Integrates TimeTec TA

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ICON Production is a marketing & branding agency founded in 2013 by a team of young entrepreneurs operating in Kuala Lumpur. Being relevant and in trend with the market needs, they mainly help with branding & marketing strategies.

In this era, the community has become more and more online-focused hence they want to connect brands with target audiences through effective digital marketing campaigns through their intelligent formula that helps brands to discover opportunities through a mixture of excellent strategy, target audience, and location-based on data analysis. Their main expertise combines content marketing and digital marketing making them unique in achieving their client’s desired results.

With the importance of their work, ICON Production required systems to better manage their staff and schedules, something their old system couldn’t provide. They had been using PC based RFID card entry devices which led to staff using other staff RFID cards leading to time theft. They had difficulties tracking their staff attendance data, especially for offsite projects such as video filming. All these issues made it hard for managers to review attendance data, creating an unorganised and hard to follow system. That is until TimeTec was able to step in.
With TimeTec TA the staff can now use various options to gain entry to the building, using face scans, access cards or fingerprint access. Staff working offsite can now use TimeTec TA for clocking ensuring proper attendance data is collected. HR and managers can easily track their staff's attendance through the mobile app and can even calculate OT and tardiness from the system. Using a cloud-based system, they are provided with real-time data as well as 41 standard reports provided by TimeTec TA.

With a bolstered attendance system, ICON Production now has a consistent and easy to use way of managing its attendance data. TimeTec TA can provide the same service to other companies, creating systems focused and organisation and security.

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