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As workforces adapt to the changing times, human resource management also has progressed over the past few years. Cloud-based applications like TimeTec HR Suite, for instance, have been the latest solution that has helped HR professionals overcome many of the problems they are facing in the past.

The solution is made available online, allowing HR and managers to be able to access the data whenever they need it. In short, it’s a BETTER and FASTER software that’s easier for the business to use.

An All-In-One Centralized System

TimeTec HR Suite offers multiple solutions; Attendance, Leave, Claim, Payroll (for Malaysia only), Hire and Profile, which are centralized. The system is using a single-sign-on (SSO) solution which allows the user to change from one solution to another easily. Some modules in the Attendance and Leave are sharing information, for example, a user can apply for leave and once his leave is approved, his leave record will reflect in the attendance sheet automatically.

Choose One or All
With TimeTec HR Suite, you can choose what you need. Pick one, two or all solutions; it’s your call. TimeTec HR Suite can work separately or combined in the same centralized system to ease the workforce management process. We definitely recommend the full package for a seamless experience.

Mobile App Ready
The app is the latest must-have and TimeTec HR Suite got it covered. Get the attendance overview, clock attendance via GPS, apply for OT, leave, submit claims and approvals and more, via the app. It’s that easy!

Optimize your workforce today with TimeTec HR Suite! Contact our team at info@timeteccloud.com for a FREE demo and consultation about TimeTec HR Suite.

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